The multi-dimensional human

Lisa Transcendence Brown + Todd Medina

We are here to assist

in the awakening of humanity into multi-dimensionality.  

Multi-dimensionality doesn’t fit into the “box” of reality.

We have to transform and shift our entire reality from a linear to a quantum one.  



We are in a massive collective shift.  The battle of dark and light is inside of us.

It’s only happening outside of us because it is a materialization (how physical matter comes into form) of the collective consciousness.

When we first start ascending the physical, first we have to send our consciousness and then our body.

We have to become one with our aspects through the physical body ascension, which means becoming Source/God.

Which all happens within.

The deeper we go inside, the further your consciousness can expand.

The immensity of our physical body and reality has to transcend as well. 


It’s an evolution of our DNA on an atomic, molecular and cellular level. 

DNA is alive and connected. 

When you are that connected (WHOLE) within yourself, the zero point, the unified field of consciousness; it becomes an interactive, beautiful experience.

On a human level we can’t experience this because of old belief systems and programming.  which we need to re-program. 

None of us really knew how deep our EGO went, but it went deep into our bones, tissue, and blood…



Our new reality is Quantum. 

Not linear.  As we embody our entire soul and entire aspect of our dimensional selves, everything changes. 

The language of our soul is Quantum. 

It’s all in geometrics, equations, and mathematics etc.

If we are unconscious, everyone engaging with you is having an unconscious reality.   If you use old words that use lack of love, lack of integrity, lack of power, then we create that in our physical reality. 

Let go of the old words that create judgement. 

We have to change every word that lends to an old belief or mentality. 

When you start using limiting words it becomes a reality. 

Every time.

Pay attention to your vibration and energy. 

On a human level we couldn’t stay that conscious. 

There are levels to awakening that we have to go through.  



Our soul is our energy body, regenerative body, photonics light body, quantum body.  When we wake up we don’t know how to function as an energy form, we override it and make it very hard as “it doesn’t fit in our schedule.”

We have to learn how to let those things go, ex: Our human wants…

we need to surrender to a process. 

Understand, our ego is unconscious programming.  

We have been doing this for all of our existences that have collapsed into this one right NOW.  There are all simultaneous existing and you can shift in between them and move. 

There are no more past lives.

Re-identify everything in what you believe. 

Every physical thing that occurs in your body is light trying to activate.  Physical pain, numbness…

it’s electrical.

It’s through the love you have within yourself.

It’s about purity and becoming that love energy that you transmit 24/7 with all that you breathe.


It takes a lot of work because we have to come to that place inside.

It’s basically hearing and understanding your subconscious. 

Your inner narcissist is your ego.

There’s a lot of that going on in the world, the inner greed, selfishness…

the energy body (soul) inside yourself is trying to speak to you. 

Your light body, soul body, energy body - all the same.  It’s all inside.

When you live from the pure soul level, there’s no ego.  


Your energy body and physical body will say your tired, but your human body will say no, “I have stuff to do.”

If you cry, or have an emotion of some sort, ex: anger (collective conscious) it’s a cellular cleansing. 

All of these emotions have been suppressed in the body which anchored it into the 3rd-4th dimensional realms. 

Now we can leave it.

But you have to bring your body into that vibration of the highest vibration.

We didn’t understand the body’s vibration was so low. 

But when we raise our vibration into the 5th dimension, it turns energetic and holographic from the zero point field, the unified field of love.


It’s clearing all the distortions from all of our existences, human, reptilian, atlantean, and the misuse of power. 

We are the ones that created the separation.

When you step into the creator, God/Christ aspects and look at the physical reality, you can understand how everything came to be.

It’s important to understand that and function from this moment right here, NOW. 

because there is no memory.




Listen to your body, don’t judge it or suppress it.  Allow and surrender to the experience.  It’s energy.  

The lower vibration of consciousness that was trapped into our body needs a cellular release so your body can vibrate at a lighter density/frequency.  

So the light of your soul can integrate into your body and not float outside in your field.  There’s levels of consciousness and we occupy different levels.

All the dimensions exist. 

We have to go inside to access them. 

If you don’t go inside, you are avoiding something uncomfortable.  

Anchor multidimensional new earth from within your physical body.  


The muscles in your body represent the grid work of the Earth you walk on. 

If they are tense it locks you into the 3D Earth.

4D is duality and you're playing it all out.

Learning the difference from the unconscious aspect and the conscious one.

Your higher/lower self ego/soul.  

In the 5th dimension, you become your soul.

Your light body activates and regenerates your physical body and you de-age.

Your body vibrates at the 5th dimension.



other dimensions of consciousness

13th christ consciousness, 15th god consciousness, 16th galactic consciousness, 20+ cosmic consciousness


All the veils are inside your body,

in the mind.

We need to sleep and rest if we are playing in the programming. 

When we sleep the body has DNA recoding, repatterining….so it’s important to relax.

Every part of the body represents the Earth you walk on.  

Those of us who have transcended old earth from within, we walk on new earth.

It’s everyday life.

We don’t play in the old stuff anymore.  The New Earth is the only reality we allow. 

Re-educate everyone from a place of love.

Assist every person you engage with and give them a hug and support them in any capacity that is appropriate for them.  

But do not support the old. 

Do not enable another to be a victim anymore.  


We have to bring the physical body into the higher dimensional realms. 

You have to expand your consciousness and hold it. 

Which is hard in the physical reality, especially in the beginning. 

You start to live in a magical world and call forth the things you need so you can be of service. 

Say OK Universe,

bring it now,

I am ready.

The physical body is the ascension vehicle that links to your merkaba and when you physically ascend the merkaba collapses and becomes a stargate system. 

it has to evolve from the carbon based human body. 

The atomic codes that are coming in are hitting every carbon system of the planet.  


It will be intense for anybody who really isn’t human and isn’t ready to open their heart and come together to form unity consciousness. 

Everything that is not aligned with that will collapse and dissolve.  

Our bodies are evolving from carbon to crystalline. 

Our light body operates in gamma frequency.  You have to achieve the gamma frequency with your whole body.  It stimulates everything and vibrates everything.  Sometimes it feels like a stroke. 

The tingling, electricity, numbness, that’s the light body waking up.  Not one part of this is going to fit in with the linear part of reality.  The light body re-calibrates and re-codes the entire physical body. 

You can’t fix light. 

In the 5th dimension - there’s no sickness.  

Your light body repairs the physical body.  It links you to the 5th dimension and way above.

The human body is carbon based which can’t aligne to photonic light which is quantum.  It’s vibrational, energetic.  When the body is saying I need certain things and you resist, the body will shut down. 

The vibration of the Earth/atmosphere

is now off the charts.

The physical body has to be brought into higher

dimensions and so we need to listen and support the body in whatever it tells us to do.

A lot of people aren’t conscious of what their body is transmitting.

You have to be fully conscious to be aligned to your light.  




The ego is the human aspect and linear. 

When you transcend to your divine essence/soul you become the purest state in the core of your being. 

But youu have to go deep within yourself. 

The shadow work is everything that is your ego that’s not aligned on a soul level.  It’s unconscious programming.  

This work is learning to and clearing that stuff inside of us in a cellular level.  If you have the tools it becomes easier.

The easy way is to surrender and tune completely in and open your heart completely.  Release the resistance inside of us to change, the fear of the unknown.  

The unknown is home.

Go deeper through the fear and go through it all. 

Your body will activate in photonic light and then it will activate the soul.

When you become ok with magic, the unknown and everything we can’t control, you become excited

and then you transform fear to excitement.

It transforms those limits of control into allowing.


The human aspect tries to save, resist, fix and that’s an old matrix program. 

We must transcend that programming.

Everyone has a matrix program that links up to the collective matrix’s.  

New Earth is a matrix as well but it’s a plasma grid, christ matrix.  

Which is different from a crystalline grid.  When you activate inside your body, you can connect to the entire universe.  

When you expand your consciousness from the inside out, you become the whole field of super consciousness.  You expand your energy field.  

When you can maintain everything apart of you from the inside and the physical world and the vibrations and the tones/energy when everything is in the present; you can tune your entire reality to a much higher dimension.

When you receive and wake up, your DNA changes. 

You're reversing everything so you can be aligned with your soul.

We have to integrate our light so we can activate. 

Or else our bodies will shut down and die.  


When we have those needs to control, our whole reality will collapse. 

Trauma opens the heart. 

When you wake up and the heavy stuff comes up (dark night of the ego) you change.  All these vibrational frequencies and information creates a high and you float off light.  Then you start to embody your higher self aspects. 

Living quantum realities and working with the energy body.  Then you become of service because you clear your "lack of" programming.  We ascend our consciousness, but you also need to ascend your physical body.

Humans’ have no clue about other realities. 

But they exist and are physical. 

We become self sustaining with plasma which feels like an aquatic realm. 



When you birth new realities your body blows up like your pregnant (woman and men). 

Souls are not male or female.

When you look at each other we are just a soul.  A divine being.  


Our work is to recognize the human (ego) and deal with that aspect and bring it back into consciousness. 

Human means, your heart is closed. 

When your heart is open, your soul gets to come through.  You get to act through the universal laws, light code.  

The difference is that we understand, to the deepest, purest place inside of you; your ego doesn’t work. 

If you can occupy that in your life, you need to let the judgement, guilt, blame, finger pointing…let it all go. 

Humans hold onto it and it becomes a reality.


Each person, does their journey according to their choice before reincarnating here. 

Everything, everybody experiences is their own choice on a soul level.  

Most people haven’t connected on a soul level, so they think about it differently. 

But when you connect to your soul in a deep level, all the understanding comes through.

The human part of us will not like it but we need to work through it, to let go. 

You have to transcend everything and wake up. 


Those who chose the harshest and most extreme, had less physical incarnations. 

They experienced it all, in one life.  

Then something will come along and cause your heart to open up. 

Then, there are phases of gathering all the things that would make me happy, focusing on the external realities, gaining and achieving all the identities that make you who you are, but that’s the chosen human experience/experiment.

There are different words for Galactics. 

Experiment, Mission, Soul Purposes. 

Which are; human roles.

When our heart opens and we start to feel, it becomes too much. 

We move from not feeling, to feeling too much

Because our energy body wakes up and it becomes overwhelming.


We have never dealt with those things.  We packed it all in and our body became too dense.  

Most of us have immense fear, immense anger which is buried deep inside. 

It was the lack of love and respect of self. 

Most of these people you meet, are powerful, strongest, survivor, kind…not a bad person, it just means your deep asleep.  Your bodies are unconscious. 

Our bodies have to wake up.

There’s a lot of people running around embody this and that - that tells you the ego is there. 

The human ego has heard the words but hasn’t embodied.  There’s still something off. 

We technically all have an ascending aspect.  We all have ascended aspects.

When we embody, we live the entire life a certain way.

Embodiment means, every cell of your body aligns with that frequency of self.

There’s a lot of "embodiers" that aren’t embodied because they don’t understand.


We have to practice living our life with a higher vibration. 

It’s apart of the initiation gateway.  Sometimes it takes years to embody your higher self.  The purity of the depth of our being of the galactic soul is pure divine love.  NO EGO. 

We all have an ascended aspect of ourselves but not all of us lives this way.  

As a Christed being, plasma, galactic…it’s holding that level of consciousness in every aspect of life.  

In everything that we do and how you show up in the world. 

It’s how you treat each other and how you truly care.

It’s not out of pity, (identification of ego) it’s out of love.  


When we are healing, we are becoming whole, on a soul level. 

There is a point where we have to be open to healing on a human level. 

It’s opening up to receive.  As humans we couldn’t receive. 

We couldn’t openly share and come together.  It’s our own separation. 

Stop worrying about the outside world and work on the separation inside of yourself.  

When you go deep inside you become early to everything.  In this moment, it’s the only moment that exists.  Say I - and claim this I AM aspect of yourself.  Which is your higher self aspect. 

When the ego kicks in, the human aspect, the unconscious aspect of fear puts a protection mechanism but now stay in your power and say NO. 

Your power is through your heart.

Your courage is your power.

The ability to chose which earth you want to live on.



How does someone get in touch with your energy body? 

Our linear aspect of ourselves cannot feel the energy body.  It doesn’t allow ourselves to feel. 

But this is a feeling reality. 

We are transcending the human body to a soul, so we can float within the planets and space.  

It is a necessary part of the process. 

We have to let go of everything, surrender to everything our human mind needs to know. 

If you let go and go into the experience, you’ll know.  


Close your eyes go inside and say your ready.

Tune in into your energy body and soul and go deep inside. 

Talk to your universe, higher self and listen to your body.

Connect to your subtle realms. 

Everything is inside…not outside. 

We can see and start to understand everything, hear, see feel. 

Pay attention to the emotion/vibration and you can learn to identify the non-pure aspect of yourself.  Which isn’t aligned with your highest reality.  

You identify what’s going on inside of yourself and assist your body to raise the vibration of the body.  

The body’s vibration dictates the physical reality

you live in, the dimension & Timeline.



You are not limited to your 3-4 dimension.  They’ve collapsed.

Technically everyone has these capabilities.  Those of us who do this work as multi-dimensionals; we have seen these collapse.  

Everyone is running around in their own universe/field of consciousness, playing out their belief systems. 

until they let go.   

On the New Earth there is no lack.

There have been activations of light bodies on earth.  But not everyone can understand it.

They try to suppress it, because they don’t understand it.  

WE have been called forth to activate all the star beings that are here. 

But it’s all inside.

We are the Galactic Councils.

We are here to anchor the highest dimensional realities into this physical reality by activating it in others too.


There are souls and galactics that we need to merge. 

Open you heart and work though everything that isn’t love.  That isn’t complete consideration and respect.  

Look at your physical reality and align it to the highest everything all of the time.  Do not play in the unconscious games…it’s your play. 

This linear Matrix construct - we have to choose to let go of it.  We need to transcend this existence.  If we don’t choose, we experience something that forces us to.

Every moment is a passageway when you wake up. 

When you accomplish holding that in every moment of your life, you become initiated.  The plasma light being happens after you merge the soul and galactic part of yourself.


We have to clear every aspect of your existences and distortions…bi-polarity, multi dimensionality. 

When we feel confused, that clears the distortions that will activate.  

We have all these galactic aspects, Sirian, Liran, Lyran, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Adromedan, etc...each one has a different vibration and energy that’s hidden in our cellular DNA,

Our higher consciousness DNA. 

All aspects of our soul.  Which is apart of our OVERSOUL.  Which is the entire nomad…avatar consciousness.  


When you play all these roles, eventually they merge into one, and are all of those aspects all of the time. 

You carry the divine presence of all of them.  Once you embody your soul, light body - your understanding will come through. 

The intellect of the human is pure ignorance on a soul level. 

It's The opposite here. 

It’s inner fears.  Cosmic intellect, consciousness, intellect is universal.

it’s the God particle spread throughout your entire body.  take full responsibility for every breath and every reality. 

Take your power back.  Speak your truth. Express yourself. 

Ascension is freedom.  

When you go through that light inside of yourself it’s liberating. 

It’s exciting and beautiful.  

Higher consciousness is the highest form,

and the purest form of love.  


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