the akashic records

by Contributor Debbie Solaris

The Akashic Records, or "The Book of Life,"

can be equated to the universe's super-computer system.

It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.

More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world.

Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives,

our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us.

the earth experiment

The History and Energies of Past Earth Civilizations

The Earth Experiments: Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt.

What could the rise and fall of these civilizations inform us of the current energies?

Part I The Beginning of the Earth Experiment

In Part I we discuss the Earth Experiment and the importance of Lemuria and Atlantis.  In order to understand both civilizations, we have to step back and look into the history in our galaxy.  

In the very beginning, Source divided itself off into Mother God and Father God Consciousness.  This separation is what we experience on Earth in genders. This has been the template that we see on Earth.  

The ET’s in Earth history during the beginning of Earth’s history thought it would be great idea to have two separate civilizations that represented the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

In order for us to become whole, we have to integrate the balance of the masculine and feminine energies.  These templates, that have worked in other star systems was meant to be an experiment on this planet.  Earth is known as the living library of these spiritual concepts to come into being.  

Atlantis had more of a Father God Consciousness.  Lemuria had more of Mother God Consciousness.  When these energies become balanced and neutral there is a theory that will create the emergence of Avalon, which originated in Lyra as the Paradise Planet.  

We talk about other civilizations during King Arthur and The Roman Empire where it shows examples of ET visitors trying to spark this experiment of balance.  But when corruption sets in, we see the destruction from within.  In order for this new 5th dimensional reality to manifest, we must integrate the balance of these energies and learn from our past in order to create our future.  


Lemuria was a continent that existed at least several thousand to almost a million years ago.  Lemuria was created as a landing ground to integrate other spiritual concepts from ET’s.  It was created first as a civilization with Mother God Consciousness.  It was more of a Polynesian and tropical environment.  

Lemuria was a training ground for humans to gain and develop deep spiritual knowledge.  This was a dream time realm where souls were learning how to connect to their higher dimensional selves during dream time and ritualistic practices.  They were very spiritual but lacked any need for technology.  They were able to utilize the power of their mind to create their reality.  

It was also known as Mu which was a tonality that represented a galactic tone and frequency of Le-Mu-Ria.  .  

We also talk about the physical remnants on Easter Island of Arcturian's that were visiting and interacting with them.  The cultures influenced by Lemuria were more of the Southeast Asian cultures which can be seen by Eastern Philosophy and Spirituality of Unity Consciousness.


Atlantis was a Father God Consciousness civilization that was located in the Atlantic Ocean by Africa and Europe.  This explains the reason how the survivors of Atlantis went to Egypt.  We also talk about the Golden Race/Giants of Atlantis which were Pleiadians/Lyrans who were living among Atlanteans.  

We also talk about Poseida and Poseidon who was most likely an extra terrestrial being.  Atlantis was a mix of humans and extra terrestrials.  We also discuss the genetic engineering with the combination of beings such as Minotaurs, Cyclopses, Pegasus & more.  At first there was an innocent intention but it then got out of hand due to corruption and the search for power.  

We also talk about the infiltration of the Maldekians and Orions which created a desire to take over societies, which then led to the takeover and fall of lemuria.

We also talk about the extremes of Father God and Mother God Consciousness which caused the fall of both civilizations.  We also talk about the Law of One and how it was created and set for guidance during the times of Atlantis on the Isle of Poseida.

My Atlantis Reading & The Separation From My Twin Flame

I discover where the separation of my Twin Flame Journey began and where we are headed. I’ve been searching for my twin flame for lifetimes and have surrendered to this process in order to heal and do the work to forgive myself and have come out on the other side with my Twin Flame. By both forgiving, we have merged in deep peace and love.

This journey is about forgiveness and healing. Surrendering to the process so we can balance our own energy and have the life that we should have had in Atlantis.

Which is a happy, long lasting romantic relationship and a happy ending.

The rise and fall of egypt

We talk about how Egypt was created to integrate the cultures of Lemuria and Atlantis.  The survivors of Atlantis migrated to Egypt and created a new experience to build a civilization with the best qualities of Atlantis and Lemuria.  It was an integration of technology, art and high spirituality.  It was one of most memorable dynasties with influence from higher dimensional star systems like Sirius, Pleiades and Orion.  

During the main template of Egypt with Osiris and Isis, the Pharaohs were servants to the people.  Everyone had equal access to secret mysteries and everyone participated in ancient knowledge.  Women were equal and considered closest to God and were revered.  It was common to have women as Pharaohs and respected in more masculine roles.     

Osiris was born in Atlantis more than 35,000 years ago.  He was a direct descendant of those of higher thought who kept their concepts clear in the Motherland of Man.  He became a leader in Atlantis and brought people back to the worship of the God within.  He was an entity that originated from Sirius.

The Sirian culture had more influence on Earth than any other star system.  The concepts of Sirius from science, religion and history was all being taught in the Sirian mystery schools, which translated to the Egyptian mystery schools.  

Osiris and Isis were extra-terrestrial beings that came during this time to represent the divine masculine and divine feminine.  Also known as Father God and Mother God consciousness.  They had a son, Horus who represented the balance of masculine and feminine energies.  The story of Horus parallels to the story of Jesus.  

Jesus was a composite soul of Sirian and Pleiadian ancestry.  HIs mother Mary was a Pleiadian Ascended Master and his father Joseph came from Sirius.  It was a blending of two linages which was very similar to Osiris and Isis.  Christian Art representing the virgin mother and son of God on her lap is identical to the original works from ancient Egypt representing Isis and her son Horus on her lap thousands of years prior to Christianity.  

We also talk about how Mary Magdalene was an initiate of the cult of ISIS and Horus and how she learned Alchemy, so when she met Jesus, she could help him become his light body.  Mary Magdalene was a representation of the Highest Sirian Order of Dark and Jesus was the Highest Sirian Order of Light.  

Osiris also had  a brother named Seth.  We dive into that story to try to explain the energies at that time.  We also talk about Hathor and her Pleiadian/Venus energy who was a counterpart of Horus.  She was trying to bring back the knowledge of Isis and divine feminine.  

This battle of Horus and Seth is a similar story of light vs dark that is also represented with Jesus and Satan.  The story of Horus is a representation of integrated souls who balance the masculine/feminine and the dark/light energies within to spiritual evolve and become the Archetype of Horus.

Egypt was a more integrated society in terms of energies during the times of the Pyramids.  The Great Sphinx was built prior to the pyramids and originally had a feline face.  The Sphinx originally was the represent the influence of Lyra.  

We also talk about the influence of different energies that created the unique look and tapestry of Egypt.  We start by discussing the gods of Egypt (Sekhmet, Taweret, Sobek and more) with animal heads and that was an integration of Lyran concepts.  These animals gods represented women in a more powerful concept from animal archetypes.  Each animal could’ve represented energies of Sirius, Lyra, Reptilian and Orion.   

As the more Orion like Pharoahs took over they changed the Sphinx to a more human face.  Pyramids represented embodiments of knowledge for ascension.  That’s why they honored the afterlife process as it is an important part of the process of ascension.  We also talk about their beliefs in the afterlife and the Book of the Dead and the Cult of Ma’at.  The Book of the Dead represented certain spells that would help that particular soul gain qualities and knowledge in order to successfully resurrect.  

We also talk about Thoth and King Thoth.  The bird headed God Thoth was a representation of knowledge, communication and wisdom who also originated in Sirius.  King Thoth was a Pharoah of the First Dynasty of the Egyptian Kings who declared Egypt an empire.  He did it under the power of a dictator and usurper of the people's rights.  Before these people had built up and maintained a glorious civilization of unity and brotherhood under the guidance and direction of Osiris and his followers. 

We also talk about the changes in physicality with the later Pharaohs with elongated heads which were influences from Orion.  This was the beginning of the breakdown and fall of Egypt.  We discuss how the parallels of Egypt are very similar to what is being played out in the United States.  The representation of King Thoth and later Pharaohs, is interesting as they took the pure knowledge of Osiris and Isis and used it as false unity consciousness to serve themselves rather than the teachings of the God Within.  Which is very familiar to the times we are in now.

These studies of energies and teachings can help us to navigate through the chaos of today’s world and understand the importance of the balance of energies.  We talk about Ascension and the importance of the Divine Feminine and how men need that energy/connection in order to ascend.  For men it is like climbing a mountain and without a strong connection to the Divine Feminine we cannot ascend.  But for women, they can ascend alone by just going within.  This knowledge is taught at the Ancient Schools in Tibet and is known that to the public they show a masculine leader, but in reality a woman runs the school because of the power of the divine feminine.  

We can also see this in the stories of Horus/Hathor & Jesus/Mary Magdalen.  During these heightened times of thought, this was known and honored in sacred unity.  The succeeding dynasties fell away from Osirian teachings, and gradually took up dark concepts. Their kingdom soon fell, as all such kingdoms must fall. 

The Akashic Records contain the entire history

of every soul since the dawn of Creation.

These records connect each one of us to one another.

It is no exaggeration to state that the computer has transformed (and is still in the process of transforming) the entire planet. Whether it's technology, transportation, communication, education, or entertainment, the computer age has revolutionized the globe and the ways in which we understand and interact with one another. No segment of modern society has gone unaffected. The amount of information now stored in computer memory and crossing the Internet highway daily is literally unfathomable. And yet, this vast complex of computer systems and collective databases cannot begin to come close to the power, the memory, or the omniscient recording capacity of the Akashic Records.

They contain the stimulus for every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever deeply touched patterns of human behavior and experience. They have been the inspiration for dreams and invention. They draw us toward or repel us from one another. They mold and shape levels of human consciousness. They are a portion of Divine Mind. They are the unbiased judge and jury that attempt to guide, educate, and transform every individual to become the very best that she or he can be. They embody an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures that are called into potential as we humans interact and learn from the data that has already been accumulated.

Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity’s ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God’s book of remembrance; and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world – either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity’s application of self towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportunity and the expression of that for which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretation then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness.
— Edgar Cayce Reading 1650-1

Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records

In terms of contemporary insights, perhaps the most extensive source of information regarding the Akashic Records comes from the clairvoyant work of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Christian mystic and founder of A.R.E. For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce possessed the uncanny ability to lie down on a couch, close his eyes, fold his hands over his stomach, and put himself into some kind of an altered state in which virtually any type of information was available. The accuracy of Cayce's psychic work is evidenced by approximately one dozen biographies and literally hundreds of titles which explore various aspects of his information and the thousands of topics he discussed.

When asked about the source of his information, Cayce replied that there were essentially two. The first was the subconscious mind of the individual for whom he was giving the reading and the second was the Akashic Records.

The Edgar Cayce readings suggest that each of us writes the story of our lives through our thoughts, our deeds, and our interactions with the rest of creation. This information has an effect upon us in the here and now. In fact, the Akashic Records have such an impact upon our lives and the potentials and probabilities we draw toward us that any exploration of them cannot help but provide us with insights into the nature of ourselves and our relationship to the universe.

There is much more to our lives, our histories, and our individual influence upon our tomorrows than we have perhaps dared to imagine. By accessing information from the Akashic Records, the universe's computer database, much might be revealed to us. The world as we have collectively perceived it is but a faint shadow of reality.

- Source

Accessing the Hall (or the Library) of the Akashic Records is not difficult.

It is not a privilege allowed only to a handful of people; the Universe doesn't discriminate.

And there are many ways to access.


Reading your own Akashic Records doesn’t require you to access the Hall of the Akashic Records, where all the Akashic Records are stored. You carry the energetic copy of your own Akashic Records. So, reading your own Akashic Records is not particularly difficult, but still there are some prerequisites.

One is the ability to get into a meditative state. While the regular intuition can come in a casual way, reading the Akashic Records takes a little more focus. You need to be able to set aside your current thoughts and be open to whatever information you may find.

The other prerequisite is the willingness to reveal and accept whatever is recorded about yourself. You might receive disturbing information, such as the way you died in one of your past lives or some serious problems that bothered you for a long time back then—and how you yourself contributed to the problem. If, in your daily life, you tend to avoid problems or neglect challenges, how can you face such information when you read your Akashic Records?

Although it is not a prerequisite, compassionate understanding of humanity and its history is also helpful to make the reading meaningful. For example, let’s say you find you were a slave driver in your past life. If you think this is horrible and close your heart, the reading ends there.


Being a slave driver, however, doesn’t automatically mean you were a mean and cruel person. Maybe you tried to treat them as kindly and fairly as possible, but because you were only the middle management and not the owner, there wasn’t much you could do. And perhaps this dilemma is the reason why you feel hesitant to accept the promotion to management position now—you are afraid of getting into the same kind of dilemma. A reading can only be as deep as your understanding of life.

To start the reading session of your Akashic Records, you might want to have a certain ritual. Doing some preparatory meditation is a good idea. Voicing your intention is also a good practice.

Say something like,

“Let the energy of Love, Light, and Truth prevail on Earth.  My spirit guides, please help me open

my Akashic Records so that I may have the wisdom to live this life with more awareness and courage.”

The “Love, Light, and Truth” part is essential.

You are making it clear that you are doing this reading with love, not judgments; with light (spiritual awareness), not confusion; and for truth, rather than hiding in untruth or ignorance. In other words, you are saying that you are open to the truth, whatever it may be, and you are willing to receive it with love and light.

I do not recommend reading the Akashic Records with sheer curiosity because it won’t be very productive. If you just ask, “What was I doing in my past life?” you could receive information regarding any of your many past lives, regardless of how influential that lifetime may be to your present life. The answer would probably be uninteresting and vague. Like any intuitive inquiries, the inquiry for the Akashic Records needs to be clear and direct. So please read the Akashic Records for problem solving.

For example, you might want to ask something like,

“This (brief description of your issue) is what I’ve been working on, and I feel there is something more than I know in my present life. If this is true, please provide the information of when and how this problem originated.”

Just like any intuitive messages, the way you receive the information depends on which of your clairs is most developed.

You might see a picture or video clip in your energetic eye. You might hear music that symbolizes something. You might feel it, smell it, or taste it. You might just know. Or perhaps it will be the combination of a few of these. Receive the information, ask some additional clarifying questions if you need to, and then close the session with gratitude. You receive just as much information as is helpful for you now.

How will you know if you have received accurate information? It will resonate and make sense to you. You might even experience changes. Although this doesn’t happen with every accurate reading, I have heard interesting cases, such as pains dissipating or relationships improving or ending for no apparent reason. There are also people who temporarily feel down, such as by catching a cold, before they feel better.

There are, however, special cases when the accurate reading does not resonate at all—in fact, you’d be tempted to deny the reading by all means. It’s when the reading reveals the most uncomfortable truth about yourself. If this happens, it’s a good idea not to go back to denial. Getting this uncomfortable reading can be the start of changing your life—if you so choose.

A few additional cautions: Especially in the beginning, keep your reading session brief.

The Akashic Records contain an astronomical amount of information, so it’s critical to keep your focus. Otherwise, you could get overwhelmed by the various pieces of information. This can result in inaccuracy in reading, and further, your brain can get overloaded. Do not get carried away with curiosity.

While we are discussing the Akashic Records, allow me to caution you not to read other people’s Akashic Records unless you have their explicit consent. We share the information and insights in the Akashic Records, but this doesn’t mean you are entitled to compromise others’ privacy. Reading the Akashic Records is like walking into someone’s house and looking around. If it’s your own house, you obviously have the right to do this.

You own even the things you have forgotten to be there, so you have the right to open the boxes and check their contents. With other people’s houses, however, you don’t just walk in and snoop around.

Even when your intention is benevolent,

it is not yours to do so.

A minor exception is those who are significant in your life, like your family members. With them, you may read their Akashic Records to the extent that is relevant to you.

Those who force their way in to gain information in the Akashic Records may receive inaccurate information, information that sounds right and is probably close to truth but not entirely true. This is why some books on the Akashic Records or the past life regression sound unnecessarily complicated. They are weaving reliable and inaccurate information together.  - SOURCE

interview with Debbie Solaris



I have an akashic reading

She shares her story as a very conventional and conservative Roman Catholic upbringing in a military family prior to 2012.  She experienced an amazing life altering event which redirected the course of her life into unknown territory.  She experienced a UFO/ET encounter which altered her perceptions and beliefs but also dramatically expanded her human abilities and access to the akashic records.

She talks about the Akashic Records being an energetic record of all souls about their past, present and future lives.  Each soul has it’s own Akashic Record, like a series of books with each book representing a lifetime.  The Hall, or Library of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ records are stored energetically, in the Akashic zero point field.  The Akashic Records are not a dry compilation of events, but also our collective wisdom.

After spending several years in the military and a bachelor’s degree in Science, she was introduced to extraterrestrial life and culture, galactic history and ancient civilizations and was given the ability to have access to this information extensively.  In 2012 she had two very intense out-of-body experiences where she found herself in the interior of huge Arcturian mothership watching herself communicate with Arcturian and Pleiadian extraterrestrials.  

Her extrasensory perception increased exponentially and began having visions and old memories resurface about ancient galactic events.  Her insights on galactic history and access to the Akashic Records have helped others awaken to their own extended human reality.


A handful of her Akashic Records clients are souls from the future.  Some of them have come back to change their soul’s destiny.  Others are here as a part of a time travel experiment and some are parallel souls experiencing a different reality in their soul’s consciousness.  Each of these soul’s she’s encountered have had their own reasons for choosing to experience life in what would be Earth’s past from their perspective.

This remembering and realization of their true soul’s mission has been quite revolutionary and also gave them validation for why they have felt so strange throughout their lives in this timeline.  It was almost as if they had a soul contract from their future selves to contact her so that they could remember why they came here into this reality to fulfill their particular missions.  

The Akashic Records are a great resource and available to everyone with some practice and training.

It is up to you how to utilize it in your life.


 In this series (Part II) we do my Akashic Reading  so others may see the benefit from the experience and be less fearful about looking into your own Akashic Record.  

Debbie talks about her process and how it's a great resource to remember why you are here and what your purpose is.  My reading has revealed so much to me about my galactic gifts and why I am the way I am. 


We discover that I am an indigo child starseed and apart of the second wave of volunteers that Dolores Cannon has written about.  Debbie reads my auric field and notices a lot of blue and purples which tells her that I have an Arcturian connection and origination from the star Arcturus.  As a second wave from Arcturus, I’m here to utilize technology creatively to disseminate information with beauty and accessibility, ex: FIFTY8.

We look into my life in Arcturus as a small child creating light structures with sacred geometry.  With my gifts, my star family sends me off on missions to assist other star systems.  I was sent to Sirius to incarnate even though I didn’t want to leave home but have been always supported by my 7 Arcturian guides.  My first assignment was Sirius to help create light structures to create stability for the Sirian star system.  


We learn that there used to be 3 stars in Sirius but one of them (Sirius C) was destroyed and propelled one of the planets in Sirius C to go off kilter on its orbit and head towards Earth. That planet was Nibiru.  This created the contact of the Anunnaki races that originated in Sirius to influence Earth which changed the genetic structures of humans and the course of history on Earth.  Sirius C was destroyed and attacked by Draconians as they didn’t want Sirians to come into their power.  

Sirians are descendants from Vega refugees from Vega, Lyra.  As a Sirian incarnate, I trained at the Sirian mystery school learning the Universal Laws and created shielding structures to protect Sirius from being attacked and stabilize their star system.  This was a significant job and mission that took me on a greater path.  I learn that my birthday is connected to the structure I created in Sirius which helped create and implement the beginning of Lions Gate.  Born under the sign of Leo, I learn that I also have a connection to one of the four royal stars in the galaxy, Regulus.


As a creator being on Sirius I then headed to Orion and incarnated on Mintaka which is at the top of the Orion’s belt.  I decided to go to Mintaka to create the same structure as I did in Sirius and that’s why Mintaka didn’t have a Reptilian infiltration.  

It was also a gateway to Arcturus and higher dimensional beings from the Orion nebula and the Reptilians were trying to shut it down.  But I had support from the Procyonians, Pleiadians and the Sirian star systems.


From Mintaka I then decided to assist Earth but I had to choose a different mission.  Debbie also explains how some of our lives aren’t as linear as we think and tells me she see’s incarnations in Earth’s future.  She tells me I’ve already had lifetimes in the future happening simultaneously with this one.  She see’s me on a floating city with a bubble around it as I’m utilizing my mind to create on a 5th dimensional Earth.  

She also see’s a future connection with the Andromeda Galaxy as a light being, as my soul is looking to expand forward.  Science has proven that in the future the Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way Galaxy are going to merge together as a super galaxy.  I am helping with the convergence of these two systems in the distant future.


We also talk a little about my present life.  I learn how what I’m doing took an extraordinary amount of effort, due to outside interferences and was targeted by entities from keeping me from stepping into my light.  To come from Arcturus, to Sirius, to Orion and to Earth, show’s my soul’s resilience.  

I hope my Akashic Reading helps you to open your mind and release fear from these experiences and to connect to your soul.  It has definitely changed my outlook and now feel a deeper connection to my soul.  It was an amazing experience and I hope this opens you up to learn more about your soul and why you are here at this time.

The Akashic Records are our shared resource throughout the history of this universe.


Debbie Solaris is an ET contactee, interdimensional traveler, and galactic historian.

After a fateful extraterrestrial contact experience a few years ago, Debbie awakened to her true star lineage and higher calling. Through her ancestral connection with the Akashic Records, she has been receiving downloads of galactic historical information and universal spiritual knowledge ever since. She feels it’s a big part of her mission while here on Earth to help awaken others to their own true Divine selves and cosmic origins.

Using a unique and expansive perspective, Debbie offers visually appealing, multimedia-rich classes on extraterrestrial life and culture, galactic history and ancient civilizations, as well as star-seed and light-worker enrichment workshops, in the Front Range area of Colorado. She is also a certified Akashic Records Reader and gifted intuitive, using information channeled from her Arcturian and Pleiadian guides to heal and assist others on their own spiritual journeys.