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Earth’s Galactic Family & Prototypes of physicality



Earth Humans

terrans / earth humans hold the potential of integration of both positive and negative energy.

the human “prototype” can hold a “Soul/spirit” and are able to access the full spectrum of frequencies/emotions.

this grand experiment is an integration of past experiences in other prototypes/planets.

when we heal ourselves, we heal the entire universe.

In the beginning, the human being on this plane looked like apes. Hairy, bent over, bowlegged and smelled.

It was the beginning of the human being and the beginning of Gods and the experience of reality in this dimension on this plane.

It was the beginning of evolution in this understanding.

The Gods then impregnated the human being and seeded them with excellence, upgrading continuously the physical being and upgrading the ability for us to experience physicality.

That is why we look similar, but not altogether the same as our ancestors.

In our genes, not our spirit, we possess the genes of the seeds of Gabriel, Michael etc.

Our appearance is similar to those of Andromeda and the inter-dimensional ones than any other civilization.


All throughout history, mankind has had nothing but conflict.

Of course, conflict is always created within and then projected into the external world.

We like to compare the Earth human relationship with ETs to a child's relationship with its parent because it is the same dynamic. If a child is loved and nurtured and valued by a parent, it grows up in a healthy way. 

If a child is not abandoned, it grows up in a healthy way. If a child is allowed to develop its own identity and is supported by the parents, it grows up in a healthy way.


If children do not have these things when they grow into adulthood they create conflict and pain in their lives; it really comes from the fact that they were not nurtured during their developmental years. At the times when these gods were interacting with your planet you were a child species. 

For the most part, we were not nurtured. Instead, we were controlled. For the most part, we were repeatedly abandoned.

We would develop attachments to these ET gods and then they would abandon us. We were not encouraged as a race to develop our own planetary identity. Instead, the gods tried to mold us into what they wanted us to become.

Now that the gods are no longer here and we are growing into adulthood, our species is experiencing pain and conflict.


It doesn't know its parents and therefore it doesn't know itself. Our species has never felt nurtured. Instead, we simply copied the dysfunctional pattern of its parents, creating conflict after conflict, trying to find itself. 

In traditional therapy, people will need to first confront the truth about their parents. They must learn why their parents were the way they were and how that has affected who they have become, and they must see how this parental influence has created the conflicts in their present lives.

It is only then that they can be set free to find their true identity.

Our planet is still trying to find its identity, for we are not a planetary people.

We are, in a sense, a group of lost children.

The human race needs to accept that we have become who we are because of who our parents were.

In accepting that, we can begin to form our own identity as a species and finally come to peace with ourselves.

The human race is unusual in that all races of its members are derived from a single genetic line. 

That is something incredible. 


This explains the remarkable casual interactions of the great human civilizations, but for better or for worse, the human galactic civilizations, although they make up only one clan, have different evolutionary histories.

Each culture is very different in the way it has evolved.  Not as a species, but as a culture.  There have been misunderstandings and conflicts.  

Traditions exist to minimize the likelihood of misunderstandings and to give lessons on the negative consequences of communication errors that may occur. 

They were sensitive enough to know that they had to put things in place to try to minimize the human vs. human war.  In addition, the behavior of individuals is not reflected on the species and the clan.  

The key idea is that, re-incarnationally speaking, we of today were the ancestors who fought for us.

So it's an internal family struggle; we are fighting against ourselves.

Nobody is doing anything.

We are trying to heal our past by bringing these past issues to the contemporary era.

That's why we see many of the divisions on the planet right now.

Archetypal speaking, the Brotherhood, the Sirian group, was the group that had the knowledge, the group that cared for humanity - they cared enough to occasionally give us a carrot to appease them, a spark of information to grow.

The Lyrans would be more like the custodial gods or the authoritarian, perhaps religious figures, of which we are aware, and who are more concerned about keeping us subverted. 

So this is the dynamic that has been playing on our planet for millennia. 

We have a group that is trying to enlighten us (in their own way) and a group that is trying to oppress us. Once again, we are doing that to ourselves. It is the polarities within ourselves that are waging this war. 

This story is just the external dynamics of the way in which it happened.

The creation of humanity was, basically, a joint effort, although somewhat reluctantly on the part of the Lyrans and the Sirians, who wanted the race on Earth to be created for their own purposes. So after Homo-Sapiens was totally autonomous on the planet and began to multiply, the most subtle wars began about who would be the Lords above you.


But let's say that in the early days of our planet, when there was not a deliberate breeding program to create precise and direct bloodlines that the extraterrestrials in power wanted, the work on their genetic structure was mainly on women.

There is still a latent genetic code that predisposes women to the idea of monogamy. This was to keep the bloodlines pure. Regardless if the male mated around you, as you say, but it was very important that the key females did not, so that the children had a pure line of blood.

After these genetic programs were completed, the genetic code became more and more latent.

The genetic code of the females that predisposes them to monogamy is provoked by the emotion of fear, so it becomes active when fear is present, latent when fear is absent.


In the first days, the method of controlling the aliens was through fear, that is how fear became the trigger. 

In contemporary times, you have several things that can trigger fear. For example, fear of illness, fear of not getting the love you need or want, if you allow your partner not to be monogamous, fear that if your partner is not monogamous with you, perhaps its importance to him it will be less, that his identity may collapse.

There are different ways to activate this, but the fundamental trigger is fear. When the fear is healed, the code becomes inactive. 


There has been so much genetic mixing on your planet that we would say that men now also possess the latent code. 

It is more inactive in men than in women, but now it exists in both male and female bodies. 

The more afraid you are, the more the code is activated.

This is one of the wonderful byproducts of early genetic manipulation. But in no way are you victims of it, because as you heal yourselves, when you heal your relationship with yourself, your problems of self-love, etc., you leave the energy of fear and the code becomes very inactive , so much that it would be difficult to access it. 

This is an example of how certain deliberate genetic manipulation in the ancient past has created a certain aspect of the society we have now. 

This is going to be changing. 


It was necessary then that we were controlled. And, of course, later the churches, etc. They would jump into the band's car, because if we knew we could love more than one person, we would not be in fear. 

You would not fear God , on the one hand, so you would not listen to the Church.

This is the reason why this whole challenge right now is so important to us. Because not only does it save your skin, but we will also be released as beings on the planet. 

At the risk of being redundant, it is us who are doing it to ourselves. Never, never, never give power to the idea that someone is behind us. We have created this situation with very direct purposes and understandings. We will gain from these scenarios what you have proposed to obtain.


We could win it quickly or it could take a long time, that really depends on us. But no one, no evil force is putting anything on us. This is our game and all of us are the chess pieces. 

The manifestation of Lyra, the most authoritarian manifestation, would be like the father. 

The manifestation of Sirius, although it is authoritarian, assumes the role of mother, because they are the ones who were always trying to protect us (although at the same time, some of them were stabbing them in the back). 


What we have here is a dynamic between the mother and the father who have their own agendas in dealing with you. Sometimes they present a united front, but they have their own agendas.

Within the hierarchy as it was in the past, the Syrians mostly delegated to the Lyrans, the mother delegating to the father. "Go and ask your father."

That is a dynamic that was instigated, that in some way the figure of the father in the relationship is the dominant one. It has nothing to do with social roles - who earn more money or who is going to work or whatever. It is the pattern. So when these ancestors of ours interacted with us, we would feel their secrets, that is, they were ashamed, they feared, all that. 

Because they are not willing to put their cards on the table, we see them as something superior - they have no problem, they are very pious and good. This has been transmitted to us when we interact with our own children, the parents present a front where it is not admitted to be wrong. They are almost superhuman.


How many of you remember looking at your parents and thinking that they did not have any problems, that they did not have any secrets? That is the paradox, that is the dynamics. It was very obvious to many people that they did it, even though they "should not". A great confusion has occurred because of this early pattern. 

Right now, in the period of time we are paying as much attention to how we have become who we are, to our parents and how we have become what we are because of our parents and so on and on. But they still have not taken all the way back to the source.


So as we expand our consciousness, we begin to be able to look back into that emptiness and see how far the chain goes back to the source. Once we orient our ancestors, we have all the development of our ancestors in sight. 

If we go back to the source of human identity, women were valued for the actions they could produce. That is a painful thought for many women. In the minds of the gods, men were valued for the hard physical work they could do and for the sperm seed to occasionally help the race. 

But it was often the Gods who embarrassed women - hence the image of the divine goddess. 

In the last hundred years as we are reaching consciousness, since we are coming to an awakening, we will have to come to an agreement with our planetary identity and our identity as a reflection of the polarity, that is, masculine / feminine, and of how there is a man inside a woman and a woman inside a man. 

Part of what we have experienced with the whole revolution is an attempt, although dramatic, to bring balance.

Only a few years ago the great thing was the spirituality of women. Only several years later were groups of men. 

We are all trying desperately to find a center, to find a man in a woman and a woman in man. 

We will find it. We will find it and we will discover our spirituality in this, because our body is no longer our identity or what you can provide your father God . That idea is gone. 

Remember, we are them, and all we have experienced since the time we worshiped them is to get away from this idea.

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Full Spectrum of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

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Full Spectrum of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine




TO contributions by DEBBIE SOLARIS, & EVA MARQUEZ.