Vega is the Alpha star (the brightest) in the Lyra constellation.

Descendants of Lyra, Vega birthed a race of beings who manifested Lyra’s opposite polarity both in their beliefs and actions.

There were frequent conflicts between the Lyran and Vegan races.

vegA WAS A negative POLE (contraction) as lyra was a positive pole.


The first group to develop non-Lyra was the Vegan civilization during the era of prehistoric creatures on Earth.

Vega is the Alpha Star (brightest) in the Lyra constellation.  Initially a negative polarized civilization, service to self/contraction.  

The civilizations of Vega are also a genetic strain, a less Caucasian type.

Still humanoid, they are more representative of the dark-skinned races on the planet, from Native Americans to Eastern India to the aborigines. 

Some of the specific African races were designed specifically for Earth, so you may not find the exact type with Vegans.


Vega is a star within the constellation of Lyra. 

These beings can be described similarly as the Vulcans in Star Trek, Native Americans, Aboriginal, or East Asians.

The Lyrans and Vegans fought, one like a bully and the other learned various forms of energy manipulation as defense, martial arts.

Those of Vega were the first civilization here on Earth, before the Lyrans came. This was during the time when prehistoric creatures were on your planet. Their land was then considered a future colony of Vega, when it was established that the planet would become a Vega colony. 

Since Vega is close to this Earth in light years, this is very natural.


They formed a highly distinctive philosophy and spiritual orientation and began to isolate themselves from the Lyran races. They were initially a negatively-oriented civilization, expressed as the negative pole of Lyra because they had adopted a philosophy of service to self (contraction). Lyra itself may be considered the positive pole because all other civilizations were "born" out of it (expansion).

As time passed, friction grew between the people of the Lyran races and the Vegan civilizations. Neither group was progressing in an integrative way. Both possessed within themselves the conflict of polarity. Neither group was right or wrong; they all played out the same ideas, only from a different perspective. They just could not understand how to balance their energies. Polarization continued to grow exponentially as they grappled with their relationships between their civilizations and themselves.


A third civilization began to emerge from the Lyran races. Because this planet was the apex of a symbolic triangle of integration (playing out both negative and positive polarities), it can be called the Apex planet during this stage of its development. Later, it becomes a much more intricate piece of this galactic puzzle.

The Apex planet began its civilization by drawing in characteristics from both the Lyra and Vega polarities. Genetically they were a mixture.

Within their race, diversity was even more widespread than upon our present Earth. There were dark- and light-skinned people, pacifists and conquerors, artists, musicians, and soldiers. Even in comparison to our Earth race, they did not coexist peacefully at all.

 Separation began occurring in the culture until the entire planet was engulfed in the friction of polarity. The future of this Apex planet seemed hopeless - they eventually allowed pollution and weaponry to nearly destroy their world.

When opposite polarities are forced, not integrated, they cause fusion.

This fusion manifested on the Apex world as nuclear war.


A small number of inhabitants secured themselves underground, but the remainder perished from their own inability to integrate. What occurred on a planetary scale was quite interesting.

From a point of observation in space, it appeared that the planet destroyed itself.

From the point of view of the survivors who went underground, they were very much alive. As a result of their nuclear explosions their planet was eventually propelled into an alternate dimension.

After the cataclysm, radiation upon their world remained quite high which forced them to stay underground.

Meanwhile, the Lyran races and the Vegan civilizations were continuing with their development. Groups of Lyrans wished to remove themselves from the friction with Vega and sought out many other areas to colonize.

Groups of Vegans also escaped their planet's conflicts and founded a number of civilizations including Altair and Centauri.

Gone were the clear-cut lines of traceable philosophic and genetic history.

There were 3 groups of Vegans, which originally took DNA from Dinosaurs/Reptilians and lived on Mars.

  • Vegan Humanoids - Sirius and Orion

  • Vegan Humanoid-Reptilian Group (small Reptilian DNA)

  • Reptilian Group (Mammals who appear Reptilian) - moved to Orion and Lyra


The Lyrans won a battle where the colonies of Mars, Maldek and Earth became Lyra property. 

So Vegans were forced to leave Earth. 

They migrated to Orion and went within.  They developed their spiritual facilities and began the path of Vegan Mysticism. 

This is the root of many Earth cultures, such as Tibetan culture prior to Buddhism and Vedic culture in the area of India prior to Hinduism.  Native Americans and Mexico has a root in Vegan Mysticism. 

Mayan and Tibetan energy has a strong connection as well. 

Martial arts and Yoga is also connected to the Vega Groups.