A Trinary star group, it is known in Earth mythology as the Dog Star.

Sirius was one of the first areas to be colonized by beings from the Lyran Star Group.

Sirius embodied the energy of the triadic template and perpetuated the drive toward integration.

SIRIUS was a positive polarity, driving toward full integration.

lyra was positive polarity, vega was negative polarity.

Sirius is one of the first areas to be colonized by beings from the Lyran star group.

The realm of Sirius was one of the first to be explored by the curious consciousness that passed through the Prism of Lyra and fragmented from the Founders.

Embodied the energy of the triadic template and perpetuated the drive toward integration.

Sirius represents a very important symbol for the entire galactic family - that of the triad. A Trinary star group. Symbolically, this represents the template - two polarities at the base of a triangle, and the joining or integrating of the polarities at the apex.


It reflects the basic foundation of the galactic family's desire to once again unify through the merging of polarity.

There is a large variety of consciousness types that incarnate in this system.

After the Infusion, many consciousnesses who chose to remain nonphysical attracted themselves to the realm of Sirius.

Here they began laying the physical as well as nonphysical groundwork for the vital role Sirius was to play in the unfolding drama. They were to become some of the earliest genetic and etheric engineers following in the footsteps of the Founders.

Anticipating what was to come, these nonphysical Sirians began forming (through the transmutation of energy into matter) a third-density world that would eventually be able to support physical life.

They also created more vibrationally focused realms for the consciousnesses that would choose to exist there in the nonphysical state.

Thus, because of their ability to create realms suitable for all manifestations of consciousness, they became known as the Elders of Sirius.


During the Lyran and Vegan conflicts, representatives from both polarities inhabited the Sirius realm with the desire to integrate there. The Elders of Sirius prepared for an influx of both positive and negative energy. They were quite aware of the scenario that needed to occur.

The Vegans who chose to inhabit the Sirius realm decided to incarnate physically within a third-density reality. Culturally they were highly polarized in the masculine, and their philosophy was one of domination, which was becoming more difficult to maintain in fourth density.

They felt they must dominate their environment and control their evolution. According to them, this would allow them a mastership of their realm, and from that point their evolution would then progress at an accelerated pace.


From this desire the Vegans began plans for their colonization of a planet orbiting one of the Sirius suns.

If they were to maintain their philosophic orientation of domination, the natural polarization inherent in this philosophy could only be perpetuated in a third-density existence.

They were to be tightly focused in the physical, creating a veil of illusion and forgetfulness even more dense than presently on Earth.

They were so sure of their own abilities (and so unaware of the lure of third-density separation) that they zealously began speeding up the evolutionary process of the primate-like species developing on the world they had chosen.

As soon as the DNA of the indigenous species matched their desire, they began incarnating.

Almost immediately, these new Sirians lost their memory connection with Vega. The veil was too dense.


Their desire to create forgetfulness was so strong that they remembered nothing of their origin.

They did not dream. They did not meditate.

They did not pursue creative activities except to maintain their structure of domination. When their zealousness translated into physical reality, it created a culture driven by the desire for domination - over each other and the universe around them.


As this negative Sirian planet was developing, a group from Lyra decided to venture outward into the Sirius system. These beings chose to remain in the nonphysical realms.

Their orientation was polarized toward the idea of service to others. They were particularly interested in the physical healing of those in pain. 

The combination of the negative Sirians (who denied their spiritual self) and the positive, nonphysical Sirians originally from Lyra (who felt it was their duty to heal all those in pain) created a dynamic of tension that echoed throughout the Sirius system and beyond.


The saga began.

The positives began bombarding the negatives with love and healing energy on the subconscious and unconscious levels.

Because the negatives were so tightly focused, this created psychological pain for them.

The more the negatives resisted, the more the positives sent healing energy.


Friction occurred from this interaction that was very uncomfortable for all consciousness in the Sirius system. The Elders of Sirius finally intervened.

It was decided that the conflict would once again be moved to another locale.

This time integration would be attempted from a slightly less polarized perspective. The Elders sought out a home for this conflict. It did not take them long to discover the electromagnetic properties of the area called Orion.

Thus the myth begins of how Sirius, the Dog Star, leads the way for the Hunter - Orion.

Once the initial conflict was removed from the Sirius system, the physical civilization remained.

They had cut themselves off from spirit even to the point of death, where an immediate reincarnation into the system occurred again, further alienating them from any form of nonphysical existence.

Therefore, most of the negative society was unaware of a conflict, so they could not be made aware of its movement into the Orion system.

Their society continued within its haze of forgetfulness. Those desiring the negative/positive integration now went to Orion from Lyra/Vega instead of to Sirius.

Sometimes, very infrequently, a soul would awaken from the negative Sirius world and progress to the Orion arena.

From the positive (nonphysical) Sirius perspective, they would now be able to directly influence the ailing negatives.

Many joyously ventured to Orion to carry out this task.

Others chose to remain within the Sirius realm, concentrating their healing abilities toward other goals. Other positives from Lyra joined the Orion struggle.

Galactic history was born.


Though it is only a small percentage, a group of positive Sirians decided to incarnate into physicality as well. However, they rejected the humanoid form for a form that is more representative of their nature. This form is the cetacean.

Dolphins and whales represent a translation of Sirius energy upon a physical, polarized world.

In archetypal symbology, water represents the subconscious.

Cetaceans are there silently - in Earth's oceans and in the sea of humanity's subconscious.

They remain as a reminder of humanity's potential for integration.


Of all the energies that are a part of the immediate galactic family, the Sirius energy is the most widely used upon Earth. The name Sirius means "The Sparkling One" or "The Scorching One," also called the "The Dog Star" and the "The Nile Star."

Perhaps because it is the brightest and the second nearest star visible to Earth (8.7 light years away), many ancient cultures recognized the importance of the Sirius energy, most notably the Egyptians.

At times, Sirius consciousness may choose to densify its frequency to become visible to third-density humans.


During many of the Egyptian dynasties it was quite common to have a visitation from a Sirian in the disguise of one of their gods (such as Isis, Osiris, and Anubis). These "costumes" made it easier for the Egyptians to honor their presence, and often the visitations triggered memories of the very early days when the "gods" walked openly upon Earth.

These Sirians gave the Egyptians (as well as other Earth cultures) much advanced astronomical and medical information.

Even today, scholars are still questioning the origin of this information.


Halfway across the globe, the Mayan culture had its own unique relationship with Sirius.

 Advanced medical practices and galactic astronomical information were imparted to them that presently have not been unraveled by modern scholars. Theirs was a much more personal relationship with Sirius.

These Mayans were, in a sense, tourists from the Sirius realm (incarnate here on Earth) who wanted to experience physicality from a closer vantage point.

Their relationship with the Mayans was so intimate that the Sirians actually shared with them the technology of transmutation - from matter to pure energy/consciousness. When their lessons were complete, the Mayan race vanished (transmuted), leaving behind a trail for humanity to follow.


These Sirians left behind many time capsules and puzzles for future generations to discover. One of these puzzles is the crystal skull.

The crystal skull can represent the infinite nature of man and consciousness. Looking into its depths, one can sense the past and future. Humans have not yet learned how to translate the data and emotions that are triggered when one gazes into its expanse.


Perhaps one day information encoded within the skull may ignite sparks of memory within humanity, as the Sirians have possibly intended. They are one of the primary groups who, in many forms, have left the clues about Earth's past.

It is important to note that the Sirians are not meant to be spoken about as a group of extraterrestrials as much as a group consciousness expressing itself both physically and non-physically. They have been a guiding force for the developing civilization upon Earth.


The practice that is called "black magic" or the "dark arts" is rooted in the philosophy of the negative Sirians. Within the Egyptian culture the organized worship of the negative force took place within the temples and priesthoods of Set.

Those that practice this philosophy consider themselves unique, separate, and egocentric. The illusion that they have created is one of non-responsibility for their actions.

It often takes them many lessons and sometimes many lifetimes to recognize that their actions and their beliefs create the very reality from which they are trying to escape.

In translation, another manifestation of the Sirius influence on Earth from a slightly negative perspective is the Illuminati. The Illuminati are a group of physical and nonphysical negatively oriented (and even some positively oriented) extraterrestrials who came to Earth as physical beings during the Inception.

The Illuminati are not only comprised of Sirians. Other groups, such as Orion, are part of the Illuminati structure.


If they cannot control others, they feel as if they do not exist... and they are terrified of nonexistence.

These beings represent only a small percentage of Sirius consciousness. Since the Earth Inception the planet has developed some very strong positive relationships with Sirius beings who have been some of the main supporters of humanity.

This motivation has caused them to attempt to interfere in Earth's development from the start. As with an annoying insect, they are a bother, but rarely cause serious problems. Only the individuals who have no sense of their own power will be found in those power structures upon Earth that stem from fear of powerlessness.

They cannot be an influence if one does not allow them to be. It all comes back to the issue of claiming one's own power.


One final idea concerning contemporary manifestations of the Sirius energy has to do with the appearance of menacing extraterrestrials as seen in UFO literature.

For the most part, severely negative UFO experiences, cattle mutilations, and the "Men in Black" phenomenon are connected to the negative Sirius (and Orion) group who actually generate more fear than damage.

At times the physical Sirians (and Orions) can break through the layers of protection in the solar system and try to wreak havoc.

Earth may have been part of a territorial dispute among the Sirians from its very inception.

This could explain why the negative Sirians consider it to be their right to do as they wish on Earth and why they point an accusing finger at other extraterrestrials for wrongly interfering with Sirian internal affairs, thus creating many historical disputes.

The Sirians may consider Earth to be part of their territory. In present time, Sol is only 8.7 light years away from the Sirius system which has been considered by astronomers to be part of our local star family.

Many of the early Sirians were quite adept at genetic engineering. During the Earth Inception the physical Sirians placed a latent DNA code within the early humans.

When Earth beings reach a certain vibratory frequency as a race, this code will be triggered.

This code will assist those on Earth in remembering humanity's galactic past.

Contemporary negative Sirians are terrified of this.

They have continually kept themselves from transitioning into fourth density for fear of nonexistence. They fear that if Earth transitions, they will transition also and cease to exist. They believe if they keep society in fear, Earth will not be able to make the shift.

As a whole, they cannot determine humanity's fate, for Earth humans have more power than the negative Sirians realize.

But they will continue. They know no other way.


Whether dealing with physical extraterrestrials or archetypal energy,

the Sirian identity is entwined with humanity's.

It is rich with knowledge as well as challenge. 

One must always remember Sirius as the triad and what it represents

- integration from polarity -

which is the destiny of Earth.