PART IV / jesus Christ


This was the demonstration given by Christ,

on the cross, when he controlled the animal that he was temporarily using, which was made by Mary’s body, with God’s help, and then used it. 

for the benefit of everyone on Earth,

by taking upon himself the sins of the whole world.


He controlled it and used it, to the extent, that he “VOLUNTARILY” suffered the agony of the cross,

giving up his human-life,

to show people the ULTIMATE example - destroying the self, with PERFECT CONTROL, voluntarily, for the benefit of others.


YOU must learn that degree of CONTROL.


Two thousand years and NO-ONE understands what the demonstration of the cross REALLY means.  The cross is not to be worn around your neck.

It is to be worn inside.

Hold out your arms,

horizontally, look in a mirror and you will see your cross.

Your cross is your selfishness,

that you must overcome and destroy.

The cross of “SELF-sacrifice,” 

i.e. voluntary destruction, by the giving-up, of your own human, material interests, for the benefit of everyone else’s spiritual well-being, thereby setting a good example, for others to follow, by your DEEDS NOT WORDS.

To do that, you must ask yourself, 24 hours a day...what would Jesus do; say; or think, in this situation?

Then, before doing; saying or thinking anything, you must wait and listen for, the good voice, then go forwards,

guided and protected, to victory.


Whilst in incredible agony, Jesus said,

“Forgive them (you, all of you), because they do not know what they are doing.”

The people did not know what they were doing, because they were “out of control”, and in Satan’s control and that is the very reason why Jesus came, to show “The Way home,” in the first-place.

The people were “out of control,” because they could not control the animals, that they were locked inside of and using and had been deceived by Satan, who used their religious arrogance against them.


God talks to the soul, and tells it how to be good. 

Satan talks to the human-animal-body, that you are using and tries to get it, to make you do what is wrong for your soul (real you).  Your soul (you) could easily control the body you are using, if it were not for Satan.

However, because Satan is more powerful than you are, you alone can never beat him.

That is why you need God’s help, 24 hours a day and direct-contact, in order to get it, so that you can do His Will.

Once you have God’s help, He controls Satan, leaving you free to control your animal and spiritual selves and things become a lot easier.


As you progress, you become more and more dependent on God and become a “child of God” (adopted), until depending on Him becomes second-nature. 

as He helps you, your faith in and love for Him, continually increase and with that, your inner-peace.

The more progress you make, the happier and more relaxed you become.  Real happiness, is the spiritual joy and satisfaction in your own progress, and achievements. 

In both the physical and spiritual.

The_Passion_of_the_Christ_satan_Trying_To_Tempt_Jesus (3).gif

As you progress,

the tests become more difficult, so the more you need God's help,

as Satan tries harder to pull you back...

The_Passion_of_the_Christ_satan_Trying_To_Tempt_Jesus (4).gif


you get to KNOW God, as a person, and at that point, it is no longer a belief. 

but a knowledge and loving personal-relationship, of Father and child.

The_Passion_of_the_Christ_satan_Trying_To_Tempt_Jesus (5).gif

As you are getting to know God, Satan will be trying harder and harder to pull you back.

So you will also get to know Satan...

The_Passion_of_the_Christ_satan_Trying_To_Tempt_Jesus (6).gif

You will learn how he operates and just how evil; sick and insane he really is.

what he tries to do and says to you, to try to frighten, or bribe you, into stopping.


Once you know Satan, and exactly how he operates,

- you will then be able to beat him -

you have to know your enemy, before you can beat him.


The more you get to know God,

the more you see how awe-inspiringly-wonderful; loving; wise; compassionate and merciful He is and the more you wonder, how you ever managed to be so blind.

You also wonder how you ever managed to live without Him and His “divine” love, surrounding and protecting you from all ills.


You will then learn to love, and enjoy, doing His Will,

and receive the reward of ever- increasing spiritual and therefore true happiness - joy,

that no man can take away from you.

Then you will be so full of love, peace and joy, that you will actually KNOW what it feels like and therefore the TRUE meaning of,

“my cup overflows (runneth over)” and fully understand and LIVE free.


It is wonderful beyond words, to stand, or live, in the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” and fear nothing and no-one, knowing that; as long as you believe; He will protect you.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace; brought about by TRUE faith; amidst the storm.

This kind of peace and joy is not temporary and fleeting, like silly human peace and happiness; it is eternal, like your soul and no-one can take it away from you, except you yourself, if you lose your faith.

The Torah, New Testament and Koran are NOT religious Books:

they are a guide to going home.

You are bad, or you would not be here, and so is your judgement.


if you do what you think is good,

it is usually wrong, not only for yourself, but for those around you and the good of ALL.

God, being unselfish, always does what is best for all concerned,

and not just for one individual.

What you think is good, may be good for your body, but not for your soul, which is actually the REAL you, and the only thing of real importance.


Why do you think God went to all this trouble,

to try to save your soul,

instead of just executing you, if you are only a human-animal, that has to die anyway?  The Lord sent you here and He is the only one who knows EXACTLY what each soul has to learn, on an individual basis and therefore,

He is the ONLY one who can teach you.


THAT is why organized-religions are totally wrong, because they build a wall between you and God, preventing your direct-contact, and your free thinking and reasoning process.

This is exactly what Satan wants and that is why he invented organized-religions. 

NEVER under-estimate Satan!

If you do what you want to do, you are running in circles, doing yourself and no-one else any good, being lost and confused; going nowhere; continually hurting yourself and others; suffering; and Satan will lead you astray and into “The Fire.”

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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and, if you do God’s Will, and let Him teach you and help you, you will then be going in a straight line.

You will also no longer be trying to swim against the flow, and arrive “home”; in the shortest possible time; with the least possible waste of effort.

He will even supply, directly, the energy “Force”, for you to do what He wants you to do, to make it even easier for you, and He will cheer you on to victory. 

God does not want you to be here, He wants you to learn to be good and come home, as soon as possible.

That is all that He has always wanted of you.


God is very sad, because He misses you and wants you to come home, but He can not let you come home, until He is CERTAIN that you will be good, and not cause any more trouble, or hurt anyone. 

Home has many names here, like: Heaven; Nirvana; Valhalla; Utopia; Zion; The Happy Hunting Ground; Paradise; etc., but it is not an ideological, abstract place, it is the Morning Star, which is a real, physical planet.

How can you do God’s Will, unless you tell Him that you want to do His Will, and ask Him to tell you exactly what He wants you to do, second by second? 

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Ask Him privately, with thoughts, not words, and listen for His reply in your mind.

Also ask Him to revitalize your Holy-Spirit and reinforce it. 

Ask Him to come inside you and give you the strength, to be able to do His Will and overcome Satan, by teaching you how to use “The Force.” 

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Jesus was perfectly balanced, spiritually, at all times,

because he asked for and received, God’s help, especially when he was being struck and spit-upon, and his human-life was in danger, and you must do the same.

God says, “You shall not kill”,

EXCEPT in self-defense (real and not imaginary), or as a punishment in accordance with GOD’s Laws and JUDGEMENTS.

The_Passion_of_the_Christ_The_Last_Supper (2).gif

You must dissuade people from doing evil, by setting them a good example,

or by shunning them, to make them ashamed of themselves, and love them into changing their ways.

NEVER under-estimate the POWER of “The FORCE” of spiritual (Divine) love.

It is the greatest and most powerful force, in the whole of creation.

It is also important, to understand the use of “The Force” of love, in respect of health.

Everyone’s soul came from the Morning Star,

thousands of years ago and that is why Christ said,

that his body’s mother, and brothers (humans) were NOT his mother and brothers.  but that the souls, that hear and believe his words, and keep the COMMANDMENTS and DO God’s Will, are his mother and brothers and sisters (relatives). 


This means that the souls who want to be good and live, eventually go home, are his relatives, and that the rest are not.  because they want to continue to be evil, and thereby, remain His enemy, and their souls are going to die, on the Last-Day.

This explains why the second COMMANDMENT says,

“Love your NEIGHBOR as yourself and not just the people of your own household.” 

ALL souls are related, because they originally came from heaven, and it is the soul that is important; bodies are only prison-cells, and worthless. 

For every single human being,

there are five guardian angels for every body satan can attempt to take over and corrupt with lies and greed.

one angel on our right and one angel on our left to write down our deeds. 

two to protect us from the front and the back and the fifth one that simply whispers into our ear, "do Good, do Good," say this...say that...

five angels always watching us.


You are NEVER alone,

you just can not see your guardian angels,

but they can see you,

and they know exactly what you are doing; 

thinking or saying, every second of your life.



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