To be able to control these evil angels AKA;

Jinns/souls = you

more efficiently; so to be able to discipline and teach you to be good; God decided to create human + animals, that would blend in with the rest of nature. 

These creatures would be living animals, breathing air and having the same body-functions as the others.

They would also have to have the same selfish animal-instincts.


So God created Adam (Man); then created Eve (Woman) from Adam’s rib, making her flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone; and He gave the simple story to Moses in Genesis, and later to Mohammed, in the Koran. 

Once the human-animals had been created, God breathed life into them.

Lucifer and his angels (You) were then given a CHOICE, and had to decide,

whether or not to submit to human limitations and being reprogrammed to be good, little by little, over many human lifetimes and thousands of Earth years, or to sit and wait for “The Fire” to destroy you. 

All the evil angels/Jinns (You),

except Lucifer (Iblis) himself, CHOSE to submit to being locked

inside of Adams and Eves, making human+beings.


The two animals that evil angels/Jinn's

love to show up are

Snakes and Dogs.

The other type of Jinn's appear as

disbelievers, oppressors, transgressors, and criminals with ranks depending on their power and strengths.  at times have an ugly and unpleasant demeanor in appearance. - SOURCE



The reason that Lucifer/SATAN,

is so powerful is because he refused to submit to human limitations and be locked inside of a human-animal to learn to be good. 

so he KEPT his memory and super-human powers.

He refused, because of his incredible arrogance, which was what caused him to be banished from heaven, along with you, in the first-place, Satan (Iblis) asked God to reprieve him, until the Last-Day, and The Lord granted his wish. 

so that He could “use” Satan, to tempt the human+beings (You).


Satan swore to attack you all, by seduction, lies, etc.,

from in front and from behind, and from your left and from your right and from inside (the enemy-within), because he considers all of you to be traitors to him, for blaming him, and having submitted to human limitations, and trying to learn to be good.

That is why he is now YOUR enemy


If you follow him, he will reward you with the only thing that he has to offer - i.e. worldly material treasures, that you can not keep, and animal pleasures of the flesh.

If you do follow him, it will be into “The Fire” - execution.

If you strive to be good, Satan will attack you, from every direction, to try to pull you back into his control, because, when you do good in the world, you become a threat to him.

THAT is when you NEED 100% faith, and with that faith,

God’s protection from evil.


if only, you don't LET Satan deceive you.

you could win by trusting in God and by wearing His armOr.

Whenever you let Satan deceive you into thinking that you can't win against injustice, when you are vastly outnumbered and completely surrounded you are telling God that you think Satan is more powerful than He is.


That is ridiculous,

because God sent Satan here and keeps him here, against his will, which is why, over thousands of years, Satan has become more and more bitter and twisted.

He is now so sick, and depraved, that I feel sorry for him. 


You can ALWAYS win against injustice,

with enough faith,

as long as you talk to God, follow His orders and have 100% faith, because He will be with you, every step of the way.  That does NOT mean that it will be easy, but then no-one said that life in prison would be easy.

You will have to fight,

every step of the way.  but with 100% faith, you can use “The Force” to overcome ALL obstacles.  When you are doing God’s Will, the ENTIRE world cannot stop you from winning. 


If you lose your faith, you will lose the battle.

However, if you keep going forwards and do not let Satan scare you; by holding onto your faith in God’s protection, following His Will; you CAN NOT LOSE.

these problems in your lives are only tests, to see whether you are willing to fight for God, against Satan.  


You should not see these things as problems, but as an opportunity to earn points towards your remission. 

There are no such things as problems,

they are only solutions waiting to be found.

They are only problems in your mind,

or frame of mind.


If you do not recognize them as problems, then they are not problems, but solutions waiting to be found and you should be grateful for these opportunities, to fight to show your worth, and these evil people, what you are made of. 

It is how you face up to these tests and overcome them, that builds your character; spiritual strength (will-power); makes you stronger, 

and makes you, who you are. 


Don’t fight for selfish-reasons and stay calm, because your human emotions (fear; anger; aggression, etc.) will cloud your judgement, and block God’s messages and “The Force” and you will lose (“The Force.”)

The Force can only be used for knowledge and self defense, not for aggressive physical attack.

if you attack, You will lose,

because Satan will use your anger and aggression against you, by causing you to say things, that you do not really mean, to people who may have helped you, if you had not insulted and alienated them, with your anger and aggression. 

If you fight with human emotions, you will block-out “The Force” and then Satan can side-track you, lead you off in another direction, and keep you bogged-down, arguing with someone who could probably have helped, and speeded you on your way.

Fight with your spirit and determination,

NOT with your fists, except in self-defense. 

Keep calm and smiling, at all times; listen to God’s guidance;

then go forward and CONQUER.


It is that simple, “these things are sent to try (test) us.”

Do NOT complicate matters, with organized-religions and superstitious nonsense.

Keep it simple, G(o)od and D/evil, that is ALL that there is to it.


Organized-religions were invented by Satan, to deceive you, and complicate everything.

Don’t let him fool you.

You have to fight for G(o)od, against evil, to pass tests, and to PROVE to God that you have genuinely changed sides, and can be trusted.

Fighting with Satan, against God, is what got you sent here, so the ONLY way you can PROVE to God, “beyond any shadow of a doubt,” that you have GENUINELY changed sides and want to be good, is by fighting, here and now, for God (good), against the Devil (evil). 


Look for fights, the bigger the better.

The bigger the fight, the more points you can earn towards your remission.

Look for fights that need fighting, for the benefit of everyone, not just for your own selfish reasons.


Even if you do not look for fights, they will come to you.

There is so much injustice in this world, that you are bound to come up against it and when you do, that will be your fight.

It will then be up to you,

as to whether you decide to fight, for good (God) against injustice evil (Devil). 


you always have a choice to help make the world a better place or to surrender to and suffer from the injustice, thereby allowing it to continue and grow,

making the world even more evil and unjust.

If you decide to fight;

as you should; each battle that you fight will train and prepare you, for the next one. 


which will be bigger and more difficult and which will,

in turn, train you for the next one, which will be still bigger and so on, against people who are more and more powerful and evil.

However, you must NEVER make it personal, or

lose your temper (self-CONTROL).

Don’t get angry, get DETERMINED


ALWAYS remain humble, even in victory,

because you could not have won without God’s help.

Then, when you have passed the ultimate test, which is to be like Jesus; in thought; word and deed, at ALL times; under ALL circumstances; always doing for others; you can go home. 

It is that simple!


It may be simple, but it is not easy.

You have to PROVE yourself, and fight for your right to go home, against all odds;

but with 100% faith, “The Force” will be with you.

always, to protect you every step of the way, provided that you do not LOSE your faith, in His protection.


Human+beings, as you know them, are a combination of four things, and they are:- 

  1. A human-animal (the body that you are temporarily using) with its own separate life - human and MORTAL

  2. A soul (the REAL you) which is spirit/energy - Venusian and IMMORTAL

  3. The Holy-Spirit - i.e. the two telepathic voices that every normal human+being has in his/her head

  4. The Devil - the two telepathic voices that every normal human+being has in his/her head


When a human baby is born,

it has no soul, but it is alive and breathing, with its own HUMAN animal-life before the soul enters the body.

Some never have a soul, because they are so substandard that they are of no use, being unable to be used to teach a soul anything, not even humility.

At the other end of the scale, a totally senile person is a living human-animal, left-alive, after the soul has left it. 


It would serve absolutely no useful purpose, for a soul to enter into a baby, whilst it is inside a woman’s body, for months.

The reason that a soul is placed inside a body, has already been explained, is to learn, and it could not possibly learn anything, inside a baby that is inside a womb, inside a woman’s body.

A short period of time after the baby’s birth, it undergoes a change, and suddenly has recognition and awareness.  THAT is when the soul has entered the body, along with the Holy-Spirit and the Devil (the enemy-within). 

The human body is nothing more than a very sophisticated (by human-standards), organic living computer, that self-reproduces and self-repairs (if it is not TOO badly damaged).

It is a combination of smaller computers, e.g. brain; kidneys; liver; etc., collectively making up the whole, pre- programmed to have selfish animal-instincts, that your soul has to learn to overcome.

The physical human brain operates the body and its emotions, but your mind and its feelings belong to your soul.

That is why Jesus said that the flesh is

worthless, and that it is only the

spirit (soul - the REAL you)

that has value.

The Holy-Spirit, or g(o)od voice, is planted inside the human animal-body, with, and connected to the soul.  It is the soul’s telepathic connection with God.

The other voice, that everyone has in their head, and knows perfectly well is evil,

is obviously the Devil’s voice.

god will help you with everything you do, if you ask Him to, but He will not help you to do anything that is wrong for you, or anyone else.

So, if you don’t get an answer, you are asking the wrong things, and/or in the wrong way, or you are not yet ready for the answer.


If and when you start to do His Will,

He will also provide for you materially, but only if you BELIEVE He will and then only what you need, to be able to do His Will and probably not what you want, which would be wrong for you.

If you have more than you need, someone else (Satan) is paying you.

Learn to want only what you need to be able to do His Will.

God will only give you what you need, and no more, so that He can keep you on a short leash and under control, to enable Him to guide you, more efficiently.


If He gave you more than you need, He would lose control of you and you may go astray, being then less dependent on His supply continuing.

This short leash situation also lets Him test your faith, to the last second, before He supplies your need.

If you are doing His work, He knows what you are going to need, before you do, and is already arranging the supply, before you even feel the need.

You just have to have faith and trust Him.

He will not fail you, but He will make you wait, until the last second, to test your faith, in Him and His supply. 

It is like being on a magical mystery tour that can take you anywhere on Earth,

wherever He can use you and teach you best.

It is FUN and magic; REAL magic.

God HAS to provide for you and for you to eat and drink, in order “to keep body and soul together.” 


So a human-animal-body is ONLY a prison-cell for the soul, within a prison (Earth), millions of miles from home - a maximum security, but open-prison, from which NO-ONE has EVER escaped, and from which no-one ever will.

That is why mankind, even if allowed, would never find “human” life anywhere,

except on this planet.

There is life throughout the Universe, but not human-life, because the human body is not needed anywhere else, except on this prison-planet, to serve the sole purpose for which it was designed and created. 

God created the human+being

(human-animal-body+soul) so that He can DISCIPLinE the soul (Being), and punish it, if/when it does wrong.

A soul, in its free state, is energy and therefore invisible (to the human-eye). It does not feel heat; cold; hunger; thirst or PAIN (in any and all of its various forms), and therefore can not be punished and DISCIPLinEd, only destroyed. Unlike humans, it has no needs.


The soul is normally locked inside the human-animal-body, for the lifetime of the body, and is locked-in, in such a way, that it becomes an integral part of the body, and therefore feels whatever the body feels.

by inflicting pain on the body, the SOUL feels it,

and so, can be punished, to varying, but exact degrees, depending upon what it deserves, e.g. physical; mental; heart-ache; hardship; disabilities and deformities; etc. 


This is all designed to teach humility, and the destroying of "SELF"

AKA selfishness. All pain is attached to the “Self”; when the “Self” goes, so does all pain.

Life is a perpetual crucifixion, designed to destroy your selfishness; greed and materialism.

God talks to the soul by telepathy, using the good voice, which is the same voice that Satan, using the LIES of religions and superstitious-nonsense, has deceived you all into believing is your conscience.

It is NOT your conscience; it is God talking to each and every one of you, by telepathy, via your connection - the Holy-Spirit. 

YOUR real conscience is YOU,

and what you decide to do in a test.

When Satan tempts you, and God tells you, with His good voice, NOT to do what he says and that what Satan says is wrong, what you then decide to do, is your conscience.

YOU are your conscience,

NOT the good voice, and you are each, independently, responsible for YOUR own soul.

It doesn’t matter what EVERYONE else does, they are not responsible for YOUR soul.


THEY are responsible for THEIRS, whether they believe it or not. 

Satan talks to your animal body, and has deceived you into thinking that you are no more than a crude, smelly animal, with obscene body-functions, when you are really spirit and only temporarily imprisoned in the crude, animal body that you are using, at the moment, which has to eat; go to the toilet; get old and wrinkled and die; etc. 

You seem to want to believe Satan and that you are no better than a smelly animal.

You don’t seem to want to be divine again.

Satan tries to talk you into enjoying what feels physically good, to the animal, e.g. sex; egotism; materialism; selfishness; competition and superiority; the inflicting of pain; killing; beating; depravity and perversion; etc.,

to try to get you as low as he is, so that you will NEVER be able to go home, and he is the serpent, always eating dust - as low as you can get. 

You, being really spirit, will never get true and lasting joy, or satisfaction, from animal - pleasures, as nice as they can be.

It is self-defeating and a vicious-circle.

The more you try, the more you feel you need, and the worse things become.

A perfect example of this is nymphomania, where the subject confuses love with sex, which, being animal, does NOT bring true satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.

Satan then (from within) deceives them into thinking, that, if they get enough sex, they will be fulfilled, and they try desperately to get enough sex.

Unfortunately, Satan is a liar, and has tricked them, once again, and they run around desperately, in a vicious-circle.

The more sex they get, the less fulfilled they feel, so they try even harder and harder, becoming more and more lost; lonely; desperate and confused.

You are not an animal, you are spirit.

Animal pleasures alone will NEVER satisfy your soul’s need for spiritual love, and fulfillment. 

God, the source of spiritual love (God is love), is the answer to EVERY question, problem, or illness in your life.

Once you have found God, and acknowledge Him, as your Father, you automatically have the solution to every problem and illness, so long as you have “DIRECT” contact and do what He tells you to do (His Will). 

Learn to know the difference,

between REAL love and animal sex or lust...


The reason, or logic, behind God designing human+beings,

is that the soul has to overcome and control the animal,

then use it to give love (spiritual and pure) and affection (human), and to always do for the benefit of everyone.

You have to overcome both the animal and spiritual SELFishness, thereby making it twice as difficult to achieve and so, consequently, making the end result twice as effective.