Colonized by Lyran offshoots, this group is Earth’s main genetic connection from extraterrestrial sources.

The Pleiades are a Lyran manifestation of feminine polarity - intuitive and allowing. 

The path to reintegration was through inner development. 


The Pleiades group is an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, existing approximately [400 to] 500 light years from Earth.

There are 250-500 stars within the cluster, although only nine have been named. Most ancient cultures claim seven stars.

Toward the end of the First Galactic War, with the destruction of Lyra, they searched the galaxy for a new home and found Earth.  There was some conflict incorporating primate genetics into themselves and Lyran genetics into the primates. 

As this escalated they then left Earth and went to an open cluster of blue stars now called the Pleiades. 

They became a very independent balanced race.

They desired to create a culture based on harmony, truth and unconditional love.  

During the early development of the Lyran system the first friction between polarities began to occur.

Some Lyrans manifested the idea of the feminine polarity -- intuitive and allowing.

They believed the path to reintegration was through inner development.

Other Lyrans, however, polarized to the masculine.

Their philosophy upheld the notion that in order to evolve, they had to dominate the known universe. This caused much dissension between the two.

As the Lyran civilization developed, a group of Lyrans decided they would prefer to develop their culture away from what they perceived were negative influences.

Thus they searched the galaxy for a new home. In their search they found a young planet rich in natural resources. This planet was Earth.

For several generations this group resided on Earth, coexisting peacefully with the developing primate race. However, over a long period of time they found that they were not adapting to Earth's physical and electromagnetic environment as well as they desired.

During this time they incorporated small amounts of genetic material from the primates to assist them in assimilating to Earth's environment.

Over generations their DNA changed slightly, allowing them to become more adapted to Earth.


While these Earth-Lyrans were incorporating primate genetics into themselves, other groups of Lyrans were on the planet to carry out the Founders' wishes as well as their own by inserting Lyran genetics into the primates.

The arrival of these Lyrans refueled the conflicts the Earth-Lyrans initially escaped from, so they chose to find another planetary system to colonize.

Desiring to build a new culture where they could become isolated from old conflicts rooted in their past, they explored the region widely before they decided on an open cluster of young blue stars known as the Pleiades.


Splinter groups also colonized other systems in Earth's galactic neighborhood. 

When the Pleiadian star system began to be colonized by Earth-Lyrans it was intended to be a very balanced, independent race. This was reflected in their choice of a new, stable star cluster. More than anything else, they desired to create a culture based on harmony, truth, and unconditional love.

Once the colonization plan became known, those of Lyran descent who desired a new home decided to colonize other areas of the Pleiades star cluster as well.

Visibly, we only see seven stars in the Pleiadian system. From the Pleiadian point of view, there are hundreds of stars with habitable planets (unseen from Earth) which make up the Pleiadian colonies.


These early Pleiadians (the previous Earth-Lyrans) possessed highly developed intuitive skills, as well as an inbred desire to create a community lifestyle. The Whole was as important as the Self. Even with this desire, it took these beings generations to mature and create their own identity separate from their Lyran roots.

For generations they developed this new culture which was philosophical in nature and technologically progressing at a rate perfect for their development. Though there were several periods of conflict, the cultural base that these new Pleiadians created remained stable for many thousands of years.

Over generations the community-oriented Pleiadians began to favor peace and tranquility so much that they learned to invalidate all forms of negativity. Deeper and deeper they submerged their natural humanoid tendencies, until a great emptiness appeared within their being.

There was no conflict, resolution, or learning. A voice cried out from within them.

There was a portion of them that desired to be heard.

From this well of despair they reached out to their Lyran forefathers. When the call was answered, the Lyrans were surprised to find a culture that had virtually cut itself off from creation.

The Pleiadians had no knowledge of what was occurring in the universe around them. They were unaware of the anguish of Orion, even though they were both descendants of Lyra.

When the Pleiadians were made aware of the Orion struggle, their own sleeping dragon awakened. Once again they felt alive; a deep mission was sparked within their souls. They offered to be of service within the Orion struggle. It was then that they committed themselves to fighting the Orion negativity.

They entered the Orion struggle through many vehicles. Some souls chose to incarnate directly into the system within both polarity orientations (positive and negative) in order to understand the struggle.

The majority of these Pleiadian's incarnating into the Orion struggle became ensnared - it is easy to enter the Orion reincarnational cycle but virtually impossible to escape.

Others chose to ally themselves with the Black League or continue to incarnate within the Pleiadian system and attempt to contain the expansion of the Orion Empire.


They fought with every ounce of their being against the negativity they saw around them. Unconsciously they also fought the negativity still further - within themselves.

The struggle continued. The Pleiadians fought as zealously against the Orion negativity as they did their own latent shadow selves. Instead of finding a truth within, they only perpetuated their hatred of their own negativity.

It was only when the Orion Empire destroyed one of their populated planets that they disengaged themselves actively from the Orion struggle.


The lifeless, charred planet still stands in their system as a reminder of their past actions. When that planet was obliterated, the Pleiadians were devastated. Finally, an impasse was reached.

On the highest levels of being, every consciousness involved in the Orion drama took a step back. They evaluated the situation. It became obvious that the resolution needed to occur from a different angle. They agreed to extend the conflict to another arena within the galaxy.

The Pleiadians were faced with a choice: would they return their energies to their home worlds, or would they agree to resolve their own issues (as well as the Orion struggle) once and for all?


Initially, they chose to return home.

This allowed them to gather their strength and search the very depths of their souls to find a way to become whole.

They were so afraid of the negativity that they became immobilized.

They waited. They pondered... and they faltered.

While they waited, the Inception project began in full force upon the Earth.

It quickly became apparent that they needed a genetic structure of terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial origin for their Inception project. They contacted the Pleiadians. At first the Pleiadians expressed reluctance about becoming involved with Earth once again.

However, the Lyrans pointed out possible Pleiadian benefits with a deft craftiness. Knowing that the Pleiadians had originally incorporated Earth primate genetics into themselves, the Lyrans admitted that they needed certain aspects of Pleiadian DNA for the developing terran species on Earth. Unknowingly, they also created a way for the Pleiadians to face their negativity once and for all.

It was proposed that a DNA transfer from the Pleiadians into the Terran species over a long period of time would create a race of humanoids who would be terrestrial but would also have extraterrestrial roots. The closest ancestors of these Earth humans would be the Pleiadians, and through these family ties the Pleiadians would be allowed to be involved with the Earth species development.

During this involvement they would observe the developing race, interact intermittently in order to keep them on course, and learn about human negativity. This vicariously would heal the pain of the Pleiadian past.

After some reluctance to associate once again with the Lyrans, a group of Pleiadians finally agreed.
From this agreement came thousands of years of Pleiadian interaction with nearly every primitive culture upon the Earth.


Drawings of space beings and spacecraft adorn many cave walls, and many ancient documents record the actions of these gods who came from the sky. They saw themselves as "gods" no more than today's humans do.

However, from the point of view of a primitive people, they surely must have seemed like gods. During certain developmental stages of a humanoid species, it is common to give up personal power to a godlike or magical figure.

This became widespread, and soon the Pleiadians began to relish the power they were given. They began to wield it. Some began using fear in order to manipulate. Their soul-level agreement to learn from the developing Earth transformed into a satiation of personal desire.


Many ancient myths concerning jealous gods are directly linked to these extraterrestrial beings from other systems, including the Pleiades.

Examples of these myths include the Egyptian accounts of Set and Osiris, as well as the Sumerian conflicts between Enlil and Enki. These seem like archetypal battles; many cultures have legends of similar figures that can be considered counterparts, or perhaps a translation of one story.

When these power binges occurred, it was necessary for these extraterrestrials to be reminded of their purpose.

Very often resentment built up on the part of the Pleiadians toward other visiting groups.

For a period of a few thousand years the Pleiadians grew in power, and then were consistently reminded of their place. The irony of the situation soon became known to them - they had wished to get in touch with their negativity. Their wish had been granted.

During these interactions the Pleiadians involved with Earth were all from the same time continuum. Their contacts were consistent with their development. They had not yet mastered the complex technology of time/space manipulation.


Since the 1940s both physical and nonphysical extraterrestrials have been monitoring humanity and attempting communication, mostly in subtle ways. The Pleiadians were the first to begin a major benevolent contact program physically with Earth. Although this was quietly carried out as early as the 1930s, it began to be noticed on a wider scale in the 1970s.

There are indications that negative groups (such as the Sirians) began contact in the 1930s as well and that their negative actions were always countered by the more benevolent groups such as the Pleiadians. This heavy contact activity (by both positively and negatively oriented groups) appears to occur in 20-year cycles: 1930s, 1950s, 1970s, and as we will soon perhaps see, the 1990s.

Billy Meier.jpg

A Swiss named Billy Meier has documented hundreds of hours of communication with the Pleiadian cosmonaut Semjase. He also possesses a large number of photographs of the Pleiadians' spacecrafts which, using photographic technology, have never been proven to be false. He claims to have been taken both backward and forward in time by the Pleiadians (and their allies the DALs) to view various events.

This contact has caused major controversy since it was revealed. Meier had been provided with evidence (by the Pleiadians themselves) such as a metal sample which was analyzed on film by a noted IBM scientist. The analysis revealed an unusual combination of materials including a rare and expensive element called thulium.


Also, when analyzed further, the sample seemed to display properties of both metal and crystal. The metal sample subsequently disappeared, but the film analysis remains.

Within the UFO research community this case is a classic example of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Because it is "too easy," it is considered to be fraudulent. When Meier attempted to construct models of Pleiadian spacecrafts to see if the photographs could be faked, the models were found, and the whole case was labeled a hoax.

The teachings of the 1970s from Semjase and her associates are now beginning to be more widely known. They teach spiritual truths as well as give a partial history of the Pleiadian race. Some teachings warn of impending natural and man-made disasters connected with a new age to come. It seems that these Pleiadian beings were from an orientation in their history where warning humans about approaching cataclysm was part of their contact philosophy.

Though these teachings may have been applicable when they were given, one may question how they relate to today's mass consciousness.

The Pleiadians have specific reasons for being tentative in their present interactions with Earth. For thousands of years they have stepped in either to protect us from danger or to control us like children "for our own good." Some splinter groups even manipulated humankind for its own purposes.

They now realize that humanity must make its own choices and they must trust the human ability to do so. They have created a karmic cycle through their interference. For their own growth, it is imperative that this cycle be relinquished.

Since they are the most similar to the Earth human physically (in fourth-density form), it seems appropriate that they become one of the first to walk this planet undisguised. The Pleiadians are one of the oldest known races.

Today they build Ashrams and practice “sex cultivation,” of energy during the sex act. The sexual energy/prana from sex acts, provides light energy for them.

The Pleiades Star System


We are apart of the constellation that makes up the Pleiades. There are about 750 stars in the Pleiades star system.

Of the 750, you can see about 14 in our night sky.

They have been around and experimenting with this planet, helping to set up this grand design, this game, for a very, very long time.

They often work with young civilizations, helping them to grow and expand into awareness. 

Many of our ancient texts mention the Pleiades. Our aboriginal tribes know that they have been seeded by Pleiadians and many of you feel that you are aligned with them.

You will find the energy of the Pleiades in Bali, Easter Island and many more places around the world.

We have a very rich and ancient history and are considered guardians.