There are councils over the solar system, over the galaxy, over the universe, etc.

There are definite rules and regulations that help keep everything running in proper order.

Nothing is left to chance.

There are also councils on the spirit side that have other types of jobs taking care of the records of those living on Earth.

All of these councils seem to have a great interest in the accumulation of knowledge and information.

There are Councils that make the rules and regulations for creating life throughout the universe. There are Councils over the solar system, Councils over the galaxy, and Councils over the universe. It is a very ordered system. These higher beings go throughout the universe looking for planets that are suitable for life. They say that when a planet reaches the point where it can sustain life, it is a very momentous occasion in the history of that planet. It is then given its Life Charter.



So down through time they did this on Earth, and after a time plants began to form because you have to have plants before you can introduce animals. As life began to develop, they kept coming back to see and care for it. They formed the oceans and cleansed the air so that various life forms could evolve.


Eventually the higher beings began to create an intelligent being.

This has happened on every planet; this is the way life is formed.

Now in order to create an intelligent being they had to take an animal with a large enough brain that would have the capacity to learn, and one that had hands so it could develop tools.

This is why they chose the ape.

Over time, whenever something needed to be given to humanity, these beings would come and live with humans and give them what they needed.

Every culture in the world has legends of the “culture bringer.”

They are the ones who have come down to us as legends of gods and goddesses.

It is still happening now, but they cannot live among us; they would be too conspicuous.

The council that we belong to is a spiritual council.

It's not a governmental body, it's a spiritual council.

We follow the laws of One.

These laws come to us directly from the Source.

And we are keepers of the Light, and of the knowledge of the One.


We were supposed to be a perfect species that would never get sick and could live as long as we wanted.

Earth was supposed to be like a Garden of Eden, a perfect place, but something unexpected happened and changed the whole plan.

When life was beginning to develop nicely, a meteorite hit the Earth and it brought bacteria that caused disease.

This was the first time disease was introduced to the Earth.


When this happened the beings overseeing Earth’s evolution went back to the Council. They asked what to do now that their perfect experiment was spoiled. There was great sadness.

The question was whether to destroy everything and start over, or to allow life to continue to develop. The Council decided to let it go ahead and evolve because so much time and effort had been involved.

They allowed it even though they knew, because of disease, that life on Earth would never be perfect as originally planned.

It was during this time, at the end of the 1940s and beginning of the 1950s, that UFO sightings began to be publicized. The higher beings went back to the Council and asked what to do since they are not allowed to interfere with mankind’s free will. That is when the Council came up with what I think is a brilliant plan.

They said, “We cannot interfere from the outside, but what about if we help from the inside?”

It is not interfering when you ask for volunteers to come in and help. This is how the call was given throughout the universe for souls to come to help the Earth.