People spend years running away from their life. Their pain.

But when you make a choice to live consciously and to feel pain as you go. Pain actually helps to be more compassionate, for myself and others.

It's all in preparation and growth so you can make a difference that will fulfill the reason why you came. I'm learning, it's something I have to do. That I want to; this is part of who I am. 

Every person has a purpose. Every person also has a desire to be loved. Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone.

We close our eyes when we kiss, cry, pray and dream so we can feel it in our hearts.



Before you have a baby, the spirit of your baby will be in the Auric field of the Mother and Father and influence them to come together.  When the baby is “conceived” that spirit will then prepare and help the mother and father’s life to improve and provide a home, food, money etc. until they are ready to enter this reality. 

The first kick in the womb is when the spirit enters the physical body. 

The spirit does not fully stay in the baby’s body till the age of 2.  It goes back and forth to prepare. 

Little children feel the frequency of the Earth.

We go out of our bodies at night when we sleep. This is why newborns sleep so much.

They are adjusting to their bodies and only awaken when their body needs attention.

They are still connected to the spiritual side, and go back and forth for guidance. 

The spirit is not attached completely to the body until the age of 2.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is when the spirit decides to not come back, due to the experience, wanting another body, lesson for the parents or something they had to learn.

The spirit must return to the body within a certain specified length of time or the body will expire.

It cannot exist without the spirit/spark of life dwelling inside of it.



Mother's need better role models.  

At this time, as hard as it is to hear, Mothers are very sick and they make their babies sick.  

The Mother tells her child to put on a sweater because she thinks it's cold, but her child is not necessarily cold.  

So now the child thinks that whenever she/he is "not" cold he should put on a sweater.  

More Mothers need to realize that they are responsible for their child’s illness.

When babies are sleeping you can say... 

“You teach me forgiveness, acceptance and love.”  

After 49 days the baby will be healed - that’s how powerful women are -


Your home is a foundation.  

Do not fill it with lies, judgements or fear.  Your child is just like you but in a smaller body.   

Children play seriously because they are honorable.  

Kids have no attachments and need to learn how to fix their own problems.  

Stop interfering with their playing.

Women will always look for God in a man.  

But within, they are the God of creation.  

Soon a new era of Mothers and women will rise.  


Women are capable of giving birth with just their consciousness.  

Soon Matriarchy and the feminine consciousness will be the standard as Mother's know best.  Love your family as much as they can to live your own life.

If the vibrational rate of the planet changes, by people becoming kinder, or people recognizing the God in everyone, the vibrational rate of the planet will change.

And by bringing up that level, the planet Earth will be healed to some extent. And the cleansing that should be occurring, because of how we have battered the planet, won't necessarily have to occur.

Thank the planet for her goodness, because there's no separation between us and our planet.

leonardoLearn how to see.jpg

Don't create the separation. We are all one together.

The planet, us, the bird, the dog, there's no separation between anything.

Just the difference in manifestation of form.

if people realize that, then we would have Heaven on the planet.

love is the supreme power.

And that's what we need to feel in our lives.

What we need to give to each other and feel for each other.