The whole subject of aliens or extraterrestrials has been coated in fear and mistrust since the beginning. Most investigators look for and discover what they perceive to be evil and horror.  This is all based on their belief systems; they create the very thing that they fear.

The ETs are well aware of the effect they have on humans, whether by their appearance or their actions, and they would rather the person not have any memory of the encounter.

This is why it is better if the memory is erased by the ETs.  Fear is the strongest emotion that a human has. If it doesn’t understand something, it brings in fear, which will naturally distort the memory.

These beings created us, so they have no desire to harm their children.


Because of free will and the law of noninterference they can only watch and shake their heads at the stupidity and juvenile behavior of these children.

Many of the humans are not to remember their connection until it is time, until their mission has reached the proper stage that they will be able to understand.

If the memories are brought forth too soon, then the experiment might be jeopardized. “They” have said that the ideal situation would be that the person never know what is happening, that they are having encounters.

They do not want to disrupt the person’s life.


But because of the additives in our food, the pollutants in our atmosphere, if the person is on any drugs (recreational or medicinal) or alcohol, this changed the chemistry of their brain.

This causes them to remember any encounter (whether an actual event or a dream) in a distorted fashion. It is colored by their emotions so they perceive that something awful happened to them because it is beyond the scope of their conscious mind to understand.

This is why it is better if the memory is erased by the ETs. Fear is the strongest emotion that a human has.

If it doesn’t understand something it brings in fear which will naturally distort the memory. 


Seen from this perceptive, the ETs are not the invaders, but the protectors.

They are only protecting and watching their own.

Although these types of volunteers are not aware of it, they are never alone.

The people they left behind are watching over them to make sure they are safe and adjusting well to this alien environment of Earth.


They are the keepers of the garden and we are the garden




An entire block of information can be conveyed to the conscious mind by the observation of a single symbol in the circle. The person does not have to be physically in the circle. They only have to see the symbol for the information to be transferred to their subconscious mind.

The circles are a language that is understood on the subconscious level. It is not intended to be understood by the conscious mind.

Our minds can receive entire blocks of information from a single symbol, even in our everyday life. The information is inserted into the brain at a cellular level, and it will be there to access when we need it. It will be spontaneous and we will never even know where the information came from.

They want this planet to be a planet of light and love and caring.  The symbols are only of peace and light and love. There are no bad things in the symbols. And it changes people's minds. Instead of thinking about murder and hate and greed and tearing up the planet. They think only of light and peace and harmony.