understanding et contact

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We fear the things we do not understand.


The intention of this article

is to help fellow ET Contactee’s with “negative/positive” experiences understand why they are having them and how to change them if you desire.

This article is also for those unaware of their own encounters to remember and realize that your dreams and emotions could give you answers to your own experiences. 

By understanding ourselves and each other in this vast universe, it helps to see things clearly.

We need to understand that Nothing is happening to us

or against another’s will or wishes.

We have invited them, whether we know it consciously or not.

Don’t you know that is the way civilization has always destroyed the facts they didn’t want to put together or looked at?

They have always assumed our subconscious was the voice of our conscious.

They have learned that we do not always know what our subconscious says.

They have looked to humans whose subconscious minds have invited us and they did not realize that these invitations were sometimes not recognized by the conscious mind.

There is no such thing as someone being preyed upon or being a victim.

You will always draw to you what you need to experience, because you are as curious as they are. With this in mind, they have only approached our planet and sought out individuals who have given their permission - whether on the conscious level or the soul level - to become participants in those experiments.

this journey and interaction with ET’s is about evolution.

We are speaking of species evolution on a very basic level all the way through to the spiritual level.


The human race is allowing itself now to make an evolutionary leap. 

The Zeta Reticuli are allowing themselves to do the same. 

Together we will synchronize these leaps into a grand dance.  We are, in that sense, mirror images of each other, each choosing to play out the opposite idea.  We are discovering our opposites through each other.

This entire universe and human experience is evolving and by understanding this, we can learn and teach compassion not only to ourselves, but the entire universe.

WE call them, Zeta Reticuli.

They call themselves One People.

They have been affected by years and years of evolution.

Their idea of loving themselves or appreciating themselves is considered a waste of energy that could be channelled into the Whole.  For humans, we are very individualized, and we do not feel very connected to the Whole of the entirety of the human race.  They on the other hand, do - like a mass mind.  They each have their own identity, but that identity is not what motivates them in their lives.  Their connection to the Whole motivates them and therefor receives all the nurturing and what we would call Love through this connection.  They bred out emotions because they thought they did not need them. 

They are in the throes of a dying evolution where they have become so intellectual that they have burned away emotion. They have great difficulty in understanding love, touch, embrace, a warm hand. They are the galactic geniuses but they are poor in Spirit.


They are here to help and remind us of their past so we may not have the same fate.

We are now approaching a point that they were a very long time ago.  They have since moved from this point to the creation of cataclysmic changes on their planet.  We do not have to take that route.  We have a choice, and this is the time for us to make that choice.  It is also a perfect time for their interaction because the chemical we are secreting will also simulate or parallel the chemical that they were secreting in the same circumstances. When they started their cloning process, they shunned their past.  They have no record of what they were like prior to that time.  They have no way of knowing their indigenous chemical make-up when they could still feel emotions.  We are the closest they can find to what the Zeta’s might have been. 

They are attempting to heal their past.

It’s that simple.

These are the most notoriously known. Their primary leader is a woman. She is beautiful to some degree, very strong, but genetically she comes from the people with whom you are connected. She is part of their strain, for she looks different than all of her people. She is in a sense their Goddess, if you wish to see it that way. She is endeavoring to reproduce the strain of her genetic line, and her genetic line is most similar to you. It is most similar in evolution where not only is the civilization combined with a civilized, scientific mind but it is coupled with the intuitive, the spiritual, and the mystical, the Spirit. That is the idealism that is endeavoring to be replanted and reseeded.


• Understand the nature of their being •


For a clearer understanding of the Zeta Reticuli psyche and belief systems, you must understand their identity was created from a crisis. This might account for their baffling methods of communicating with humans.

Let us begin in the Lyran system back when civilization was flourishing and new cultures were exploding throughout the cosmos. The range of cultures these early humanoids created was vast. There was one ancient planet called the Apex planet which was the ancient origin of the Zeta Reticuli Race. The Lyran beings who were their forefathers had larger eyes than the Earth human.

This Apex planet was very similar to Earth. The beings on Apex were a mixture genetically just like us, because the early Lyran races had already begun to colonize. Apex became a melting pot for the genetics of the Lyran races. Therefore their society manifested a great deal of individuality and unpredictability. These qualities were even more pronounced than upon present-day Earth.


Every polarity once could imagine was played out on this Apex planet even more dramatically than on the Earth plane. Their culture flourished for many thousands of years. But beneath the surface of their mass consciousness there was a great deal of disharmony because the spiritual growth of the planet did not parallel the technological growth of its inhabitants. The gap began to widen.

On the surface of the planet cataclysm began - severe toxicity and severe radiation from atomic blasts even more destructive than on Earth. There was a deterioration in the atmosphere due to pollution and plant life began to be unable to produce oxygen to continue the cycle of carbon dioxide/oxygen which kept the ecosystem balanced. Soon they began to build underground shelters and prepared themselves for the total destruction of the planet’s surface. They began learning to use alternate energy sources that could be used underground without any dependency on sunlight or oxygen from the surface. This created a world that would be totally independent from the surface ecosystem.


Soon they began to notice they were evolving at such a rate that their cranial size was increasing. The natural birth process became difficult, for the cranial size was expanding more quickly than the female pelvis could accommodate. Soon mother’s and children began to die during childbirth. So they were faced with a dilemma. Their population was decreasing and they had to prepare for planetary catastrophe as well as the possible death of their own species. They thus began turning to cloning techniques they could actually reproduce their species in the laboratory without the need for the reproductive act, conception, or natural birth.

The Apexians/Zeta’s did attempt to reverse some of the conditions that were occurring on the planet’s surface before they took shelter underground. But to no success. Soon they began to inhabit the underground cities which was a shock to many of them. Imagine being trapped in a rock environment for the rest of your life. Imagine the fear and sorrow these people were experiencing. They had to adapt.

They began altering their genetics so that when new babies arrived they could be part of the underground ecosystem. This entailed restructuring their bodies so they could absorb frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum and then change these frequencies to heat. This required a completely different way of absorbing nutrients. The bodies began learning to ingest nutrient from some of the luminiferous rocks underground which were chlorophyll based.

While this was occurring on the underneath of the planet, profound changes were occurring on the surface. The severe radiation had begun breaking down the planetary energy field on a subatomic level. This created an electromagnetic warp in the time/space fabric surrounding the Apex planet. While they were underground, Apex actually shifted it’s position in the time/space continuum because of this dramatic subatomic energy breakdown - which was a significant distance from their point of origin.


The Apex planet was inserted in the Reticulum star system around one of the faintest stars in that star group. The underground Apexians were totally unaware of this as they continued with their lives under the surface. Over the hundreds of years that they were underground, they deliberately manipulated their body type to suit their underground environment.

They allowed themselves to become shorter in stature than they originally were so they could make better use of the cavern space. Because they were not procreating physically, their reproductive organs atrophied. Their digestive tracts atrophied because they were no longer taking in solid nutrients. They had mutated to allow themselves to take in nutrients through their skin. Their eyes adapted to the environment through the pupil mutating to cover the entire eye. This allowed them to absorb certain frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum.

Obi_Wan_Visits_The_Kaminoan_Cloners_Star_Wars_Attack_Of_The_Clones (1).gif

During this time, they evacuated what they had done to their planet. They concluded that emotions were largely responsible, so they no longer allowed emotion in their lives. They also vowed that they would no longer allow diversity in their culture. They deliberately bred out variations in emotional reactions to differing stimuli. They were adamant that their passions would no longer rule them. They began creating a neurochemical structure in which every external stimulus produced the same reaction in every person. They felt this would allow them to integrate into one people and eliminate the warring and passion that had ruled their culture in the past.

Obi_Wan_Visits_The_Kaminoan_Cloners_Star_Wars_Attack_Of_The_Clones (2).gif

Eventually the Apexians realized that enough time had passed that they could return to the surface of the planet. When they realized their planet was shifted it’s position in the cosmos the more benevolent Zeta’s committed to becoming one people and finding out what they had lost during the time they were underground and learned about the folding of time and space.

They didn’t even know where they were. They wanted to learn about themselves through other cultures. It was also their desire for no one else to ever do to themselves what they had done.


The other more negative or self-serving groups also emerged on the surface and allowed themselves with their technology to build ships and move to other planets in the Reticulum system to build their culture. Others of the self-serving orientation allowed themselves to explore the universe, setting up colonies in several systems including Orion (Betelgeuse) and the Sirius trinary systems.

For the most part, the individuals who were committed allowed themselves to stay, feeling that this was an opportunity for them to heal their society. The Apex planet still remains in the Reticulum star system. But a good number of them spend time in space on their ships.

This ultimately allowed them to develop away

from an understanding of themselves as emotional humanoids and focused on their mental bodies.


The concept of love to them is expressed differently as we do. 

They understand it as a whole, a joined unit.  They can love every portion of the unit.  It is more akin to acceptance.  Their society was once severely dysfunctional and addictive. 

So if they can understand dysfunction, they can understand how not to recreate it once they reestablish their emotional connections.  As of now on Earth we have a 15-19% of dysfunctional behavior.  

It is their wish to share their knowledge of what occurred in their past so that others will not need to recreate it.


For much time they have been searching for emotion. 

They have bred and cloned emotion out of their species in the belief that it would accelerate their growth and provide them with superior development.  They have since understood this was not the case. 

Humans on Earth represent a genetic combination that is the closest to their original species.  So the interactions they have with us are, on one level, their way of observing us.  This is in order to learn how to become emotional once again.  The purpose of this is not for controlling us.  The probes are organic in nature and will absorb neurochemicals from our brains.  When they are extracted they analyze those neurochemicals. 

Through that analysis they expect to achieve the ability to simulate our neurochemical secretions and be able to recapture the idea of emotion. 

One of the focuses for their observations is our sexuality.  It might sound intrusive to many of you, but many times they have observed us while engaging in sexual behavior.  Which to some is a source of shame.  They wish us to know that it is not meant as an insult. 

Those of you who have these experiences have agreed to participate.  

They have not yet understood the link between emotion and sexuality.  They examine the chemical nature of sexuality while struggling to understand how human emotions can be expressed through this chemistry.  This desire for absolute understanding drives them toward seeking an integration between biochemistry and emotion.

Fear is a vital part of our transformation.  If you can begin to understand why these procedures are undertaken, perhaps you will allow yourself not to be so frightened of them.  Allow yourself to transmute your fear into an active and conscious cooperation with them. 


What is the main purpose and mission of Zeta contact?

The main focus of their work is multifold.  The idea that we wish to stress the most is that they are teaching us about fear.  They are allowing us to move through our deepest fears. 

This allows us in an archetypal way to bring up those fears for transformational clearing.  They, in that sense, represent to us the idea of unity just as we represent to them the idea of individually.  We are, in a sense, two opposite ends of a pole, and we are coming together to form one integrated consciousness.  We are learning from each other. 

We are growing from each other.  We are giving each other many gifts. 

Neither one of us are victims of the other. 

We are all co-creators of the entire experience.

This is a great service to not only them but to yourself.

We are all playing at being fragmented. This is part of our evolutionary game.

Within us is a totally whole, integrated being who is sitting back watching a movie of your fragmented experiences. If you can find that Self within you, miracles will start to happen.

But you have got to be willing to look at the darkness.


So if there is an interaction occurring in your life and you have not yet allowed yourself to totally embrace the idea that it is something you have chosen - that it is something of mutual benefit to both of you - then you might explore your own joining with them by your own choice, by your own willingness to be of service. 

You either play the role of victim or you do not;

there is no middle ground.

They can see you only if you have given them permission to interact. 

The Zeta’s represent for us a total opposite polarity - a unified whole, non-individualistic, with no emotions. Because they represent this polarity, when we interact with them, we must face our own inner, opposite polarity.


How many of you abductees have had to look into their black and shiny eyes and have seen ugliness and visions of yourself or your world that were terrifying?

Those are not prophecies given to you; they are simply confrontations with your own shadow.

For reality itself is generated from within.

The Zeta’s are one group of entities sent to us in our slumber, to help awaken us into the totality of who we are. There must always be balancing forces, even in chaos.

The Zeta’s are helping to keep that balance.

Find your own demons. Find your own fears.

We represent to them their own opposite.

When they look into our white and shiny eyes, they see a vision of themselves that is also absolutely terrifying.

Both of us are on the brink of major realization and awakening.

We had to have been quite masterful to put ourselves in such a challenging situation.

You must face your darkness.


Find the part of you that hates yourself. Find that part of you that is not you but merely a reflection of your programming from this life and other lives.

Do not abolish these things; befriend them. That is what people find very difficult.

This means looking into the mirror of your soul to see all that is there - the light, the love, and the ugliness. When you can befriend all of that, you will have gotten to the level of the unconscious mind.

Doors will begin opening quickly. You will have been the integrative process within your consciousness.

That place is so powerful! And it is our true state of being.

As each and every one of you allow yourself to heal this rift, you will kick it into the mass consciousness with a critical-mass effect that will allow the entire mass consciousness to view this idea from a different perspective, a different light.  You will also assist the Zeta Reticuli mass consciousness to view it in a different light, and thus evolutionary transformation will occur within both species. 

It is a partnership, always.  It always has been, is now, and always will be.

They thank you for your willingness to allow yourself to move through the fear and to be of service by transmitting the vibration of love rather than the vibration of fear.  


Our mass consciousness at this time has given them permission to seek out those with whom they have formed individual agreements. 

If you are having contact, you MUST have agreed. 

Once you allow yourself to understand that you have chosen this experience, you thus place yourself on an equal level with them and the nature of your interactions with them will change.  You will no longer be the victim.  You will be an equal participant. 

The quality of your interactions with them will change significantly.  


There is an agreement between our species. 

We are teaching them about the love they supposedly have within that they want to unlock, and how not to fear their own individuality.  The Zeta’s are teaching us about our fears and how we can turn those fears into our strengths.  Our relationship is a symbiotic one, for we are all part of the same Whole. 

They now understand that some of their motivations are not mental at all, but are driven by emotion.  Through we do not understand this emotion in it’s entirety or even in little pieces, we allow ourselves to recognize it as the beginning of an emergence of an emotional body.  

You and your brothers and sisters are endeavoring to engage you to get on with evolution. They are endeavoring to engage you to evolve in knowledge and truth, to continue to swell this consciousness and to live it. It is a living word, and you are taken care of because then the bridging will occur. You will see wonderful things, things you cannot comprehend, that you are going to experience


  1. Straight Zeta - This group will be the Zeta consciousness existing within the outer perimeters of fourth-density reality.  Therefore their reality is just barely physical - mostly plasmic in nature.  As they are deliberately keeping their vibration from transitioning into fifth density, they cannot interact directly with you except when you are in altered states of consciousness.  They cannot enter your physical reality.

They are a very high vibrational energy that cannot interact with us physically.  They can appear to us only in the dream state and other altered states of consciousness.

  1. Altered Zeta - These would be a straight Zeta consciousness altered either physically or in their consciousness to allow themselves to be able to interact with you on the physical plane or in a type of quasi-physical reality.  This is the broadest category.

Those who interact with us in any form of physicality will be the altered Zeta.

  1. Hybrid - A hybrid would be an entity whose primary Zeta Reticuli genetics are combined with genetics from other humanoid race.  This spans many different offshoots and cultures. A basic combination of Earth human and altered Zeta.

This hybrid consciousness is primarily unstable, although there are some strains who are able to communicate with us and physically interact with us during encounters.




If you can imagine a single line and a point above that line, they exist from the point and we exist in the line. 

From the point they can enter any area on the line.  They can go into the future; they can go into the past. 

From their position within that point, they have discovered our race. 

That is when they decided to begin observation and interaction.  From that point they simultaneously projected themselves into nearly every segment of the time line in which we exist. 

The heaviest interaction they are having with us, is between 1935-2020 give or take 5-10 years.  




There are scientists and researchers on this planet involved in the empirical understanding of the “abduction” phenomenon who would wish to discount the key element - the soul.  There is a part of us on an inner or mass-conscious level that knows exactly what is going on.  This part cannot be discounted, for that is like using an equation and leaving out a missing piece.

Before we can really begin transforming our relationship with the Zeta Reticuli, it will help us to have more solid information about their reality and how they view us.  By examining some in-depth technical information about how they perceive their human interactions, we can gain significant insight into their world.  This is the perfect time to observe the observers.

As a member of the universal races, it is their responsibility and also their gift to assist planets in their evolutionary steps.  The aspect of agreement is part of the evolutionary steps we are taking on this planet.  When we continue to deny that we have agreed to any given thing in our reality, it halts our evolution.

Now they have come for you here and select you on the merit of genetic ability to be emotional, warm and loving. If you are an emotional person, you have been selected. They select you on physical endurance, your emotional ability. When you love, you are numbered. When you feel, you are numbered. The kidnapping process has already been written about a bit in your time but, like them, not everything could be told to you because the world is not ready to hear all the truth, unfortunately. It is not as bad as everyone has made it out to be. Yes, you share your seed. You are copulated with. You share your seed with your brothers. It is mere copulation. It is the power to create.


Every time we have an interaction with a person we are experiencing a nonverbal agreement.  Therefor we draw someone into our realm of being - our reality - there is automatically an agreement.  It cannot be otherwise.  For us humans, the idea of agreement is that it is separate from existence.  This means the agreement is something that stands out from the flow of our life to prove to ourselves that we can have a certain experience. 

They perceive FLOW as agreements - reality as agreements.  The face that we are here - that they are with us - is an agreement.  We place cause before effect, however, cause actually equals effect.


The only applicable agreement at this time was the agreement on the most basic level, which is the collective agreement of our collective souls together.  From that point of view there is no difference between our races.  The theorists on our planet have much difficulty in understanding the Zeta’s motives because they are not willing to challenge their intellect or their fear of the unknown.  Once you ponder the Zeta’s motives, you MUST take into account the nature of your own soul.  If you do not, a great portion of the equation is missing.  Their relationship with us is about equality and that is the lesson that needs to be learned.


They do not view us as positive or negative but fragmented, for we do not have awareness of what occurs on our other levels of our own consciousness. 

Our other levels of consciousness are more integrated.  We are now in the process of integrating those other states (Subconscious) into the conscious so that we will become more integrated beings.  Therefore we will know more of what is occurring on other levels of reality rather than just this subreality.

Every decision we make is in the flow.  It is the decision we need to make.  There is no difference between our reality and theirs. 

It is only a different of perception.

You were selected on the merit of your simplicity, compassion, tenderness, kindness, and because you are pure in Spirit - meaning no duality - and without a superstitious mind. You could look upon greatness, be in awe of it, want to be just like it but not worship it, just naturally be like it. You have a wonderful thing coming to you personally and intimately - a parley - and you are going to be a part of it. And that is for you to experience and no one else. Enjoy. So be it.


• is all relative •

Alien abduction - Grey.jpg

When the idea of information has broken through the barrier between the unconscious and conscious mind, this way is the way that particular individual has chosen it - through trauma. 

Their revelations, their understandings, are actually felt throughout the mass grouping of your consciousness; eventually, that type of traumatic understanding does serve the whole.  It’s like breaking through a plastic barrier and releasing the pressure so that everyone may feel the release. 

Our mass consciousness will choose how to process our experiences with us in the way we need it to. 

We have no control over that; we choose to have none. 

When we partake in these experiments, we give them something and they give us something. 


They give us more codes, more activation on the light-plasmic language level.  This is occurring within thousands of people on the planet.  When a critical mass is reached, the species leap will occur in force. This code is triggering within us a recognition of ourselves as part of a galactic ecosystem, a working piece of the whole. 

It is a code that will allow us to expand our vision and with this expansion, we will see some of the structures we have created for the last several thousands of years can no longer serve us.  We must adapt our structures to our new vision.  Now it is time for the unlocking of the unlimited potential, and that potential will equal the expansiveness of your vision. 

This work with the Zeta’s is galactic evolution and since we’ve only experienced planetary evolution, it is a new arena for us.  

When you start looking a little bit further, then the next contact with you won’t be in a discovery of the physiological form and how it cohabitants on this planet but will be something rather wonderful. They won’t have to hypnotize you or paralyze you to protect themselves. They are very fragile and you are very fearful. You live in this rim of fear and superstition and anxiety and hatred and war. You are warlike people. If you are not doing it with your battle-axes, you are doing it in speech with your tongue. It is the same thing. They hypnotize you because if you were to grab them, you would break their bones. They are very tender. So they do it to protect themselves.


• They put organic implants in humans •


They put organic implants in humans, to not control our behavior, but to absorb the neurochemicals in our brains that it secretes in response to various emotions.  They then use the information and process the chemicals in their laboratory. 

They are attempting alterations of their brains to simulate the chemical responses that we have in ours.  This is done gradually, in order to let their brains get used to the new secretions.  

The most common is a probe that is organic and inserted in the brain.  It can be inserted through the sinus cavity, the ear, or the eye.  Its purpose is to collect and catalog neurochemical data.  It assists the Zeta’s in giving the hybrids a balanced neurochemical make-up. 

The probes are inserted and left within the human for a given amount of time and then taken out for the data to be catalogued.  It is not painful, and is organic in nature and is composed of a very condensed plasmic light energy.  It can be dissolved at will if there is a chance of detection.

Those of you who do have these probes have engaged a group of entities that are interstellar entities. They come from this your Milky Way in a place where the sun is blue, not yellow. They are also your brothers. They are very old. They never die. They are not mean, nasty, cruel. They are not decadent. They are humanoids that possess a soul and Spirit.

There is another probe that many have been concerned about and frightened of.  This is a probe in the anal region of humans and it is done during a traumatic experience there is a loss of bowel function.  This process cleans out the colon area so that does not occur.  The fecal matter provides them with data about the human digestive system.  Also in males, they can extract secretions from the prostate gland through this probe.


• If you have been having nosebleeds in your childhood or present life it is due to contact •

The irritations are not in anyway related to the insertion of probes but the idea of memory loss.  If someone has a nosebleed, it is indicative of the memory wanting to break through.  The physical body generates the trauma it has been exposed to.  It recreates the trauma to trigger reaction in humans.  This is also applicable for all repressed traumatic experiences that humans have throughout childhood.  These spontaneous painful experiences are merely your own healthy psychological processes attempting to reveal information to you.

There are some groups that are much more clumsy in their experiments.  But 80% of the time, it is the body to establish a recollection of the memory by triggering a physical traumatic response.  During these probes, the brain is exposed to an electrical charge that causes the paralysis in the person.  But this is entirely harmless and actually serves the body in a positive way - like a rejuvenation.  This is done by a mass-mind computer before they arrive or through a long, slender, needlelike apparatus.

If your nose bleeds a lot, it is because they got you. They have a connection with you and will for the rest of your life. Their love is a thought. It is with you. When you see their face in front of your face, they have connected with you. They have taken your seed, they have engaged with your womb, and you have genetically given birth to their hopes forever. They are connected with you. They are your brothers. They are fragile. They are genius. And if you can look at their faces without fear and engage them in the thought, they are going to pick you up and you will find one day that you can sit with them, be at peace with them, and they will look at you in wonderment.

Sometimes after this insertion probes into the brain, it becomes essential for the Zeta’s to gather the neurochemical data by providing stimuli for the human to react to that will allow their brains to secrete the chemicals they can later study.  Such traumatic visions like nuclear holocaust and death are merely holographic scenarios created within the brains of the humans - however real they may seem - in order for them to react and secrete the chemical we wish to study.

Though this process might seem a cruel form of torture, it is their understanding that they are generating in us a way for them to face their deepest fears, which will actually allow them a transcendence to another state of evolution.  They perceive that they are visitors from our internal world who are facilitating a coevolution for both our species.  


• There are times when they deliberately induce memory loss in the humans that they interact with •

This is done because in their evaluation of their psychological state it will be obvious that the conscious memory of such an experience will not be of service to the human at that time.  However it is also very common for them not to induce memory loss.  

And all you thought was that you had a flat tire, a sore nose, an ache in your penis or in your womb. It doesn’t matter. They have a way of stabilizing time, of placing an image suggestion in the people around you so that they never see and they don’t know. And if you think back clearly to your carriages that you missed - miscarriages - you will find that perhaps within the time-flow of conception you experienced nosebleeding, time loss, nightmares, ill-fated dreams, and if you put this all together then you will understand where that went.


For females who have made agreements in this evolutionary process, there are several things that may occur.  You may be providing genetic material such as ova to them for further research.  Some of the ova are joined with sperm.  Some are used for other cloning processes. 

Sometimes its just skin scrapings which provide DNA structure that they are looking for.  Others can be impregnated with a sperm sample that has been altered by them to carry some of our genetics. 

The resulting embryo is allowed to incubate no more than four months at the maximum and then is removed without any trauma to they physical body.  This is not very widespread.  

This is a co-created choice and this is not a usage of you as a laboratory animal.  It is an agreement on the part of both of us to help assist in creating a joyous blending of the two species for the purpose of evolutionary leaps forward together.

There are female volunteers that come nurture the hybrid children to sustain the life of the child.  It also allows the Zeta’s to monitor the neurochemical secretions that occur during such a bonding exercise, in both the child and female. 

The Zeta’s than perhaps learn how to nurture as they did once so long ago.  The nurturing of hybrids on the human female occurs much more frequently than many realize.  It is more common than is the actual abduction experience.


Can be used as human donors.  Sometimes they are surrogate caretakers who are taken daily to give the hybrid children love.  The same with females.   Human males are also used as support systems for the females.  When the primary subject is female, the secondary subject is a male spouse.  The male spouse will provide emotional support for the female not only on the physical waking level, but also during encounters with us in altered states of consciousness.  Having a male as a support is of significant value.  By working with both males and females, it is helping them to understand the differences between male and female.  This is assisting them in the creation of stable hybrid beings.

If you men are attracted to dark-haired women with large black eyes, there is a reason. If you have fantasies and in your fantasy a women exists of this bizarre nature, more than likely it is simply a memory that keeps playing over and over in your mind that has to do with simply an erection, penetration and spilling your seed beyond your control. And if your penises got sore or have been sore in the past, if your loins have been tender and this is connected with missing time and with nosebleeds and with scratches in the skin, then you have had contact.

If you can’t remember the foggiest of having any of these things, then you more than likely haven’t had anything happen to you. And perhaps that could be termed a blessing or a longing. It could make you happy that you have never been touched or it could make you sad you were never chosen. Either way it is your reality.


• The hybrid category is the formation of Earth DNA and an altered Zeta DNA •


These fetuses are either implanted or are naturally conceived and later worked on genetically anywhere from 1-4 months.  They are then taken out of the human embryonic environment for the next stage of work to be done on them.  The methodology of removal would depend on the individual Zeta group taking the fetuses.  The most common way would be through a method that requires the “surgeon” to vibrationally alter the molecular structure of the host mother so that she becomes less dense.  The surgeon is then able to insert his hands into the womb and remove the child with no scars or blood.  It is a method, in our terms psychic surgery.

Other forms would be a more sophisticated method of removal through the vaginal tract.  There is no pain, and also there are no scars.  These are the two primary methods of fetus removal.

We have children there whose eyes are blue like the sky. They weep tears that are paler blue than their eyes. They think that these human beings they are breeding are superior enough genetically and emotionally and will draw to them souls and Spirits, which will pick up evolution in a different page of the book and begin to evolve, copulate, and create love, which is absent there. Some of you have children in the stars that have great luminous blue yes or great black ones.


After these children are gestated (10-12 months), mothers will be allowed to be brought to the incubator chamber and interact with the children for the purpose of giving them the love they need, which the Zeta’s are incapable of giving them.  This is for the purpose of them monitoring and researching the maternal responses.  All the demonstrations of emotion and affection are quite poignant between mother and child.  It is a very joyous and profound experience.  You are assisting in the birth of another race.

Many of these children do not reach maturity.  Which is why they are working so hard to find a strain that will last.  Many of them do not continue, but they live full lives while they exist.  There is no regret or sadness.  They enjoy their time when they interact with us and receive our love and give us love in return.  They radiate a calm, peaceful and strong spirituality that we would consider to be happy and content.

The qualities that the Zeta’s find valuable would be our love of individuality.  When mixed with their code of mass mind, they theorize it will be a very stable balance.  They also use our drive for reproduction, for perpetuating the species.  They also value our love of emotion, and that is wrapped around their code for absence of emotion.  They theorize that this will produce a stable balance in the emotional bodies of the hybrids.


The most successful strains so far have had very light, translucent skin, large heads with more developed frontal lobes; either hairless, white or silvery hair; eye structures that can perceive wavelengths of light beyond our visible spectrum; small nose; small mouth; but still working on the creation of a digestive tract; a very simplified excretory tract; reproductive organs similar to ours; approximately four to five feet in height; either four, three fingers and a thumb or three fingers with another appendage that they would not call a thumb; very sensitive hearing but without a large external appearance of an ear like ours; and a heightened sense of smell and taste.

We must remember that all of the hybrid beings they work with are Zeta souls (or Earth souls) choosing this experience.  No one is crying out in anguish or victimized. 

They are joyously partaking of this experiment.  The only discomfort they may feel is when one of the physical vehicles is beginning to cease functioning. 

They will feel the life flow ebb from them, but there is no fear. 


Our interactions with the Zeta’s and hybrids is allowing them to feel again and to experience love.  

The Zeta’s are facilitating another species leap for the human race - for both our benefit and theirs. 

They recognize we will be a very valuable force in the galactic family and they understand that our development will be beneficial to all. 

We as souls all agreed to this millions of years ago.

They hybrids are symbolic of a marriage between our species and represent the future of both our races. 

They represent the best of both worlds. 

They represent the potential of the human soul.


• future humans •


The Essassani is considered to be a cross between humans and Zeta Reticuli. They are the children of humans and Zeta’s birthed from Love.

The species Essassani exists in contemporary time that Zeta’s share with us now as members of the Association of Worlds. 

They are known as the civilization that has evolved from the hybrid work.  However, in human linear time they have not been created yet. 

But the Zeta’s know that as they continue with what they are doing, they will achieve their creation.  This happens through the marriage of Zeta and Humans. 

That is why right now, the Zeta’s speculate that both our civilizations need each other.

The extent of this need is not yet understood, but as soon as we no longer need each other

perhaps that will be when one of the Essassani will volunteer and give them the keys they need in order to create them.


• When the seeding of the Earth began, the intention was that Earth would be the place of integration - of peace •

Samsara_2011_Shaolin_Kung_Fu (1).gif

The original races who were the ones allowed to flourish on Earth were all who are present now except the Oriental races. The original forefathers of Earth, looked back at the probability line that was created through their genetic work and did not see a fully integrated society.  They needed to go back to the beginning and insert something that would change the probability they saw for moving toward. 

The forefathers and Zeta’s went back into time and inserted the genetics into our evolutionary line that would allow for the creation of the Asian races on Earth. 

SAMSARA_2011_Full_Movie_Trailer_in_Ultra_HD_4K_2160p (1).gif

These Asian prototypes were the turning point in setting our world on its course toward integration.  Some of the key prototypes were educated in Vegan mysticism and also in Pleiadian spiritual practices that are very feminine in nature. 

The Asian culture was ideologically influenced by an underlying Arcturan energy but also by Vegan mysticism and Pleiadian spirituality. 

They were taught about consciousness, unified fields, and the mind/body connection. 

Once the prototypes graduated, they were then allowed to go out, reproduce and seed the whole area of Asia and some parts of Polynesia and Indonesia.


If you look at the characteristics of the Asian races, you will find that there is a smaller amount of diversity. The concentration on individuality is not there.  There is also a sense of a deep and solid inner spirituality. 

These were the key elements needed to bring about the probable reality on Earth that was desired.  Their tendency to depopulate themselves comes from this idea of seeing themselves as a single entity.  Therefore a person does not represent an individual.  This reflects the more dominant group aspect. 


It is seen as only a part of the whole and can be sacrificed for the good of the whole.  The Asian mind set would have unity rather than individuality.

There is a new factor introduced into our planet’s evolution which down the line, will allow us all to integrate our beliefs and genetics into a solid and stable single race consciousness on Earth.  If it wasn’t for those Zeta’s and the Founders who brought back the DNA and implemented this, humans would have not made it this far. 

There would have been too much individuality and polarity.


It is important to remember here that all humans, despite their place in society, have chosen the reality they experience. 


Any negative ET encounters can be turned around by the power of the individual.

The nature of your consciousness is going to tell you the nature of your experience with extraterrestrials.  So if you are a fearful person, you are going to draw in fearful contact.  If you are seeking spiritual growth, you will draw in a benign or benevolent contact experience.  

The Zeta’s themselves are not generating the negativity; they are studying the results of it.

Other groups involved are largely humanoid - comprised of various beings of Lyran descent (Pleiadians) and other types of humanoids from the same genetic strain.  These are highly benevolent in nature.  This would also represent a minority, and only individuals who are open to this type of contact will receive this contact.  It is generally of a nature that has nothing to do with experimentation or tests, but with imparting knowledge to the individual.  


The negative nature of this final group represents a very small percentage.  Many who are in prison have this interaction, as they are living in fear.  The sense of powerlessness and victimization will draw that type of experience/contact.  These beings range from negatively oriented Zeta’s (Greys), to any type of Orion interaction - whether it be with physical ET’s, telepathic contact, or holographic projections.  Generally, it is for the purpose of gathering data about the human psyche to use at a later date to perhaps exert control or power over the human species. 

The negatively oriented groups believe they are influencing the inmate population in a way that can be likened to infiltration.  They believe they are infiltrating our society by starting with the inmate population.  They feel it is an easy way it, but it is a dead end.  Negatively oriented groups seek expansion outside of themselves, which means domination over others.  That’s why they can find those most closely like themselves - humans who are in fear, victimization and who are preying on other people.

The one thing to remember is that people will attract what they are equal to.  If you are having a negative experience, the way to remove yourself from that situation is to work on the integration of fear and victimization.  As you do this, the negative ET experience cannot continue.  A person can change the experience by whatever they can do to let go of the idea of victimization within the self.


• How can we release our fears in order to allow the evolutionary process to continue? •

First we must recognize the fear we have of what we will become if we follow through.  The fear of losing ourselves.  The fear of becoming them.  The fear of evolution.  Humans fear the unknown.  Yet the unknown drives us to face our fears.  In this case of abductions/contact it is all about evolution. 

All of us will need to come into terms with this individuality and collectively.  Coming to peace with the idea of invasion is knowing that you cannot be invaded; everything we see, everything we experience is part of the same ONE thing.  It is all a reflection of the whole.  Nothing is outside of you.  It is all a part of you.  It is you invading yourself.  Coming to terms with this and changing the perception from invasion to communion will be profound indeed. 

Together we can make this species leap and hold hands making the steps together.


Reality is a creation from within •


Though we can look in our telescopes and see stars and distant galaxies, you are really only looking at the walls of the outermost portions of yourself. 

Everything you see is a reflection of you. 

Everything you experience is a reflection of an aspect of you.  We are also facilitating our evolution from within them as well.  We allow the Zeta’s to face their deepest fears.  Coevolution.  

Humans have within their power the ability to bring us out from the depths of the shadows of the night and into the daylight of your waking, conscious selves.  It is our choice.  But it will require us to confront head on the unknown and that which we fear.  If you are ready, you will find that your fear is but an illusion.  But you will never know unless you attempt it.  

By harnessing the template that exists for all forms of life in the reality they share with us is a triadic structure that represents one polarity, it’s opposite, and the integration or the joining of the two.  Life forms the way it does because of this template, which exists in the reality the Zeta’s share with us. 

The Zeta’s always start with this triadic template. They have been working on many strains of hybrid beings to find the most resilient ones, so they can alter the light plasmic language attached to the triadic template in order to find the most perfect body structure that can serve them.

You will be sitting here thinking about love, the consciousness of the life force and the fluidity of the life force. You will grow in consciousness to understand your connection with the Is. When you are that mature you are going to see those images - those little children, big children - and the expression will not be large luminous eyes coming to get you. From those globes you will see love. That is a spectacular gift. It is already set into motion because those who have done all of the raiding from above have learned something about a mother missing a child, a son being longed for by his father, a seed; “Part of me is gone. It is somewhere else.” And part of the learning of these people is to learn about that emotional attachment, and they will.


• It is time to recognize that nothing happens to you from another source •


You are the source generating all experiences that you have.  We are at a bridge now.  This bridge is leading us to the future evolution on Earth.  We are destined to evolve.  We are destined to become the species that has long been awaited.

Our resistance and our fear will only prolong our evolution.  Evolve we will.  In the ancient days on our Earth, man who was dying out and making way for the more advanced version felt the same primal emotion that we feel now - the fear of annihilation. 

This is a fear of changing what you are,

and being unable to recognize yourselves.  It is a natural fear. 

The only way for us to make peace with this fear is to trust the natural process of evolution.

Each day allow yourself to trust your own personal evolution a little bit more. 

Within your lifetimes you will have definite proof of the leap that we are all taking toward the future evolution we seek.

If they come to you and you are appalled at the way they look, you may lose the greatest bridge of light you could have ever had in this life. But if they come to you in radiant light and your God rises up within you in absolute love, you will have an adventure beyond any words that I could describe, using your vocabulary. You are taking the time to learn, to engage, and turn around this mind. Instead of making it subjective, you are making it objective. It is called the unknown, in which your God will rise up and engage. This is as factual as breathing. They are as real as your friends, I want you to know.


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