The multi-dimensional human / part II

Lisa Transcendence Brown + Todd Medina

We are here to assist

in the awakening of humanity into multi-dimensionality.  



Years ago, we played in the twin game that triggered ourselves.  which showed you our mirror.  but now this year, we are moving into partnership. 

Standing in your power, contributing, helping with resources, making a difference. 

If you aren’t in that place, then it’s hard to come into New Earth.  

So focus on your vibration and keep it as high as you can. 

Everything that you have desired, will come to you as fast as it can.  

Then Time will fall away. 

Time is energy, it’s a feeling, it speeds up and slows down. 

You move in unison with the perception of time. 

When you move and function in zero point field you have all the time. 

Time falls away.  

If you want to live on New Earth you have to align your life.

Each Being takes complete responsibility for everything

in your life and the energy and programs they are transmitting. 

When you activate the photonics light in your body, you can travel into different dimensions and it might get bizarre. 

It will distort realities and scream at you until you hear it.  It will bug you.  This distortion will show up in your world so you can see it. 

This light makes it audible and you can hear it, see it and feel it. 

The distortions become really loud and they represent unresolved stuff inside of them, where you aren’t standing in your power and not being loving to themselves. 

Most humans don’t understand that your DNA transmits your physical reality that you walk in.

So if you are not connected with your DNA level with your whole body, this will become distorted. 


If you function at a gamma state with your whole body, you know when plasma eruptions start (hear, smell and feel) you become a cosmic portal. 

The whole inside re-works itself.  Weird/bizarre is an understatement. 

Embrace the crazy/weird.  

It’s like walking in a lucid dream and there’s magic.

It becomes fluid and squishy, the ground becomes bizarre, you see particles, the walls bend and breathe…matter moves. 


When the frequencies get really high, the physical reality breaks down. 

You realize how unreal the physical really is. 

It brings the awareness from that point forward and you feel the simulation matrix and holographic universe.  

It’s the evolution of the crystals in the body. 

The pineal gland through our heart opening activates the crystals in our body.  Which create itchiness.  from Star particles…Stardust. 

The whole cosmos is activating in your body. 


Cosmic rays, radiation, it’s what makes us glow. 

it Brings anxiety and then your hair falls out.  It mimics like chemo.  It’s the evolution of the cosmic body, heart, mind…we have to go through the universal version.

The stages/phases of initiations of higher consciousness evolution inside of the body, it then activates the field. 

If we are not conscious and human and not listening, our field will activate for us and it will push our body. 

It’s activating in their field but their body is still stuck in a lower frequency. 

The physical reality is spinning & realigning for them because its reshaping on a molecular level.  


No one is people anymore.

We have to get away from identifying the human form on an individual aspect.

Everyone is walking around in a body that they chose to incarnate to.

Their light body chose this body to awake into.

But they are galactics. 

Everyone that is waiting for the galactics, it’s us, we have to come together and unite. 

Our DNA has to evolve so we can be that aspect.  We don’t know how to live as galactics, or as souls here, because we haven’t accessed that aspect of ourselves until we have. 

The physical body ascension is just the beginning. 

Then it just goes beyond there.



Right now we are trying to achieve the physical body ascension within themselves. 

Then we become the embodiment of all our other selves and fulfilling those roles and anchoring those realities. 

Our DNA has to re-write itself. 

So once we activate the consciousness, then every moment forward the body re-writes it DNA to hold that consciousness in it’s every self.

Our heads are thick…we have to keep saying it in different ways so we can understand. 

We aren’t channelers anymore, in the beginning we were. 

Each person embodies it as they become it fully, in every aspect of their life.  Not just one aspect. 

Everything has to align to this, all aspects of life. 

Money has to align to this or else you’ll have no money. 

Human’s don’t understand the purpose of things. 

Everything serves a higher purpose here. 

So we don’t do without anymore. 

There’s plenty and enough. 

If you want more, get your vibration up by opening up your heart. 

If your heart is closed, you have a low vibration.


unconsciousness = human ego

Your consciousness activates first energetically and then enters the body so it can re-code itself to the new coordinates. 

The body can dial a new code that vibrates at a newer dimensional frequency so it can enter a higher one. 

The body vibrates in and out of dimensions. 

The human ego doesn’t have the capability to tune the entire vibrational frequency and entire consciousness of their entire body to a higher reality. 

It means being in tune in every moment with everything and bringing everything in your reality to the highest vibrational reality their is..in tune with everything.

If someone comes into you reality that is unconscious, it’s because of an unconscious aspect of you. 

It’s our job to bring our realities into consciousness. 

Most people don’t understand that their are reflecting back to you. 


the unified field

If you are conscious, you can also bring them into consciousness too.

If they say no, you have to let them go and move on. 

Look at their heart and decide if they are capable yet and willing to maintain the vibration and higher reality.  

People need to understand that the vibrational reality you experience is dependent on the vibration you hold with your whole body and how vast your field can expand.

This field starts as a bubble and grows into the universe and galaxy.




Your Earthly family represents all of the separation of your soul to the deepest core of everything. 

They will show us everything about ourselves. 

The Physical family represents deeper soul contracts. 

You have to allow them the space to have them come into consciousness in their way.  Our relationships can change once we can change.

You don’t leave them, you leave their programming.


There are multiple and infinite dimensions and timelines happening right now. 

You are experience the version of them that is relative to the consciousness of you. 

When you shift vibrationally in unity, the outside world will align for you.

As they evolve through consciousness

there’s no dependency, no enabling, no taking up the slack, you hold everyone accountable in a consciousness level. 


open your heart

You have the capability to do this, when you open your heart. 

There is zero tolerance for unconsciousness in conscious realities. 

It doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. 

You have to educate through higher consciousness, through love. 


We have to be able on a multidimensionally level, see our stuff and not project it on anyone else and clear it, dissolve it the moment it presents.  

It takes a lot for us to maintain a large field.  everything we touch is effected with our consciousness. 

When people start understanding the vibrational reality you experience, is dependent on the vibration you hold.  in your whole body and how vast your field can/will expand.

When you walk, you are in an energetic field which is your universe. 


When you expand, on a galactic level, on a soul level, you get to dictate your reality.  We are processing data, through an electromagnetic consciousness. 

Most humans aren’t conscious of their field or what other people are transmitting.  There are light codes within the field that we can read and become aware of.  

what’s not out of tune, not out of alignment. 

We need to bring this into consciousness ourselves. 

If each person is doing that, it becomes very easy. 


It’s not our job to figure it out, it’s our job to point out the unconscious behavior.  Focus on creating..

be in the moment, and ask yourself what are you contributing to this Earth. 

In the beginning, the vibration is what’s important. 


It’s the small things, it’s how you touch of the lives of the people you interact with.  Reality...is the one you experience and bring into alignment. 

Reality is your experience, the dimension you are in.  If it is not the utmost highest vibration of purity, love, consideration, etc...it is built on unbalanced energies.  Dimensions are no longer something you go off out in, they are the physical body vibration you function at. 

Dimensions are your experience. 


if your reality isn’t amazing and wonderful, you have to figure it out with something occurring inside of you.  Nothing is personal, no one cares.  Move on. 

Get present in the moment and don’t live in the reality of the past or future.  or else, you’ll be re-creating that constantly as a loop cycle in your reality.

Every moment is creation. 

Talk to yourself and you can talk to yourself back. 

Claim your universe…"it's my universe."  Claim everything! 

You either own it, or it owns you.  Everything is yours.

“universe show me my future” - then you’ll hear your higher self from inside and then pay attention to the energy of it.

Once you physically ascend,

all of it collapses into this momen,t right here and there’s no more separation.

There is no time.


human capacity

Humans, the past is to the left, the future is to the right. 

The present moment is right in front of you. 

When you ascend, time collapses and just goes up. 

When you become your higher self you become the future and you function from that place. 

Everything at that point is a vibration, you tune to that holographic field and where it’s location and you shift your tuning to match that vibration. 

Your physical body doesn’t have the capability yet. 


everything is inside

Your neural pathways have to recalibrate in sleep, inside the body.  

Go deep inside of yourself and connect so you can hear. 

Humans’ fear the emotions, the thoughts, physical pain and death. 

Once you face those fears and get okay with them they dissolve. 

They don’t become real, because you don’t believe in them. 

They are real because you keep recreating them in your reality. 

If you focus on your energy in the highest way in everything, it all changes.


Every time you want a new reality, just relax and go to sleep. 

Your body is clearing all the programming in the way. 

Ask to clear it for your body during sleep. 

Then when you wake up you’ll be in a completely different timeline and reality. 

Claim it and expect it.  Let it go and bring on the awesome. 

What you focus on, becomes your reality. 

The beauty of higher dimensional existence, is that you are always ready.

For anything.

This is how we treat each other and ourselves. 

Respect each other on a soul level.  

do you care enough about each other to open up and give someone a hug and share? 

In this moment, ask yourself "do you feel more human right now?"

If you are...expand your consciousness, elevate your consciousness, elevate your vibration and open your heart more!

If everyone treated each other with respect and integrity and shared everything we had, there would be nothing bad going on. 

They will experience exactly what they need to in order to open your heart enough to get you ready.  Every moment is.  Once you function in this sense of unity, the world never collapses. 

It becomes amazing and awesome. 

Get your reality aligned, every decision you make effects the consciousness of everything.


We are unifying ourselves to uplift and inspire and create and experience more of the higher experiences together. 

When we unify our fields, it’s the most powerful thing their is. 

Once you open your heart, you have to open your mind and unify your higher mind consciousness.  When your higher mind consciousness starts to activate through the heart and lives through the soul, that’s where your knowledge comes from.


You are in that heart space and fully expanded.  you understand everything right then.  Fully present in the moment, engaged, unifying fields of consciousness…

pay attention when someone’s heart closes and their ego comes in - it creates a disruption and then you have to adjust your field.  

But if everyone’s heart is open it’s one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll ever have.  The energy changes. 

It will then transmit different coordinates to carry you to an unconscious dimension so you can recalibrate the field to a higher consciousness dimensional one. 

You can shift right back, if you can realign your consciousness.


Notice the energy of these things.  The ego. 

Right now collectives have awoken to higher consciousness and they are choosing to be the light.  They are choosing to be the light and not hiding. 

You have to stop caring about the old physical world, In order to care on a whole different level. 

Ego, manipulation, narcism will try to come in but when you recognize it you can just say no. 


3-4 dimension has manipulation and narcism involved. 

Point it inside of your body. 

Don’t point the finger outside because the experience in the physical reality is a program inside of your body.  If you don’t like your program go inside and change the program. 

Then your reality will change.

You can choose a much higher dimensional reality/timeline, but you have to expand your consciousness and hold it so the entire physical reality can realign vibrationally to your consciousness. 

If you are walking around and it’s not awesome, go inside and clear it within. 

You can ask the universe to help.  The body, flesh, blood, DNA holds the programming.  It has to be cleared within the bodies template.  The more present and in-tune you are, the more your templates upgrade.


anchor the new earth

As we do this we experience New Earth more and the old dimensions dissolve.  

The more conscious you are, the more your sleep state is your reality. 

The more conscious you are, you can use the sleep state to activate and clear. 

Your sleep state are experiences, because they feel real. 

It then becomes easier in your physical reality. 

There’s nothing going on outside. 

Your physical reality becomes a lot easier.

Timelines and dimensions are all the same thing. 

You are also in a alternate parallel, during your sleep state. 

When you awaken in this fractal aspect of reality, you are continuing that frame of reality.

then you sleep and work through more of it. 

Then in your physical reality, it will appear as symbols, metaphors and make sense of all these things. 

These other frames of reality in the sleep state, helps you collapse those realities into the one you wake up in. 

When you awake you completed that integration process.

We will ascend to become our higher self and float around in the ethers.

when we are in that place, you are not of the Earth. 

They are in their ascended state and it will be awhile, till they come down. 

While you are floating in the ethers, you are pulling your body into another ascended dimension. 

You get to stay there for a little while and then

youR divine masculine will come in and then

you become a service of humanity.

When you function from the unified field of consciousness and love, there’s no time.


we are the bridges of new earth

As we become universes, we become higher selves. 

We become the ones creating that opportunity and we join that with the bridges of new earth. 

We are the network, these galactic souls are the anchor point, with our physical body. 

It takes an immense amount of focus to stabilize these incoming frequencies and function 24 hours a day and hold that higher consciousness, the entire time.

Love is the divine feminine, light is the divine masculine. 

Standing in your power of divinity is pure love. 

From your purest essence of the divine essence of what you are, is pure love. 

Your pure source light, is feminine energy and Light is the divine masculine.


how you embrace the consciousness and apply it to your world...

How you show up in the world... 

You have a physical being and are energy. 

It will create from a purity and stand up and say. "how am I going to make a difference in the world?"

If your not embracing your light and not applying light to how you live your life, you cannot embrace this divine masculine. 

When you are applying creation and purity to everything you do, you are birthing you new reality. 

That’s you anchoring the higher dimensions, your divine child. 

The playful child lives in joy and happiness.  the Three fold flame. 

Activate it within you, it’s apart of your divinity.


You are a seeker until you activate the knowledge you hold in your encoded DNA.  When you embody your ascended aspect, you aren’t seeking.  you are here to be it.  

The Earth itself is awakening. 

We live on a multi dimensional Earth, not one version of Earth. 

Every reality is available in the space you occupy. 

Old Earth is collapsing. 

Old Earth is re-structuring on a molecular level, because the grids that hold reality in place are energetic. 

It used to be lay lines and grid work but now all those are gone. 

Earth is restructuring, to a vibrational existence. 

Anything that needs to shift and move, will shift and move. 

Those vibrational realities have to be completely restructured.

A cosmic shit storm is about to hit.  Cosmic unravels everything.


There’s a lot of people that disconnect from their consciousness and get so caught up in the rest of the world.  there’s no connection or clue in their current reality and their immediate community. 

They disconnect themselves from their surroundings.  which means their whole reality is going to collapse. 

You have to be present in your own reality. 

what People don’t understand, is that this is how we treat each other, in our own physical reality. 

The internet is an ability to reach people through love.  

You can watch the entire collective and observe mentalities and

do something that will assist that mentality when they are ready. 

The human aspect doesn’t want to do the research. 

You are researching to expand your mind to comprehend and connect the dots to become quantum not linear. 


Human’s are lazy and think they are magically going to appear on new earth. 

You have to do the inner work. 

When you become so conscious within yourself, you're no longer doing the inner work.  you show up and do the work in the physical, that’s going to make a difference for humanity. 

It’s a proving process and integrity process, that you care. 

Proving that you care. 

You have to be real.  


on december 2015

the Earth’s grid work collapse and the galactic grid dissolved. 

Everyone became their own universe now. 

Everyone is playing their role in their own play. 

The grid work on new earth is based on energy. 

It’s built on energy of love and integrity to our soul level. 

Nothing physical. 

Consideration, caring, looking out for each other, stepping into our roles, making a difference, synchronizing, unity - this is what new earth is built on.  


our role is to be love

Connect to each soul and bling and obliterate the light to people you care about.  The more consciousness you have you stop thinking and allowing and you start being.  Zero point brings all thoughts to a halt and go deeper inside and let it all fall away.  

There’s a lot going that's going to blow their minds. 

To open the neural pathways.  Diamond light code consciousness and the pineal gland will become a crystal.  You’ll see it in a fractal and see everything. 

As your pineal gland and diamond light code consciousness evolves you gain the ability to see everything on a quantum level and see the realities all at the same time from a bigger picture.  We function from the bigger picture and every moment is to anchor it.  

We came here to bring each other into full consciousness.  


live in love

We can do these amazing things because we live in love. 

We can pull the cancer out of their body because it’s all energetic. 

If the person is holding on to all those emotions, mentalities and stories then there basically fighting to hold onto the old realities and it keeps the body anchored there. 

Where it can’t thrive and survive.  

Our belief system is a soul’s choice.

Not one person is experience anything that was forced upon them. 

Now everyone, is being woken up to choose.  

The pineal gland and open heart gives you the capability to see everything holographically and see the construct of every reality and the vibration of how everything comes to be. 


pure source creator role

So you can step into the pure Source creator role so you can restructure your entire reality. 

You re-code your entire reality. 

It’s through your higher consciousness DNA all of you abilities and gifts and your knowledge, your cosmic intellect comes through and activated and encoded higher consciousness DNA.  

Our human doesn’t understand, when our DNA starts breaking down on a cellular level to reconstruct itself the body goes hay wire.  But it’s supposed to. 

Time is a vibration and so if you elevate your consciousness you transcend all concepts of time. 

You don’t even know what year or month it is. 

All of those realities occur vibrationally for each person once they reach that vibration. 


It’s a vibration

that you hold. 

You have to vibrate onto New Earth, you have to birth new earth from within you. 

It’s your deeply connected state with Gaia and the universe. 

Where you live, everything has to be brought into the highest state of consciousness.  

Your surroundings lend to your ability to maintain a consciousness or

you have to become more conscious than your surroundings. 

But it takes a toll on your light body and body. 

Each one of us basically has the tools, plants and crystals to raise the vibration of your space. 

Stop bringing unconscious people in your world and ask the universe to bring you more conscious people.  


feminine/mascule energies

Feminine energy can meditate.  Masculine energy doesn’t meditate well it has to sleep. 

Masculine represents linear and Feminine represents heart opening and softer energy. 

Zero point, is to bring your full consciousness into the present moment and to connect deep inside of yourself and let everything fall away. 

To basically tune your vibration to a field of consciousness and be so connected with all of you, that in this moment the only thing you have is what you are creating within you. 

Your body becomes a computer processor and movse into this space of allowing and inner connectedness, so the human mind is not in control. 

When you pull your consciousness into the present moment, it allows you to connect to zero point. 

it’s from inside of you.

Focus your energy on new, on creating the higher dimensional consciousness. 

When you want to be alone, that’s the time when your soul is coming through.  Which will then help clear your field. 

Do whatever it takes to elevate your consciousness and open your heart to get you happy. 

Stop feeling guilty and judging and choose you.


Nobody will understand you for awhile.  You are from the future. 

It’s all about purpose. 

Get people to open up and share.  In unity consciousness you share.  The more you share the more you receive. 

That’s where generosity comes from. 

Share 24 hours a day. 

It’s your access and you have to prove yourself on a purity level. 

On a soul level within yourself, You get access to all the answers, all the knowledge again. 

It’s a proving process, it's a disillusion of your own ego.  



Each one of us is here to master the physical reality.

It’s your reality, how do you bring more love into your reality. 

How do you speak as light, as love.

How to connect to each other.

You will have to go through this until you can function as their highest dimensional aspect of themselves with each other.

Always point them inside.  

Higher consciousness is the highest form,

and the purest form of love.  


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