the story WHICH conceals a profound philosophical mystery

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many pyramids all over the world?





Is a modern term for using stones, rocks, crystals

and minerals to change the internal and external

energy flow of the Earth.


The prime meridian of The worlds Landmass OF an

ancient system is over the Great Pyramid in Giza.

It was the first building that was built.

It was built with consciousness from the top down.

This is a mathematical fact.


This created a new consciousness grid that was lost during the time of Atlantis.

Without this grid that surrounds the entire Earth we cannot get back to a higher level of consciousness.  

These buildings are placed on very specific

and precise places on the Earth.

it changes the internal and external

flow of energy on the Planet.

Russian Earth Grid

Russian Earth Grid

Our industrial world has a level of consciousness on an electromagnetic grid that was discovered by Russia.

This grid that goes around the world has sites where these lines cross. 

Most of the military bases on the world are based on these points. 

There is no coincidence that they are on those points.

It is a way to control the consciousness of the world.

In Carl Munck's Book 'the code,' it shows that there is a precision grid of 83,000 sites all over the world on precise locations. 

Each of these locations has a code of 3 numbers. The longitude and latitude of an ancient grid. It was not possible that these indigenous tribes created all these sites. It had to be a done by a single plan and thought.

These millions of people created these structures and did it in less than 13,000 years of time. They created a new grid so we can make a transformation at this time today.

Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth.

Pyramids & Sacred Sites


"They were creating these structures all over the world to create

a new Electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth.

In doing that they were recreating a consciousness grid

so we can Ascend as a collective.

This shows we are not alone and we have not been forgotten. 

Our ancestors are taking care of us so we can bring them back."



this higher consciousness will

create THE new Earth

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The birth of a peaceful and loving future


The story which conceals a profound philisophical mystery


The people developed their minds to a much higher degree

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The powerful energies of the Golden Age of Atlantis