You must always be balanced, and must not

submit to any overwhelming animal emotion. 

Remember that Satan talks to your animal body, so you MUSt learn CONTROL in order to leave

the body (PRISON) and go home.


You only have a short time left, in which to do it, and if you don’t all change, then, very soon,

God and I (in spirit-form, as my real self - Michael - the Arch-angel)

WILL put things right, by destroying all the evil souls. 

The choice, as always, is yours

Make a fresh-start now, and NEVER give-in.  If you give-in you will die, and it is that simple, and that CERTAIN.  Don’t worry about what EVERYONE else is doing;

YOU are responsible for YOUR soul, not them.

I will gladly help you all, and I beg you to let me, and that you will come and help me, and each other, and thereby yourselves, to put the world right. 


The first step is faith,

and the second is to talk seriously to God, and ask His forgiveness, and for His help, and for Him to tell you what to do.

Start-off, by setting a good example, with deeds, and not just words, and show the others The Way, and the good that you are capable of.

Be grateful, for the greater-sensitivity that accompanies more awareness; it is not the curse, that it often seems; it is a blessing in disguise.

Use it, to your spiritual advantage, in your tests. 


The more sensitive you are,

the greater is the pain that you feel, in the SELF-crucifixions, and the more points you can earn. 

Newt_says_goodbye_to_Tina_Final_Scene_Fantastic_Beasts_and_Where_to_Find_Them_1080p (1).gif

Because you feel more pain,

this should give you more encouragement, to get rid of the “SELF”, as the pain is attached to the “Self”, and when IT goes,

the pain goes with it. 

Once you have destroyed the “Self”,

your greater-sensitivity will bring you greater spiritual joy, instead of the pain of self-crucifixion. 

Noah_Battle_Scene (1).gif

The insensitivity,

of people at lower levels, protects and shields them from pain; until they are READY for something more difficult; so that they will not be discouraged, or scared-off.

Think how much pain Jesus had to suffer, on the cross, with his maximum possible sensitivity. 

The higher you climb,

the tougher it becomes, and, consequently, the more points you can gain, or EARN, by winning.

Be grateful, that you have been given a difficult test, and the chance to earn a greater reward. 


Find the ladders to heaven,

and climb them, but, BEWARE of the snakes (serpents/Satan), and their downfalls.

“Snakes and Ladders” (game for children) is another “clue”, that God has sent for you, in your childhood. 

There are clues everywhere,

in the game of LIFE, but you have to open your spiritual-eyes, to be able to see them, and find them, and to be able to recognize them, as clues.


Instead of playing silly, time-wasting,

human games, why don’t you spend your time, PROFITABLY, by playing God’s game of LIFE and DEATH

If people spent as much time, on their spiritual-health, and EXERCISING and strengthening their spiritual “WILL-power,” as they do on their physical-health, with exercising and body- building, and eating the right foods, they would REALLY be getting somewhere. 

If you have a healthy spirit, it automatically maintains a healthy body, without having to do anything else. A good healthy spirit, which will live for ever, is far MORE important, than a muscle-bound, healthy, “throw-away” body. 

Those of you, who break the COMMANDMENTS, even in your thoughts, and believe that you have got-away-with-it; just because no-one, that you can see, has seen you, and no human+being has caught you;

are only fooling YOURSELVES

God has seen everything that you have ever done, and He knows everything that you have ever thought, including right now.


The next step is for men to regain control, and their masculinity, which does NOT mean beating your chests, or beating your wives, or going around punching people in the mouth. 

It means asserting your authority, firmly but gently,

and, if necessary, making yourself into one of the third type of eunuchs, referred to by Jesus, which means doing what you should do, and being a REAL man and doing without women,

to fight for GoOd. 


It is easier to punch people in the mouth and to fool yourself into thinking that that makes you a man, than to face your problems, the hard way, and OVERCOME them. 

A REAL man FACES his problems and responsibilities, with determination, and doesn’t run away from them.

He fights spiritually and overcomes, against ALL odds. 




The glory belongs,

as it always has; to God.  God’s is the power; the Kingdom; and the GLORY; for ever.

HUMILITY and FAITH are the ONLY way, to prevent that from happening. 

from then, comes the truth, and

“the Truth will set you free.” 


the silent FEMININE majority,

speak-up, and help your men to put things right. 

Say that you want to be treated like LADIES, with love and respect, and courtesy. 

Tell your manly, liberated sisters, that you do NOT AGREE with them, and to stop spoiling everything for you, and thereby, make them back-down.


Today everything is sex. 

What ever happened to LOVE, and tender loving care

He said, JUST BEFORE the Last-Day,

when everyone is due to be judged, on his individual merits, and by whose mark he wears, he (Christ) would come again and PUBLISH the Truth of God (Gospel) to all nations of the world and enlighten the whole world.


Once this has been done,

God will hold back the Last-Day, until Christ has sealed the mark of God, into the foreheads of the people who are going to survive “The Fire,” and give mankind one LAST CHANCE, to mend its evil ways.

If the world does not mend

its ways, and if EVERYONE doesn’t start to love his neighbor, as much as himself, and keep the COMMANDMENTS, and DO God’s Will, and learn to be good, then the LAST-DAY will come.


Christ will then shed the human-animal-body,

that he has been wearing, to get God’s truth published, and will come as his REAL self, with his angels, and destroy all of the souls who wear the mark of Satan, and Satan himself, with “The Fire.”

After the first coming,

the way had to be prepared for the second, so that when Christ came again, people would be able to believe the Truth.


Since then, the world has gradually been prepared, and sent technology, little by little, so that now, mankind knows there are other planets, and people have built their own crude spaceships, which are ONLY children’s toys, just like nuclear-missiles, compared to the technology of home. 

The technology on this planet is prehistoric,

compared to the technology of Venus.

You have been sent just enough, to prepare you for the truth, and no more. 


Think about the technology necessary, to build a living

organic computer (human-body), which self-repairs and self-reproduces; not crude bits of wire and transistors, and lumps of metal and plastic, like human-made computers.

Put your egos away people! 


No-one on this planet has EVER invented anything. 

Specific people were prepared by God, little by little, and then, when they were ready, He told them, by telepathy, “from out of the blue”, or “from God knows where”, and that is EXACTLY from where, and how, these ideas came.

The world has been sent communications-technology, in all its many varied forms, to make the publishing of God’s Truth,

to all the nations of the world, quick and easy.

The world today is just like those times,

where everyone is motivated only by sex and money, and Satan is in control again, which means that Christ’s work will be so much harder, because he will find it extremely difficult, under those conditions, to find people to help him, and will have to fight against all, and incredible odds.


Jesus said that the times,

of his Second Coming, would be like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, with homosexuality; promiscuity; perversion and depravity running-riot, and out of control.

He said that there would be wars and rumors of wars;

famines; pestilences, and troubles; earthquakes in diverse places; nation rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and when you see Jerusalem, surrounded by armies, the time is near.


Christ foretold of his Second Coming, to his disciples, at the “Last Supper”

He said the Second Coming would be, at a time when they would not think that he was coming, and that he would enlighten the whole world, and that God’s truth (Gospel) must be PUBLISHED, amongst all nations.

He said that the churches and their riches would be demolished, and that all REAL and PRACTIcING believers, of ALL NATIONS, who had the mark of God in their foreheads (direct- communication with God), would survive the Last-Day. 

Do you have the mark? 

Jesus left a question about the Second Coming:

“Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the Earth?". 

What do you think? 

Is there faith on the Earth today?


You have had 2000 years to test his teachings, and find-out if they are true, and yet you are still here.  Why? 

Jesus said that he came, not to bring peace, but a sword and that a man’s enemies would be the members of his own household. 

This is because they will be used by Satan, to try to pull you away from your belief. 

If they don’t, then you are not doing it right, because Jesus has told you, it WILL happen, IF you ARE doing it right.

Get on home, and fight to convince the people that love you, that they are wrong (love your enemies). 


Those who persevere

in keeping the COMMANDMENTS and DOING God’s Will until the end, and

keep their faith, will survive,

and not a hair of their heads shall be touched, and because of their patience and perseverance, they own their own souls, by not having sold their souls to Satan,  for earthly treasures and pleasures.


Faith is the key to the “magic” door.

the door to miracles, and a God-guided life, walking always in the Healing Light, and the entrance to the Kingdom of God, and the return of your IMMORTALITY;

real memory; identity and super-human powers.


Praying, MEANS, talking to God, mentally (telepathically), 24 hours a day, EVERY day, and CONSULTING Him on EVERYTHING, and getting His guidance and help, to enable you to be able to DO His Will.

Initially, it will be a conscious effort, but, eventually, when you have had enough practice, it will become as natural and unconscious an effort, as breathing.

If you are not actually talking, you must still continue to listen, and acknowledge His presence, and the contact; keeping the line open. 


The moment you break,

or allow the contact to be broken,

you are allowing an opening for Satan to use,

and he will “jump straight-in, with both feet.”


Once you start to do God’s Will,

Satan will use everyone that he can, to attack you, and try to pull you back into his control. 

The easiest people,

for Satan to use, are the ones closest to you, and particularly women, because women are easier for him to manipulate and use. 

Satan will use them,

without their knowing or understanding what they are doing, so, you can not blame them, directly, for their words or actions. 

They will try to advise you,

whilst genuinely believing, that they have your best interests, at heart.


they will be advising you,

from a MATERIAL and human point of view, NOT a spiritual point of view, because they do not KNOW about spiritual-matters and God’s magic. 

They do not KNOW that God is REAL, and they do not know, what you will have already found out, from God Himself, since you started to talk to Him DIRECTLY and properly, and started doing His Will for you. 


Remain humble, at all times, and learn to see Satan and God, in everything and everyone around you. 

Anyone who has an ego, and is not doing God’s Will, himself, and is not living by God’s Laws, and with God’s DIRECT guidance, can be manipulated and used, by Satan, to attack you, from any direction. 

Satan’s voice, inside your head, will then try to scare you, and try to convince you, that you are so outnumbered, that you can not possibly win. 


God will allow him to say these things to you, to test your faith. If you hold on to your faith, and ask for God’s help, and control your human emotions, you will ALWAYS win. 

The ENTIRE world can not stand against you, when you are doing

GOD’s Will for you, wearing His Armor and using “The Force.”

Satan’s realm is fear and

when he tries to frighten you, THAT is when you REALLY need your faith in God. 

IF you keep your faith, in the face of all evil, tribulation and tests, you will find - out that God will protect you, and defend you, and that Satan’s threats are all bluffs.

The_Lord_of_the_Rings_You_Shall_Not_Pass_HD (1).gif

This protection, from evil,

should encourage you to be ever more faithful to God, and His Guidance. 

Don’t chicken-out,

wear the “Whole Armor of God,” 

and call Satan’s bluff and he will fall back into the shadows.


He hates the Light and the Truth,

and he is afraid to come out into the Light. 

Shine the Light of God’s Truth on him, and he will run.

The_Lord_of_the_Rings_The_Two_Towers_Gandalf_the_White (1).gif

Use the Light (sabre);

to cut through Satan’s lies and deceit; to find even more of God’s Truth, and defeat Satan (slay the dragon).

Look for the Truth and live in the Light,

because only the Truth can set you free

The_Lord_of_the_Rings_The_Two_Towers_Gandalf_the_White (2).gif

When you find ALL of the Truth, you will find your immortality. 

Fight with the Sword of Truth, not your fists.

Truth and Light conquer all darkness and evil.

Light destroys darkness painlessly, and easily, and so does the Light of Truth, when combined and delivered with love.

Put on God’s Armor, and show people The Way


You once fought against God, and that got you sent here

The only way out, is to fight the Devil, to PROVE to God that you have changed sides, and are fit to come home. 

Your REAL families, in heaven, are waiting for you to come home, and they are hoping that you don’t die, on the Last-Day, in The Fire.

Those who are not on God’s side, doing God’s Will, and actively fighting for good, are actually helping Satan to win

Those who do nothing are ALLOWING the Devil to win, and so, are REALLY helping him. 


Fight Satan, to make this planet a better place, and for your right to survive, and go home. 

There is NO middle-ground, and you can NOT sit on the fence, because your time is running-out, and you are getting closer to “The Fire”, and your execution.  Fight or die

Fight with the truth, love and DETERMINATION

Determination is will-power, and the will is the eye of the soul. 

You have to FACE your problems, ADMIT your weaknesses and faults, to YOURSELF and to God, and overcome your problems, and pay your Karmic debts. 

Admit that you are not perfect, and lose your ego, and the pain will go with it.

If you were perfect you would not be here.


You HAVE to FIGHT evil/ Satan;

each and every one of you;

that is the ONLY way home,

and to make the world a better place to live.


Then ask God, with humility,

to help you to overcome your faults and weaknesses, and put on God’s Armor, and FIGHT your weaknesses, with His guidance, and

overcome them;

solve your problems, by finding the solutions, and make your world bearable. 

LOTR_The_Return_of_the_King_Aragorn_coronation (4).gif

If you do that, you will gain

(earn) some spiritual self-respect; through the victories, that God has helped YOU to win; and learn to like the person, that God has helped you to become. Remember though,

ALWAYS to remain humble,

because you could never have won alone

If you open your spiritual-eyes, and see things as they REALLY are, through “The Force”, you will see many things

- the past; the present; the future; old friends (God’s Prophets), long gone. 

At first, you will start to make sense of things that happened in the PAST, and, as you progress, if you progress, you will eventually come more and more up-to-date, until you will eventually start to make sense of your life, as things are happening (the PRESENT). 


Once you have achieved that state of awareness, you will start to see the FUTURE, and you will see old friends, that you mistakenly thought were long gone.

You will realize that they are not dead, and that they are still alive, but in a different form, and you will feel no separation from them, through “The Force.”

Then, your whole life will make sense to you, and you will see, that EVERYTHING in life is for a reason, and that there is no such thing as coincidence, or luck.

LOVE conquers all. 

LOTR_The_Return_of_the_King_Aragorn_coronation (5).gif
LOTR_The_Return_of_the_King_Aragorn_coronation (2).gif
LOTR_The_Return_of_the_King_Aragorn_coronation (3).gif


Become one of my gentle,

but DETERMINED, soldiers (Jedi Knights);

learn The Ways of “The Force” and help me to put the world right. 

Grab hold of God,

with both hands, (spiritual-hands) and hang-on to Him for your LIFE.


Never let Him go, or you will die.  

DO His Will, and let Him teach you what you need to know, so that you can LIVE, and go HOME.

I WANT to save each and every one of you, but the choice, as always, is YOURS.

Come and learn to be good, and let me show you The Way HOME.

may the force be with you