• Lisa Transcendence Brown + Todd Medina •

We are here to assist in the awakening of humanity

into multi-dimensionality.  


Your earthly family represents all of the separation to the deepest core of everything.  They will show us everything about ourselves.  Physical family represents deeper soul contracts.  As they evolve through consciousness there’s no dependency, no enabling, no taking up the slack, you hold everyone accountable in a consciousness level.  You have the capability to do this when you open your heart.  There is zero tolerance for unconsciousness in conscious realities.  It doesn’t serve a purpose anymore.  You have to educate through higher consciousness, through love.  Highest consciousness is the highest form, purest form of love.  

You have to allow them the space to have them come into consciousness in their way.  Our relationships can change once we can change.  You don’t leave them, you leave their programming.  There are multiple and infinite dimensions and timelines happening right now.  You are experience the version of them that is relative to the consciousness of you.  When you shift vibrationally in unity the outside world will align for you.