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Earth’s Galactic Family & Prototypes of physicality



The Grays (Dows) are, in fact, a renegade group of Reticulans.

They are not from Reticuli and have not been there for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years.

Before they arrived on Earth, they resided in Sirius B. That was their point of origin before coming here.


The Dow are a small group of grays that are responsible for the kidnapping / abductions of many.  They have very little emotional development, but they have very strong telepathic powers.  These powers are often used to deceive and hide their true motives and objectives. 

Their race is struggling to ensure their own self-preservation, but so far, they have not had a real success.  Unable to attach a soul to their own hybrid bodies, they must remove the energy layers of the soul from the bodies of the abductees. 

The Dow have their inheritance in the system of Zeta Reticuli, being its place of initial origin the star called M-2, in Zeta Reticuli II.  Its original sun burned and its planet was destroyed many thousands of years ago.

Originally, the Zeta Reticulan’s were loving healers, with tremendous skills in technology and analytical powers. However, this is no longer the case for the Dow. 

As a small group, the Dow ventured out on their own and were captured by the Orion Group. 

The Dow have also come here with their own agenda, a survival mission to find a home and a way to save their own race from extinction, by hybridizing with us - without our consent or real knowledge. 

They have been crossing our genetics, both DNA and RNA, and placing part of their genetic material, along with other chemical components, to alter us so that we fit with their life forms. 

They are composed of a combination of botanical genetics and reptilian DNA. 

The reason for the addition of our genetics is to stop its supposed evolutionary decline at the physical level.


The physical characteristics of the Zeta Reticuli are 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 to, in some cases, 5 feet tall, generally bald, frail-looking, larger-headed in proportion to the body, large eyes that seem to have no lid, very small (if any) nose, mouth and ears.

They were a civilization very much like humans who went on a path of (in some ways) self-destruction, a species crisis. They caught it before they were annihilated. However, they found themselves sterile.

They performed genetic engineering, cloning, etc. to change their species to what they are today.

Their civilization, when it went through the change, required them to alter their body structure into what they are now.


On Earth, we have served as a genetic repository, a genetic storehouse for the galactic universe, for your galactic family.

In some ways you've been earning interest on this DNA you've been storing, because it's a lot more valuable now than it has been in the past. Individuals are now coming back to explore that greater value and that is what the Zeta Reticuli are doing.

They are creating their genetic future as they go along.


According to the laws of species evolution, they "should" have transformed out of physicality already. Since they are not running according to the standard laws of species evolution, their future is what they make it.

They could annihilate themselves tomorrow by simply pulling up all of their laboratories and leaving, never enhancing their own genetics, and eventually dying off.

When you have traveled the universe as much as many of these races have, it's not a matter of liking or disliking appearances, because you've seen very strange things. It's like a sense of deja vu when they see you. There is something very familiar about you, and yet there's something very alien - something that frightens them very much. They are drawn to you and they are also frightened - and that is where growth lies.

energies of zeta’s

- Positive -

Emotionally Balanced, Understanding, Spiritual, Logical, Non-Judgmental, Analytical, Detailed, Organized 

- Negative -

Emotionless, No Individuality, Logical, Judgmental, Self-Serving, Narrow-minded, Cold, Unkind, Hive mentality 




TO contributions by DEBBIE SOLARIS, & EVA MARQUEZ.