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There is a lot of controversy and misunderstanding about the twin flame concept

Some people confuse it with love at first sight, searching for a fairy-tale relationship with hopes of living

happily ever after. It’s no wonder they seek someone else to fill a void that can only be filled from within! 


Expanding your twin-flame wisdom, will help break energetic barriers that are blocking you from moving forward in life and in your twin-flame union. Your karmic past no longer has to keep you stuck in life or in any of your relationships. By identifying why you are being called to connect with your twin flame, you will come into alignment with your own personal peace and gain the desire to honor your twin flame agreement – rather than running from it. 

The term “twin flame” refers to an “individual” twin soul seeking “self-transformation” along one’s “personal path” in attempt to learn one’s “own” life lessons so that one can master one’s “own” portion of a joint mission – a contract that you make with your other half at the time of inception, creating the power of two that is greater than one. 

Upon incarnation of souls, an energetic spark splits into two complete, whole and individual souls. Throughout each twin soul’s evolutionary journey, they parallel, creating a mirrored reflection for each other – forcing the other to see what it is they each need to work on within themselves. After mastering their agreed-upon lessons they join together, sharing their lessons, and then reunite for eternity. 

Whether you have a twin flame incarnated during this lifetime or not, this message will provide an understanding that will enhance your personal relationship with yourself, thus creating more self-love. 


Twin flames have chosen

to become the facilitators of what man knows today as the second coming of Christ.

They have been appointed the same burdens of poverty, struggles, bondages, pain and suffering and have made the same self-sacrifices that Christ chose to take on by cleansing the sins of the world. 

Twin flames bear

the same burdens represented by the crown of thorns.

It is this same act of unconditional love that will raise the energetic vibration of our planet so that together we can restore heaven on earth – returning to an unconditional love vibration that will produce inner peace and happiness for all mankind. 

Part I Twin Flames & Karmic Soulmates

I talk to Dr. Harmony, the Twin Flame Expert about her mission and how her last 4 years shifted to taking action toward being a spiritual advisor and coach rather than a chiropractor.  During that time she awakened to her twin which created a shift in consciousness and expansion.  She talks about this experience and how the universe calls you to shift or be shifted.  You either get to choose to let go of certain things to get you in that alignment or things will happen to force you toward that alignment.  When she let go, everything changed and expanded and she was home.  

She talks about her 20 years of experience and how everyone is being affected at this time.  We are alchemical templates which is very energetically connected, between us and our twin.  She talks about her “Dark Night of the Soul” and how 2012 was the end of the old patterns of masculine energy to the new age of feminine energy.  She clarifies the difference between a “karmic” soulmate, twin flame and soulmate.  

A Twin Flame is your other energetic half of your soul template and soul signature/heart vibration.  She also talks about the Twin Flame journey in order to reach the highest evolutionary mastery of ourselves.  Our soulmates and soul family are the ones we spend most of our lifetimes with to help us purge the deepest aspects of our being in order to connect to our Twin Flames.  She also talks about Twin Flame facilitators that help us to keep our evolution going.

The twins have signed up to come into this timeline to come change history as Dolores Cannon talks about in these “Three Waves of Volunteers.”  

The Twin Flame journey is hard but if we allow it to happen and move through the struggle and connect to our highest divine partner, we can overcome the challenges and blocks and release the old belief systems in order re-template the twin flame system and create heaven on earth.

Part II Her Twin Flame Story & Book Twin Flame Code Breaker

Dr. Harmony, the Twin Flame Expert, talks about how she met her Twin and her own Twin Flame Journey.  He challenged her to work on herself and her own belief systems of what she was capable of.  She also helped him heal some of his energetic karma and unconsciously they created this “blueprint” to help other twin flames to follow, which also activated her spiritual gifts and skills.  From there it just continued to evolve and then created her book, Twin Flame Code Breaker 11:11 Key Codes.  The Secret to unlocking unconditional love & finding your way home.  

Her book is about finding inner peace and happiness which is Heaven on Earth, which is finding yourself and unconditional love.  She talks about her experience channelling the book and at the same time creating her own voice from a logic mind to a heart language. 

We are all twin souls.  When we reincarnate from a ray, that energy is a spectrum of a rainbow that we emit that we come from that ranges from blue (lowest vibration) to violet (highest vibration).  When we incarnate we come from a different ray each time.  Each ray carries missions, virtues, lessons and connections to certain guides and angels to those rays.  The more you can understand those rays, the more you can understand your mission.  You then create an evolutionary contract to take certain portions to weave in and out of those lives to share and gather knowledge and wisdom because the power of 2 is greater than 1.  

You are corded with your twin through a golden thread and always connected, there is no separation.  When you come in, you merge your chakras which creates an ionic attachment that automatically creates a bond and activates to wake up, align, connect and clear out karma.  It has it’s own agenda.  When the two souls come together they create a spark and when the exact neutrality between the culmination of the masculine and feminine energy sparks and creates a flame. 

Part III The Twin Flame Journey From Atlantis & Lemuria to Now

I talk to Dr. Harmony about the Twin Flame journey and how we have to look at ourselves in the mirror of our Twin Flame.  All these relationships are actually things that happen for you, rather than to you.  Once you build that awareness and take responsibility in your life, the merge begins to happen.  She talks about the times during Atlantis (masculine/destruction) and Lemuria (feminine/internal destruction) where Twin Flames were united.  During the fall of Atlantis, this created the destruction and separation of our higher selves and twin flames.  All these triggers between our soul mates and our twins are triggering to purify all the way back to the beginning of time.  So this is much deeper than this reality which is why it is so painful.

When we heal and restore the balance of energies within ourselves, (the masculine and the feminine) it will create the return and restoration of Avalon.  When we restore the collective sparks of every ascension ray, we will create oneness and diamond light.  She also talks about the pain that we are experience, which creates the radiant heart and compassion.  Which is the highest form of unconditional love.  We also talk about the physical chemistry of relationships, which is actually an addiction.  This high and low of love and hate relationships create a real adrenaline endorphin like surge, which is like heroin. 

She also talks about how the Twin Flame relationships range from parents, siblings, friends, and people who have passed onto the other side.  But it all depends on what you signed up for on your own journey and mission.  But at the end of the day it’s about personal transformation and mastery.  When all the work is done, that’s when you come into the alignment, your twin flame can become like your soul mate and you harmonize as the one.  That is the ultimate relationship.  She also talks about the runner, chaser concept but calls it push/pull karmic purge.  Dr Harmony talks about the twin flame relationship from an energetic way and how it’s all about meeting at this harmonizing place.  

Part IV How to Find Your Twin Flame

We talk about our soul family/soulmates and how those relationships feels deeper and more painful than the twin flame journey sometimes because we’ve spent more lives with them on the same plane.  She also talks about the difference between the "love at first sight" chemical attraction of soul mates and the magnetic/vibratory connection of your twin flame.  She explains why our twin flames came in waves energetically and how the love vibration of unconditional love creates the unified field in the collective pool of energy.  

Dr Harmony teaches people how to start a relationship that starts with them.  She talks about all the blocks that we must go through in order to find our twin flame.  She has a 3 step process of releasing their past, raising their energetic vibration and reclaiming their life from a higher state of being in harmony with themselves and balancing their own energy.  She calls it a template of rebooting your soul blueprint.  She helps people to take accountability in order to find themselves to recreate “you" through energy reading, healing, channeling and more.  With her 20 years of experience in energy techniques, she has a formula and wisdom/guidance to help people find their twin flames.

If you have the intention that you want them out of despair and fulfil you/complete you, they will stay in separation because they will hold you to your agreement of finding yourself.  But if the intention is unconditional love and releasing them and trusting the process, that’s what brings them back.  On an energetic level you have to be in alignment with that energy.  We also talk about what happens when we meet our twin flame and how we have to trust this journey and know unconditionally, that you will be together in this process.  This is why I feel Dr. Harmony’s work is so important as she’s paving the way for others to follow and take her hand in order to find our other halves.  Can we trust ourselves to this process and let go?

Part V My Session with Dr Harmony & My Twin Flame Reading

I have a session and Twin Flame Reading with Dr Harmony and we discuss our connection and my beloved (Twin Flame) so others can see and experience her powerful work and see an example of my own Twin Flame journey.  

I’ve been searching for my twin flame for lifetimes and have surrendered to this process in order to heal and do the work to forgive myself and have come out on the other side a new man.  

I chose to share this reading because this is the time where twin flames come together and to show how powerful Dr Harmony’s work is.  This reading has profoundly changed my life and connection to my Twin Flame relationship and my evolution in this rebirth/ascension process.  


Debbie Solaris accesses my Atlantis Akashic Records and I discover where the separation of my Twin Flame Journey began and where we are headed.  I’ve been searching for my twin flame for lifetimes and have surrendered to this process in order to heal and do the work to forgive myself and have come out on the other side with my Twin Flame.  By both forgiving, we have merged in deep peace and love.

This journey is about forgiveness and healing.  Surrendering to the process so we can balance our own energy and have the life that we should have had in Atlantis. 

Which is a happy, long lasting romantic relationship and a happy ending.





We are creating a feature length film, to help others find and connect to their twin flame.

Coming together as a collective will raise the energetic vibration of the planet.

As twin flames move into reunion, this energy will continue to magnify, sending the higher vibrational love signals back to the Universe.

Spirit has a mission of speeding up your twin-flame agreement. Why? Because as a unified twin-flame group – the mission of all twin flames must be fulfilled – it is necessary in order to balance unconditional love throughout the world.