Seeds of Creation

Everything that has a beginning, has an End.


The beginning of our story

is about dispersing light & energy or “Dimensional Infusion” and the end is about the organization of the constituent elements of ourselves into a coordinated, harmonious whole, “Integration of Energy.

We are all from Source.

This existence is about our evolution.

Source separated itself into fractals so it could learn how to LOVE itself and bring all of itself back HOME.

Your divinity lies in that you are indeed the spark of light and that you, the creators, have created from the Father, the sublime Source, through your unique wills all that is - all. God did not create the Universe. He is the Universes. His sons created from their thinking processes by feeling it in their souls. They came forth readily. You created the Embodiment as a vehicle to experience matter.
— Ramtha



In passing a beam of light through a PRISM, one gets a spectrum of light…

Fragmented into 7 Visible Color Frequencies.

They are: Point Zero, Infinite Unknown, Gamma Ray, X-Ray, Ultraviolet Blue, Visible Light, Infrared, & Hertzian.

When a portion of the Whole passed through the PRISM OF LYRA,

Consciousness was fragmented into 7 Vibratory Frequencies that represent the mass consciousness of Earth’s galactic family.

This plane of seven planes was created, which is the lowest facet of thought, mass. Everything is God, but the designer of it, as it were, is exclusively the artisans of artisans, which you be, his beloved son. The Father has given to his sons and always will give unto them whatever they desire. Planes of that which is termed advancement were lowered so that his son could experience from light, into heavy light, into electrical matter, into gross matter, into manifested form all of their creations.
— Ramtha



Each fragment became conscious

On all of these different frequencies or densities and manifested as 7 Aware Frequencies.

Consciousness then fragmented and moved away from each other as the illusion thus arose that each fragment was very, very alone.

The Whole understood that the purpose of this experience was to learn to reintegrate from a point of separation.

We do this with energy: unconditional love.


Thousands of years ago,

Higher Dimensional Non-Physical Beings, wanted to create an experience/game in density to forget who they were and then try to get out of it.

They wanted to know, “Who AM I?” But it wouldn’t be easy. 

There would be distractions in all aspects of their experience/life.

In order for that which is termed Gods of light, great creators, to possess a feeling of mass, they had to have a vehicle of mass of the same vibration. Man was created by the Gods but as a vehicle so that which you are may ride within and experience this kingdom of matter.
— Ramtha


There would be a full range of emotions and polarity in every form.

These Higher Dimensional Beings that Created this Grand Experiment are You, Us.

We came up with this idea and decided to play this out.

This “Dimensional Infusion” not only created a consciousness fragmentation, but it also created the stars, planets, gases, and molecules that make up physical reality. Those beings just chose a different experience in matter, Non-Polarity.

As science has discovered, matter is densified energy vibrating at a specific rate.


Every aspect of the universe is made up of energy.


We have all CHOSEN a Life HERE. No one is a victim.

Humans are divine models for integration.

We are Divine and Terrestrial: of Gods and Men/Women/Animal.

We are proof that human life can adapt to seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

This is what allows us such a vast emotional range from which to perceive reality.

The entire spectrum of frequencies/emotion exist in every one of us.

Earth is a grand experiment, complete with genetic material from thousands of worlds. Along with that genetic material comes all the emotional experiences of all of those species.

earth is a school of freedom from control, by connecting to your spirit/double.

eT’s are our children. we have only forgotten our power and like children,

they will manipulate to get what they want.


The Body

Your Auric Field, is called your Spirit, the God of your Being.


It is a direct connector to the flow of that which is termed the river of thought into memory, the soul of your being, which is called the lord of your being.

The soul’s sole purpose is to record thought felt and exchanged through the kingdom, the body of the God that inhabits it. The soul records memory, not in vision but in feelings.

Hence from feelings, a word is formulated to describe it.

Without the soul, you cannot occupy thought, you cannot have memory, you cannot create, for you cannot make a thought stand still to contemplate it.

Ego is the God totality of your being. The God totality of your being has a will of its own to accept certain thoughts and reject others, to feel certain ways and store feelings. It represents collectively a unique entity different from his brothers and finally, the body in which to express on this the first and lowest of seven planes, mass and matter. You are made up of Spirit, soul, and ego. That is the Lord God of your being, the Lord God of your totality.
— Ramtha

Earth is the womb of the galaxy, due to its mix of genetic material from thousands and thousands of worlds.

It was our hope that this vast range would allow for new and unique potentials so that we could integrate polarity

where other aspects of ourselves and our galactic siblings had difficulties.

Rainbow vortex above Earth_SML.gif

Earth is a planet of emotion. Earth is also the zero point of the milky way galaxy.

Here on Earth, we created contracts and blueprints that allowed us to replay galactic issues on a somewhat smaller scale with the hope of being able to release judgment.

Humans also hold a full spectrum/range of emotions, from the extreme high and low. Our emotions are also called frequencies. We are teaching the entire galaxy compassion.

but where did these emotions & diversity come from?

In other sectors of the galaxy, the emotional range is not as varied.

This is in part why the two previous experiments did not go so well.

When you lack emotional range, you have a far more focused existence.

Earth itself is a living, ever-growing library complete with records of all the experiences of all consciousness on it.

We have access to this library.

It is actually much, much easier for us to achieve integration on Earth since we have access to such a vast pool of genetic records and experiences.

What love you of another is the unseen essence that makes the body work, that makes the eyes flicker, the voice melodious, the hair with sheen, the hands with touch. It is the essence of an entity called their personality self that you love, not their embodiment. 
What you are hides behind your eyes, your hair, and your skin deep within your body and is seen by no one. Your body is the illusionary instrument to play the game of illusions of life, a vehicle to ride within to experience this totality of creation that the soul may learn emotion. 
— Ramtha

There are five seed races who donated their genetic material to create you, the modern human.

Each of the five races has had diverse and extensive histories whose records give you knowledge and wisdom to pull from as you attempt integration.

From their experiences, you can access information to glean insight into what may have helped or hindered the process of integration.

To fully understand the play and the players,

it is therefore also important to realize that Earth's Galactic History is merely one part, one stage, in the bigger play of Humanoid galactic history.