The EVOLUTION & Graduation

• of humanity •


If you cannot connect back to Source, you will miss this birthing.

remember who you are and why you are here


But Many on Earth are addicted to Fear.

This is all they know. 

and it has become their comfort.

There are many types of this fear.

But It is not difficult to release yourself of fear.


Surrender to love


It's that SIMPLE

Open your heart.

Expose yourself.

Embrace your companions.

Expose your weaknesses.

Let go of fear.



face your fearS.

It is a figment of your own creation. 

It will and cannot control you unless you let it.

The greatest fear most humans must face, Is the fear of Love. 

To be noticed.  To be loved.  

We all willingly walk away from it.  We are walking blind. 


Why are we so afraid of love? 

- Betrayal -

We hide ourselves from our closest friends and companions.

we must forgive ourselves and others.


You must surrender to your true self.

Then the Divine Spark inside all of us, can and will awaken you.

Each person has the ability to awaken and commune with their highest self. 

Which is YOU. 


You must surrender all of your fears to do this. 

You must let go of, what you hide. 

Many people here are hiding themselves daily from many aspects of their being. 

They hide their true selves. 


This place is consumed and rampant with fear. 

It is a cancer, a virus.  Remove this from your being. 

If you face it you will evolve.  

It invades, every single cell in this place called Earth. 

It was never meant to evolve this way.  


Many Aeons ago, Earth was created. 

It was an experiment in the evolution of the Divine Spark.  As all experiments go, they evolve. 

It developed it's own way of living, breathing and existing.  Humanity evolved into this. 

Humanity evolved Into FEAR.  


Earth is a living, breathing entity.   

Just like you.

The energy on earth will be allowed to move forward. 

It is time to become more.


The experiment of this place was to see how far away (Dark) from the Divine source (LIGHT),

this spark could survive and still thrive and grow. 

Each one of these sparks have the same potential as any other. 

We are those sparks and we are all The SAME.

There are many influences, nudging humanity and guiding US.

There are beings here NOW, that are dependent on the evolution of the human race.

You do not know this. 

Their survival is dependent on the evolution of all of you, all of us. 

In this place NOW. 

Just as there is another race of beings that are here, nudging each one of us to evolve.  


The Earth has evolved already. 

There's a longer calendar, a clock that's ticking for humanity. 

The Earth will evolve again. 


The question is...can humanity find a way out of the dark, Out of fear, and find this New Earth? 


There is another world waiting for humanity to evolve into a higher stage of awareness. 

The only way to find this New Earth is to find yourself.  

This opportunity is a rare experience in the Universe. 

This does not manifest often. 


But as is the case with most of humanity,

We procrastinate and wait till the very last opportunity. 

There will be a moment in our evolution of consciousness where we will be given an opportunity to evolve. 

It will be very clear. 

You must listen to this message. 

This is why you were brought here.  


This opportunity will not come again for many, many years.

Not until the Age of Aquarius has passed.

and Many of you

will ignore this message.


If you miss it, you will just continue on in this place as you have been. 

We all have a choice.

You will be nudged again

to evolve or not. 


This moment that is coming, many will be afraid. 

You will be afraid and you must surrender this feeling of fear. 

You must look into yourself and stand in the face of fear and connect to Source. 


Meditate NOW, daily. 

Connect with the energy. 

You've felt this energy before. 

You must find it NOW and learn to find it.  NOW. 

Do not wait.  Seek it. 

You know this energy, you can feel it in your spine.  

All of humanity connects to Source everyday. 

You just do not realize it. 

At night, when you sleep your connected.  In the morning when you first awaken, it is there. 

When you make love, it's there.  The moment of orgasm, it's there. 

You must learn to find this energy during your waking hours. 

Commune with it. 

Because at this moment that we are speeding towards, when the veils are lifted,

you will be given the opportunity to surrender to Source.


When the veil is lifted...

all of you will have the power to manifest anything, to go anywhere, in an instant. 

Most of you will fall into your unfulfilled expectations from the physical. 

Most of you will be recreating, manifesting what you've always dreamed of, what you seek daily. 


Most here are wrapped around fear. 

Most human beings seek to be noticed, seek to be loved. 

Seek to be safe from the sensation of judgement. 

Judgement lives the day in our world. 

When you dream at night, you create. 

Each one of you manifest. 

This is what each of us will do when the veil is lifted.

Most of us are children. 

Very few in this reality recall how to communicate, how to connect. 

Most of us walk blind. 


When the veil is lifted

you will have the power to commune with the dead. 

There will be before you, 

Many lost souls. 

They did not transition and you will be frightened. 

Your first inclination will be to wrap yourself in fear.


You will have the ability to manifest anything.


Many will be suicidal to this new ability to manifest. 

That is why NOW, you should be developing your potential to connect and commune to the Divine. 

When the veil is lifted, many human beings will be shouting. 

They will all wait till the last possible moment. 

They will be praying in unison. 

and at that moment, they will find themselves.


There is hope.  Humanity is on the brink.

There is another world.  It depends on you NOW. 

There is a group of beings that are nudging us forward to evolve.

Humanity is meant to evolve.


On this New Earth,

LOVE rules the day


While fear rules this Earth.

If you can make this jump and find this way to evolve, this Earth exists now.  Waiting for you.

On this New Earth, Humanity lives so much differently.   

Your energy comes from the Sun, and the Divine Spark. 

You will not consume food as you do now. 

Life will be much simpler. 

Communication will be instantaneous.

We will glow in our physical body.


The bodies here, are all sick. 

They are all polluted with chemicals. 

It's very sophisticated and a genius invention.

Our bodies were created to house our souls. 

Imagine an intelligent machine. 

A healthy machine. 

But as you can see...

they still thrive and have the potential to connect to Source. 

earth time lapse.gif

On this New Earth, everything is known. 

There is no where to hide your true nature and your true feelings. 

It is a place to strive for. 

It is there, NOW.  It's happened. 

There is an infinite number of potentials. 


where you are now in this dimension/timeline; 

Each of us, with our collective thoughts are creating this space that we are in now. 

It's evolving daily. 

Many of you are aware and can feel it.

But you are still blind in what you need to know

where we are speeding to. 


You must clear the clutter in your heads, because this New Earth that you are here for and seeking...why we are all here and the amount of energy you have put forth to learn,

You are now given the tools to prepare for your potential.

This website has all the tools.

You must learn to commune with your highest self. 

You have done this.  You have. 


But this potential that you are locked into now, has NOT.  

Try to imagine an infinite number of yourselves, you have created many potentials of yourself. 

When you decided to come here and incarnate and learn, you did not just come here and experience one type of experience, you have multitudes of experiences. 

now, You need to find Source.

and the only way to do this, to achieve the union, is to find this energy that is in each one of us. 

This moment is real.  very real.  

It will not wait for you, Many will miss it. 

It is whether or not you can find this New Earth...


Earth will attempt to swipe you away.

 It will not be a very inhabitable environment. 


Our Mother Earth is alive.  She is you. 

She is a living being. 

Would your body not do the same, if it had a virus inside you that was affecting the function, and potential to evolve and grow? 

You would look for a cure, you would eradicate this intrusion. 

this is happening now. 


It's beginning.

Just as humanity is beginning to work against it

- The light &

the dark. 


My gift to you now, is to tell you that this moment is near. 

You can feel it. 

Everyone senses it.

Man is creating this moment. 

It's been described as a thief in the night. 


Think of it as an approaching thunderstorm. 

It's difficult to pinpoint the beginning and the end of the storm. 

Think of a typhoon that is approaching. 

There is always a calm before the storm. 


What will drive this moment that we are all racing towards, is the moment of your greatest fears. 

That is what you have manifested it to be.  

The most frightening experience that you can imagine,

is what will nudge you and drive you deep within yourself. 


That's when you know it's time to evolve...or NOT.

This time is here NOW.

The Multi-dimensional Human

The New Earth