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nancy Addison

• Internationally-Renowned Nutritionist, Chef, Environmental Specialist, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Show Host •

PART I - Food As My Medicine

I talk to Nancy Addison an Internationally-Renowned Nutritionist, Chef, Environmental Specialist, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Show Host.  Her 30 years of research in organic nutrition and health has become International Award Winning Books which can be found here:

Nancy shares her background and childhood growing up with an unhealthy diet and lack of nutrition.  In her youth she remembers being told to use unhealthy white refined types of foods like refined flour, salt, and sugar.  Which led her to being Acute Anemic, Pre-Diabetic and almost going blind.  Growing up in Texas, she grew up on a lot of meat based and fried foods.  

When her father died in her 20’s, she realized he was never going to see his 2 grand children grow up.  So she decided to make a change in her diet and use food as her medicine.  After learning about GMO’s, the treatment of animals at slaughterhouses and more, she decided not to participate in a meat based diet.  Since changing to a plant based diet, growing an organic farm, making her own baby food and learning about nutrition, she has healed herself and hasn’t been sick since.


PART II - Plant & Creature Protein

Nancy talks about her research and advice she has on being conscious of your health.  She talks about the danger of tap water which is full of chlorine and fluoride.  Which are accumulative poisons which can effect your body drastically.  She talks about her books and the water information regarding filtering, bottled water and how to structure your water.  

30 years ago when she went vegetarian in Dallas, Texas she had to deal with people yelling at her calling her evil and how hard it was to find restaurants that didn’t have lard or chicken fat in everything.  Her research has led to learning that having a plant based diet can reverse heart disease, diabetes and cancers.  With overall half of the entire US with chronic disease, this information can help those cure themselves, by just what they eat.

She also clarifies what is meat and calls it creature proteins and how they act in our body.  People who had a majority of meat in their diet were 75% likely to die from any disease.  She talks about the proteins in plants called Amino Acids which is the building blocks of what the body really needs.  Over the last 50 years the meat and dairy industry propaganda has led us to believe we need meat but in reality, it’s the opposite of what our body needs.  

PART III - Preparing Food For Kids

Nancy talks about preparing foods and how she raised her kids on a plant based diet.  She started making organic baby food, non-chlorinated & non-fluoride water and was conscious of what her children responded to in their diet.  Having so much sugar, food coloring, and MSG (which causes brain damage) in food everywhere, she discusses how children react to their parents and how they watch what your doing which affects their behavior.  

Her children helped her make homemade bread with garbanzo bean flour and learned how to prepare their food.  She empowered her children to make their own decisions in regards to what they choose to eat.  She got them involved in preparing meals, grocery shopping, knowing how to see the quality of the product, and then went home and cooked the food together as a family.  

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PART IV - Change Your Diet = Change Your Life

Nancy talks about energy in our food and how love should be always be the main ingredient.  In her books she talks about how the first year of a child’s life is one of the most important times that they are effected by food.  Food is what makes us feel safe and loved, it’s our comfort.  We turn to food when we’ve had a bad day and it reminds us of our childhood and unconditional love.  

Most of her clients that she works with today is how to change the comfort food they want.  She shares alternatives to candy, meat, ice cream and more on wonderful nutritional replacements that are good for you.  She notices how we need to stop gulping stuff down and sit down and savor our food.  She also describes what Electrolytes are how salt is more valuable than gold.  Our bodies need salt and she shares how white salt has all the  electrolytes taken out of it and added with high fructose corn syrup and iodine added to it.  Our body reads white salt as a poison.  Real salt is unrefined mineral rich salt which adults should have at least 1 teaspoon a day so our bodies could function.  She also informs how important salt was during wars and in our history and how important these minerals are in our body.

She recommends Bolivian Rose Sea Salt which she uses daily and carries with her.  She gargles it with water and drinks it, which keeps her hydrated and her body healthy.  The water, salt and vegetables in your diet are the 3 key things in having a healthy life.  

PART V - The Power of Being Healthy

Nancy finishes our interview with links to her books/website and shares how her books have more information to non-toxify your home, grocery shop and more.  They also include resources for tools to have a healthy life.   Since 2008, she’s been apart of the International Speakers Association and has traveled the world talking about this information.  She talks about what she’s working on currently and developing a healing diet with doctors and writing more books and helping more communities have access to farmers markets and organic vegetables. 

She talks about how her information is different because she didn’t go to school about nutrition or how to be a chef.  She taught herself along with information about our environment and created a more comprehensive way to look at it health and nutrition.  Over the years the information has become so complicated and with her books, she  gives you the tools to take control of your life. 

I talk to Nancy Addison an Internationally-Renowned Nutritionist, Chef, Environmental Specialist, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Show Host   Her 30 years of research in organic nutrition and health has become International Award Winning Books which can be found here:

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How to be A Healthy Vegetarian

Diabetes and Your Diet

Lose Weight, Get Healthy

Raising Healthy Children

Louise Kay

• Channeler of AIKON & the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective •

Louise Kay / Who is louise and aikon PART I

I interview Louise Kay and talk about her background, Spiritual Journey, connection to AIKON & the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective and her evolution of channeling.  

Through listening to her channelings and absorbing the soft and powerful energy of her messages, I've learned the power of going within and the importance of feeling through the heart.  

The flow of life desires to be expressed through each one of us and it is our opportunity to allow it to connect and move through us and "dance" with the Universe within.

Louise Kay -

Louise Kay / Channeling AIKON PART II

Louise channels AIKON as I ask them questions regarding the power and healing aspect of silence and eye contact.  When you allow the silence and enter in the present moment, you invite beauty all around you.  By focusing on your breath and stillness, you can become in present moment of NOW.

They also share with us the dance of the masculine and feminine energies at this time and what is needed to integrate in order to come into our true power.  They tell us how Ascension is possible by  discovering the realms inside all of us by asking and turning the attention within and recognizing our true nature.  We are scientists of our own experience, play and have fun with it!






PART I - Developing a Technique

Alba talks about her journey starting as a life coach and was soon guided to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) by Dolores Cannon and hypnotherapy in Miami, FL.  She became friends with Antonio Sangio and learned other techniques by Aurelio Meijia which led her to discover her own technique.  Included is a session of a Reptilian living on Mars.  

PART II - What is Hypnosis?

Alba talks about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon and the experience people have on her own technique which she documents on YouTube.  We discuss what hypnosis is and how she also goes into a hypnotic state in order to flow with her clients during her sessions.  Included is A session describing what will happen when the “veil is lifted” during the Event.

PART III - The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness & Entity Attachment

I talk to Alba Weinman, a world renowned Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening.  Alba talks about her sessions  and how forgiveness is such an important part of her practice and hypnotherapy.  She shares how forgiveness releases a lot of energy that holds us back.  We also discuss entities and how they can attach to our frequency and how to release them with forgiveness and a higher vibration.  Included is a session with an entity and how Alba uses her techniques to release them.

PART IV - Regression Techniques

I talk to Alba Weinman, a world renowned Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening.  Alba discusses other techniques and how hypnosis works by inductions and how to reach the subconscious by diverting the ego.  She also discusses her mission and intention of waking up the masses during this time of ascension.  Every session of hers is different and it depends on the person and what their higher self needs to tell them at that time.  Included is a session with a message to Lightworkers.

PART V - The Moment of NOW and Ascension

I talk to Alba Weinman, a world renowned Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening.  Alba talks about her childhood and how it prepared her for her mission.  In her sessions, she talks about how she is helping her clients remember their mission and how the Earth is ascending.  The energy that we are experiencing NOW are shining a light on “seeds” causing us to grow and awaken.  Alba talks about synchronicities and an amazing gift from her guides she received that morning.  Included is a message from one of her sessions in regards to Ascension.

PART VI - Shine Your Light

I talk to Alba Weinman, a world renowned Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening.  Alba describes how her sessions on YouTube can show frequency changes and how those vibrations can resonate with the viewers.  Included is a powerful session with a client visiting a profound past life.  She believes her videos are so powerful because it is a moment of showing a pure soul in an intimate moment of love.  Alba also shares a personal message about her future and to others and the importance of being of service to others.





I talk to Geraldine Orozco


about how our conscious thoughts are the power source that every human possesses. The thoughts that we consciously generate are a major determining factor on how our physical bodies reflect and represent the energy inside of us. We create our own diseases for our own purpose to recognize and bring attention to the way we love ourselves. 



Louise Hay, Dolores and Julia Cannon's research in the metaphysical realm of the subconscious power also supports this concept of our higher self using the physical body to bring our attention to tell us where we need to focus our energy, chi, prana on in a more loving way.


Our subconscious mind communicates to us through the body.  We experience powerful lessons through illness to learn how to love ourselves.  When we don't do the work, when we neglect ourselves, we must learn the lesson through the difficult process of an illness in the body.


Within the process of healing, we must be in tune with our emotions, and dive into our past to reprogram them.  It is an invitation to process all of this by our higher selves.  We also talk about how there is technology and entities that are constantly trying to feed on our lower emotions and dense energy.  By being aware we can consciously protect ourselves and be mindful of our external world.  

The belief of illness MUST die

The belief of illness needs to die.  If you don't believe in illness you will not get sick. The power of our subconscious mind is capable of creating illness and disease. But it is also capable of creating instant healing in our body. Disease cannot exist with a high vibration. Our love can cure all diseases. It is up to us how we use our energy and understand the power we have of our minds as creators and our relationship to our physical bodies.


Learn the tools to equip yourself.  Allow yourself to be guided by your internal system, purify the body and cleanse the mind from distractions, create a peaceful environment, and learn how the energy flows within you.  If you are experiencing an illness, know that with this knowledge you can also experience the complete opposite.  These are the tools to help and empower you to a healthy, abundant and happy life.


Brad johnson

• International Spiritual Teacher and Channeler of Adronis •

I interview Brad Johnson and talk about his New Earth Academy, his background, connection to Sirius and Adronis/Rayar, Shadow/Light Law, 2018: The Year of Renewal, Earth changes, Oneness, and concluding with a special channeling session with Adronis.


• Alien Abductions and Hybrid Children •

I Interview Geraldine to discuss and build awareness so others may come forward and share their abduction and hybrid children experiences.  It takes a lot of courage and trust to share such a unique experience.  please listen with an open mind and heart.  

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The Beauty of the True Self

"Within the past few months I’ve been unlocking access to my universal brain. I am learning detachment from self to let self breathe. Realizing freedom doesn’t require an apology from anyone, a certain item, or a certain accomplishment.  It doesn’t exist anyway. Shedding this from my vessel and putting it in to improvisational movement was a pure healing process for myself. Through this message I hope that the viewers gain insight, or at least feel through this video. A passion project about realizing the beauty of true self for me could be a reminder for the viewer to just take a second and breathe. Either way, it has connected. And now the ripple has begun."
- Cara Diaz