PART VI / Man + Woman

Masculine & Feminine Energy



before you start reading this article, we would like to ignite your mind and soul by asking, who are you?

are you your body?  are you your parents?  are you your name that was given to you?  who are you?

you are divinity.  you are energy, pure source light.

your true essence is beyond the physical.  beyond the illusion of being in a body of a man or a woman.

A soul (the real you) has no sex.  no gender.

It is the body, that the soul is temporarily using,

that has a sex,

so you - the soul -

are neither male nor female, nor even human.


If and when, a soul, locked-inside a female-body,

learns to be a perfect woman; in God’s eyes, not yours, it has then earned a promotion it moves to be locked-inside a male-body, in its next human-lifetime.

Each time that a human-animal-body, that you have been using, dies, you are unlocked from it and taken onto the Astral Plain (Paradise).


(which is here, but in another dimension, that cannot be seen with human-eyes),

where you are asked, what you have learned, in your past human life what you have just lived, shown to you, and you are told (paradise - “para dice” – in order to be told) what you have done right, and what you have done wrong.

That life is then summarized, and the evil; that you have learned in that lifetime; is erased from your memory, along with which human you were, but

the good you have learned is retained.


You are then sent back, onto this material plain, and locked-inside another body, to learn some more.

The kind of body and surroundings will vary, depending on whether you are to be punished and taught humility, or whether you are to be rewarded. 

You can not remember what human you were previously, because that would cause you, and everyone else, a lot of pain.  

a lot of pain would serve no useful purpose. 


Another reason, that you are not allowed to remember what human you were, is because; being the materialistic, selfish people that you are; if you could remember who you had been, you would go and try to claim what were your possessions. Wouldn’t you? 

As the object of being here, is to learn to be unselfish; good and un-materialistic; allowing you to remember would be counterproductive.  Also, you wouldn’t want to be able to remember being a murderer, or a rapist, or being murdered, would you?


What you do remember is all the good that you have learned.

All those things that you KNOW are right; and that no-one, in your present-lifetime, has taught you; you have learned in your previous lifetimes. 

If you live a good-life, you advance and shorten your sentence.


If you live a bad-life, you go backwards and are punished.

If you live a half-and-half type of life, you stay at the same place (same spiritual level), and just get a new body to use.

The trouble with staying at the same place, or going backwards, is that you are running-out of time to earn your pardon. 


The higher you climb, the harder it gets,and the more chance you have of making a mess of things, and going backwards,

so the more you need God’s help. 


An evil soul can not learn everything it needs to know,

as a man, or as a woman;

it has to be a gradual progression, from one

to the other, in order to learn and gain experience from both.


After many female-lifetimes;

of going forwards if good, and backwards if bad; that it takes the soul, locked inside a female-body, to learn to be a perfect woman, in God’s eyes; which means a perfect lady, wife and mother; when that human-animal-body, that it is using, dies, and the soul is taken onto the Astral Plain, it is congratulated on its achievement, and is then promoted and sent back into a male-body. 

LOTR_The_Return_of_the_King_Aragorn_coronation (1).gif

Once the soul gets a male-body,

it has to start all over again, from the beginning, but as a man, going forwards and backwards through many male-lifetimes, until it learns to be a perfect man, i.e. like Jesus the Nazarite.

Then, when that animal body dies, the soul is taken onto the Astral Plain, is congratulated on its achievement and sent home to the Morning Star, where it regains its real identity; family; memory; super-human powers; freedom, and does not have to suffer being a human, anymore.


It then lives forever,

as its real self, with good people, and can travel freely around the Universe, if it so wishes; or stay at home. 

The souls, that are locked inside female-bodies, are closer to Satan than to God, on a spiritual- level, because they have not yet learned the spiritual-qualities, that they need to have, in order to be able to qualify to become a man.

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The soul has to be a woman first,

to prepare it for being a man.

Being a woman teaches; through the pain of child-birth; self-sacrificing and suffering, in the name of real love (crucifixion), which makes them become less arrogant and less selfish, bringing humility and tenderness.

Nativity_Story_Jesus_Birth (1).gif
Nativity_Story_Jesus_Birth (2).gif


Girls were always brought-up and taught to care for people,

to teach them humility and love,

through taking care of others,

like Jesus taught by washing his disciples’ feet. 

Nurses are an example of this.

The selfish-soul has to be a woman first, to be taught, through motherhood, to be less selfish, and the meaning of lasting spiritual love, instead of human-animal-emotion.


Motherhood teaches self-sacrificing,

by putting her children’s needs first,  if she is a good mother.

The fading of a woman’s beauty teaches her humility, and to change her values, from animal- attraction and outward-show, to needing to be loved for her spiritual-qualities, instead of her looks, i.e. spiritual love, instead of animal-attraction or lust.

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Women age, whilst men mature and become more distinguished,

unless marred by an evil life. 

This is all designed to teach the soul to be humble and unselfish.

A REAL lady has already learned special qualities, that are preparing her to become a man,

in a later lifetime.


She has grace and elegance,

WITHOUT arrogance; is 100% feminine (soft; warm; affectionate and loving); is self-sacrificing and humble, towards her loved-ones and people in general; is modest about her body, and does not exhibit her nakedness to anyone, except her husband. 


She is a virgin when she gets married, saving her charms,

unspoiled, for the man she loves

(a woman, almost always, falls in love with, and never forgets, the man to whom she gives her virginity).

A lady has progressed from being an animal, and attracting people with sex, to wanting people to respect and be attracted to her soul,

which is the real her. 


She has also learned the difference, between love and emotion, and last but not least, has learned COMPASSION, which is a God-like quality, and the most important qualification needed, to become a man.

The lowest male spiritual-level, is above the highest female spiritual-level, in terms of the understanding of spiritual-matters, of love and compassion, but, because a soul has had to start again, on becoming a man, there are women who appear to be more intelligent, than some men, in worldly-matters.


They are therefore much more easily manipulated and used by Satan,

and have been used successfully, throughout history,

to destroy relatively good men, e.g. Adam and Eve; Samson and Delilah; king Arthur Pen-Dragon and queen Guinevere and the list is endless...


This is designed,

so that the two sexes (ENERGIES) can help each other,

and become one / balance - on the upward climb.

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Allowing yourself to be manipulated and used, by Lucifer (Satan), the dark side...

is what got you sent here.

You must learn (will-power), NOT to allow your “Self” to be manipulated, and used by him, before you can go home.

The more will-power you learn, to help you resist his influence, the higher spiritual-level you attain.



Every "Man" has lived as a "WOMAN."

That is why men are on a higher spiritual-level, and harder for him to use, and women are on a lower spiritual-level, and easier for him to use. 

Men are SUPPOSED to love God first, and women second;

and teaching them, by setting them a good example,

as well as by words and advice. 

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They are also incompatible because they are complete OPPOSITES;

serving God is based on humility and accepting His teachings,

and women’s liberation is based on arrogance and refusing to accept God’s teachings.

MAN and not woman was created in God’s image, and FIRST.

All of the great Prophets were men, and so were ALL of Jesus’ disciples.

NOW you know why.

Nativity_Story_Jesus_Birth (3).gif

Blue for a boy (God’s color), and pink or red for a girl (Satan’s colour - RED dragon/serpent).

There are clues everywhere in life and in nature.  All of the Prophets were masters of their own households.

She has to learn self-sacrifice and an understanding of REAL love, instead of emotion.

Men understand real, spiritual love, better than any woman.

Men have already learned to love spiritually, whereas women are emotional (human-animal-emotion).


The two sexes, in marriage,

are supposed to become one flesh, and soul-mates,

one soul,

making one complete unified and indivisible body and soul, to help each other spiritually and physically, on their upwards and homeward climb.


They are supposed to create a loving,

stable environment (Garden of Eden), into which to bring children, and to teach their children’s souls to be good; unselfish; compassionate; and to have an understanding of stable and lasting spiritual love.


This teaches spiritual love,

because in a good (God-fearing) family there is no incestual-sex, only pure spiritual Love.

There are varying degrees of masculinity and femininity, and in order for the two, together, to make one perfect whole, and one flesh, they need to be complementary, as well as compatible.


A man who is 100% male, needs a woman who is 100% female, and a man who is 75% male and 25% female, needs a woman who is 75% female and 25% male, so that, together, they make 100% male and 100% female, and make one whole flesh. 

The two partners must really be SOUL-mates (that is why Jesus could not find one, because he was an “odd-man-out”, and did not belong here, in Hell), becoming one soul, striving to be good, against all the world’s temptations and opposition, clinging to each other, for spiritual survival and LIFE, until their human-death. 


The man is supposed to set a good example for the family, and teach them, from his higher level of spiritual-understanding.

the woman is supposed to learn, from him, and help him to be a GENTLEman and to teach their children, how to be LADIES and GENTLEMEN.

The wife should NEVER try to undermine, and castrate (metaphorically) her husband, but should do her best to encourage him to be a man.

A family is like a ship (Ark), and, IF it is going to float and not get wrecked, it has to have a captain (father - like in the British Royal Navy) and a good first-mate (wife), cook and crew, etc.


Just like a good first-mate is invaluable to a captain, a good woman can help to make a good man, and a bad woman could break him (and vice-versa), if he let her, by loving her more than God (the Divine navigator, to steer a straight course home).

That is why a woman should love;

honor; cherish and OBEY her husband (unless he is trying to get her to do wrong), through good and bad times (and not leave a sinking-ship - but help with the bailing-out), until death. 

and learn from him, and help and encourage him to be good.

From arrival in Hell (Earth), to qualifying to go home,

everything is designed to teach unselfishness, by the perpetual crucifixion of “Self.”


When the “Self” goes;

and you are no-longer addicted to material-things, but prefer to be addicted to God (good) and spiritual joy and richness;

the pain goes with it.

The pain is attached to the “Self”, to encourage you to lose it.  When you have lost the “Self”, you can go home, where everyone is unselfish, and everyone loves everyone (spiritually), and you can trust absolutely everyone - in HEAVEN.


lose the "self" and become selfless,

to serve others and become a jedi of love


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