chart of progression

Earth’s Galactic Family & Prototypes of physicality



the first fragmentation created a group of beings that can be called the Founders.

The Founders are the energetic grandparents of the human race.


Other terms such as the Watchers, the Eternals, the Reflectors, and the Seeders have been used by other individuals and are equally appropriate.

The Founders embodied the group consciousness of what eventually became humankind. They can project to a very high level of fourth density, but their natural state is nonphysical.

In splitting off from the portion of the Whole that passed through the Prism of Lyra, they still retained a memory, if somewhat dreamlike, of the idea of integration and the purpose of the fragmentation. It is they who orchestrate humankind's evolution.

They play the roles of the parent archetype, in male and female polarity balance.

The Founders became aware of the blueprint that was chosen as they fragmented from the Whole.

From this blueprint they knew that "children" carry the encodings of the "parents."

Since they played the parents' role, it was their responsibility to influence the growth of the new consciousness about to be created.

In doing this they became the blueprint, began to understand and live it, knowing that this would encode future fragments.

The Founders began to understand the natural energy patterns of the polarized reality just created.

It became obvious to them that the newly fragmented group consciousness interfaces with specific realities

within three main points:

  • A point of pure positivity

  • A point of pure negativity

  • The integrative point of the two


All interactions occur within the lines that connect each point, with very few aspects of consciousness existing within the points of purity.

This realization inspired them to understand a paradigm of polarized reality, which was something exciting and new to their understanding.

As they pondered the paradigm they began to understand the mechanics of how the fragmented

consciousness would once again merge back through the Prism of Lyra.


This triad represents the probabilities of the integrative process.

Civilizations naturally move randomly (according to the laws of chaos) within the triadic template until a balance of energy is reached.


If a civilization or consciousness chooses integration (the willingness to grow from both polarities), they will naturally move toward the integrative point, fueled by the momentum of both polarities.

This can be viewed as an allowing form of integration. If, on the other hand, a civilization or individual refuses integration, the template expands to accommodate their denial of the opposite polarity.

When they believed they were ready, the Founders began another fragmentation into Lyra.


Just as a portion of the Whole became curious and created this realm from its thoughts, the Founders emulated their "parents" and exerted thought energy to create a fragmentation of themselves.

This fragmentation occurred far and wide; individualized consciousness sprang from the Founders' group awareness and began to explore the universe.

Because of this fragmentation, every being existing in the galactic family presented in this article is part of the Founders.

There are an infinite number of fragments and explorational journeys. Some of these fragments grew into civilizations that have played a part in the development of Earth.

When the Founders fragmented, some allowed their energy to densify sufficiently in order to enter a physical reality. The Founders had already chosen planets that could support humanoid life.

Then they gently guided these fragments into a physical, third- or fourth-density existence.

After time had passed, the fragments became more accustomed to physical existence, and assistance from the Founders (who still existed in smaller numbers) became less needed.

The first area to be colonized after the Founders' fragmentation was in the vicinity of the Lyra constellation.

Most of the galactic family that has genetic connections to Earth has roots in the Lyran system. It was there that the first attempt at integration occurred.

The Founders thought that it would be easy and predictable; instead, humanoid life-forms spread outward exponentially until a very intricate tapestry was woven.

The threads of the tapestry began to become tangled until eventually the origins of the thread became lost in the colorful maze of the tapestry's design.


From the point of view of a reality that can be perceived by physical beings, the form of the Founders has two arms, two legs, a head, and a torso.

They possess large, inquisitive eyes as a symbolic representation of their desire for knowledge and of the ancient memory they carry within them. Physical beings would view them as insect-like, very tall, and having long, graceful limbs. Third-density humans can perceive them if they enter an accelerated version of fourth density.

Interactions with them are usually able to occur in an altered state.

From this state they appear etheric and dreamlike.

In dream symbology, the Founders may translate into figures like large insects such as praying mantises, walking sticks, and even grass hoppers.


Having fragmented their consciousness further, the Founders began solidifying energy into matter. This created a prototype physical race into which the majority of humanoid consciousness would incarnate. On meta-atomic levels, organizational codes exist which create a consistent humanoid-type body in a carbon-based environment as the vehicle for physical representation of consciousness.

The Founders used this naturally occurring code to assist them in creating versions of themselves in both physical and nonphysical states. This form symbolically reflected the aspects of the polarized universe they had entered. Again, it is representative of the idea that "parents" create "children" in their own image.

The Founders are the energetic grandparents of the human race.

It was their desire to manifest different dimensional aspects of themselves.

This would produce root forms of life which would facilitate the process of creating diversity within the new reality that was just born.

They are both the Source and the prototype.

As they emerged into this light form through the densification of energy, they became aware that all life will once again evolve back into the Founders and then into the Source.

Consciousness will scatter and fragment, sometimes beyond recognition; but it will evolve back into the Source physically, as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Thus the Founders began the next step of the fragmentation process.

Their first action was to begin making the plans necessary to spread life throughout the Lyran system. They were aware that over time the life forms would naturally gravitate into planetary civilizations by means of attraction.

Planets were chosen within the Lyran star group to house these new races.

As these planets naturally began to develop primate life, the Founders seeded these developing primates with plasmic energy 3 on meta-atomic levels within their DNA structure. This occurred over many generations until the primates/humanoids possessed the genetics necessary to sustain the higher vibrations of third-density consciousness.

With slight alterations, the incarnation process was soon to begin on several planetary bodies.


The Founders fragmented themselves further in order to release the consciousness necessary to incarnate on these planets. As this fragmentation occurred, each consciousness was magnetized to a specific planet where the vibrations were more compatible with the individual fragment.

The basic template of the consciousness that fragmented through the Prism of Lyra can be considered a triad.

It represents one polarity, its opposite, and the integrative point.

The Founders observed this natural flow of energy emerging in the base species that were developing. These different planetary groups were initially homogeneous, not yet manifesting any single aspect of the template in an obvious way.

As time went on and interactions between individuals and groups increased, many groups polarized into either negative or positive orientations.

Some groups began to display varying degrees of integration. This scenario was expected by the Founders.


However, the process began to take on a life of its own. As the process grew exponentially, the Founders began to see the infinite reflections of the Whole, and to some extent it became overwhelming to them.

As these groups evolved and achieved space travel, they exposed themselves to the development of other planetary groups in the area. Cultures began to mix and grow.

New philosophies were born. For a period of time the Lyran races rapidly developed advanced technology, expansive philosophy, and strong social development due to the interactions between these planetary cultures. Then the dynamics of the template began to be displayed.

Polarities began to solidify, generating their own polarization that continued exponentially in turn.

Negative polarities began splitting and manifesting their own negative/positive poles. Positive poles did the same.

The feminine expressed its masculine, and the masculine expressed its feminine.

Polarities exploded like viruses within the previously blossoming civilization.


The simple set of mirrors that the Founders had created shattered into infinite fragments.

They had lost direct contact with many of the genetic windows (physical beings) that they had created.

The physical beings had now taken on lives of their own,

although the original programs continued to be an underlying factor influencing their development.