It is always easier to put the blame outside of ourselves, rather than acknowledging that we have created our own reality.

Even though our reality is not pleasant, it is what we have manifested.  This is the power of the human mind.

Thought is much faster than sound. 

Thought is faster than light.

Your conscious thoughts are the power source that you and every other human possess.

The thoughts that you consciously generate will be a major determining factor on where you go, and if and how soon you do return consciously in the physical form on this planet.


The physical expression is an accurate representation of the energy of which you are. And therefore you cannot in and of your free will change your reflection.

You may change your energy, which then would cause a related change in your reflection. You however cannot change your reflection in the mirror.

You may change your appearance, that is, your body, and your reflection then will change in like manner.

However, you cannot change merely the reflection and not change that which causes the reflection.

It is important to understand that the physical is merely a reflection.  In order to change the reflection, you must change that which causes the reflection.

Most problems that people have: physical, mental, allergies, phobias, or relationships, etc. can be traced back to events that originated, not in the present lifetime, but in other lives.


Most people do not realize that as they continue

to find things to complain about,

they disallow their own physical well-being.

Many do not realize that before they were complaining

about an aching body or a chronic disease,

they were complaining about many other things first.

It does not matter if the object of your complaint

is about someone you are angry with,

behavior in others that you believe is wrong,

or something wrong with your own physical body.

Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.

It is not attention to lack of wellness that makes you sick.

It is attention to the lack of many things…

- Abraham Hicks 

People create their own diseases

for their own purposes.

RINGING IN EARS represents adjusting frequencies.  Could be from the Earth's vibrations or from other people/places.

MOUTH, TEETH, JAW OR THROAT (especially the thyroid) represents not speaking their truth.  They are holding back for some reason, and are unable to really express their feelings.

MIGRAINE HEADACHES represent past lives that deal with trauma to the head. Blows to the head from either humans, weapons or animals are usually carryovers to remind the person not to repeat a mistake in this life that may have caused their death in the other lifetime.

JOINT PAIN represents lack of movement, fear of making decisions, not trusting your intuition.

WRIST/HAND PAIN represent holding onto something in their life needing to let go of.

HIPS/LEGS/FEET PAIN represents a situation to go into a different direction in their life.

ARTHRITIS represents a possible past life from being tortured on the rack or by similar contraptions in dungeons in medieval times.  Mankind has a history of doing terrible things to each other, and this is sometimes carried in the body memory.

INTESTINE CANCER represents holding things inside until it causes stress and begins to eat away at the organs because it cannot be released.


BREAST CANCER represents nurturing.  The left side of the body means it related to something from the past.

SEXUAL FEMALE ORGAN PROBLEMS represent a pattern of living several lives as priests and nuns who had to be celibate.  This caused the suppression (repression) of sexual feelings and activities.

SEXUAL DISEASES / herpes/hysterectomy/cysts on ovaries/prostate problems, etc. represent sexual misbehavior or mistreatment of the opposite sex in other lives.  These can also be a method of keeping the opposite sex away in this life, or be self-prescribed as punishment.

DEPRESSION represents when your soul has lowered its vibration below that of your body, and so you feel quite blue or moody.  Your moments of elevation are oftentimes when your soul is vibrating at a frequency higher than your body.

EPILEPSY represents the inability to process or deal with a high level of energy present in the body.

AIDS represents the people who volunteered to come back and experience AIDS, had agreed to come as a group to teach judgment.  These people who contracted this disease were not victims. They were some of the advanced souls who had experienced most of the other life lessons, and had volunteered to come en masse to teach tolerance and lack of prejudice and judgment at this time in our world.

MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES represents when a personality is not healthy, then these facets are out of sync, or are not communicating with themselves.  These multiple personalities are caused by spirits who have a particular heavy load of negative karma. And in the process of trying to deny this to themselves, they split themselves up into what appears to be separate entities, but actually it's different branches of the same entity. It's like having a flower with many petals. These multiple personality spirits appear to be separate entities because you're only seeing the part that appears separate. But at the base, at the core of the spirit they all connect together into one spirit. And they're trying to deny this to themselves, and are wanting to escape from their current cycle of karma. So they keep striking out in all directions. And these different directions that the spirit strikes out, appears as different personalities within the body that the spirit is occupying.


TWINS represents two spirits that are closely related to each other karmically because they're working something out together, like husband and wife, other siblings or close relationships. However, in the case of identical twins, due to the resonance between the two bodies, they tend to have extra psychic abilities.

SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME represents when the spirit is on one of its excursions to the spirit realm, and decides (for whatever reason) not to return to the body. Maybe it decided that the circumstances it was born into were not conducive with working out experiences in this lifetime, and that another body in another environment might be more conducive.  The spirit must return to the body within a certain specified length of time or the body will expire. It cannot exist without the spirit (or spark of life) dwelling inside of it. Also, it is a well known fact that old people sleep more, especially if they are ill or incapacitated. They are also making journeys to the spirit realm to converse with their guides and masters, and preparing for their transition. When the spirit considers everything is ready, it decides to remain there.


GRIEVING only holds the departed soul back, keeping it from going on to where it is supposed to go. When we grieve it is a selfish act, because we are only grieving for ourselves, for how our loss is affecting us. It does not affect our lost loved ones in the same way. They lived their life, they found a way to exit because it was time. They must now continue on their own path. They are more than happy to return “home”.



As you know, when groups of people are involved in mass events, they have all chosen to participate in the mass event. And they have chosen that particular event for their own purposes, most generally as an example, a lesson of some sort to the remainder of the individuals in that vicinity.

I have found that every physical symptom, disease or malady is a message from the subconscious. It is trying desperately to get our attention in one way or another. It is trying to tell us something, and will persist until we finally understand. My technique allows access to that part of their mind that can find the cause of their problems. The subconscious can be very literal in the physical symptoms it uses to deliver its messages. If more people became aware of this they would listen more closely to what their body is trying to tell them.
— Dolores Cannon

Chronic attention to unwanted things holds you in a place of disallowing your physical well-being, as well as disallowing the solutions to other things you are focused upon.  If you would focus your attention upon the experience of physical well-being as much as you focus upon the absence of it, not only would your recovery come quickly, but maintaining your physical well-being and balance would also be easy.

- Abraham Hicks

deja vu experiences can be an unconscious reminder of a past life.


There are more souls waiting in line for handicapped bodies than normal ones.

This is easy to understand from the spirit viewpoint.

The plan for reincarnating on Earth is to repay as much karma in one lifetime as possible, to avoid having to return again and again.


More karma can be repaid through a handicapped body.

The soul is learning great lessons, and also the caretakers (parents, etc.)

And these people have agreed before coming into this lifetime that they

will take care of the individual and help them as much as possible.

Everything in life is about lessons, although some are more difficult than others.


Also, what lessons are being learned by

everyone who sees the handicapped person?

How does the observer react?

The handicapped are teaching everyone they come in contact with.

Thus they are not to be pitied or shunned.

They are to be accepted and admired for choosing a difficult path in this lifetime.


People who are Adopted know this is going to happen.  It is all planned, and from the other side the arrangements are made between the biological parents as well as the adopting ones.

The biological parents have agreed to give the genes that design the physical body, and they learn a lesson by giving the baby away.  The adopting parents have agreed to raise the baby in the environment it decided it wanted, in order to learn the lessons it desires in this life.

Yet plans are not set in stone.

groupMatthew Butler .gif

Earth is a group consciousness.


Once the power of our mind is

organized and focused (especially in groups)

there is nothing we cannot do.

Miracles then become possible.

We need to recognize and contact that creator being that dwells within.

It is time to stop punishing yourself,

and start living.


Remember life is just a play, a game, an illusion.

When we're involved in it it seems so real, but we are only wearing a costume, a suit of clothes, to play that certain part.

You are the producer, director, actor and script writer of your own drama.

And because the script is being written as the play proceeds

it can be rewritten and changed at any time.

You have complete control of what happens in your life, once you realize this.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show

Each time you have a conscious thought of raising your vibration, that thought has power & force & clarity.

You have zeroed in on what it is

that you wish to accomplish.

We came here to experience something that we thought would be new and exciting.


Then, life took over and we became trapped in the body, and were made through the law of karma and balance to keep returning.

The first steps to release the soul so it can return to the Source, is the understanding of why the soul came here in the first place, and to release those ties.

Much of this can be done through repaying old karma, and trying not to create any more.

With understanding, comes release.