The EARLY HiSTORY of Atlantis

the story WHICH conceals a profound philosophical mystery

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The description of the Atlantean civilization given by Plato in the Critias may be summarized as follows. 

In the first ages the gods divided the earth among themselves, proportioning it according to their respective dignities.

Each became the peculiar deity of his own allotment and established therein temples to himself, ordained a priestcraft, and instituted a system of sacrifice.

To Poseidon was given the sea and the island continent of Atlantis.

In the midst of the island was a mountain which was the dwelling place of three earth-born primitive human beings--Evenor; his wife, Leucipe; and their only daughter, Cleito. 

Cleito was very beautiful, and after the sudden death of her parents she was wooed by Poseidon, who begat by her five pairs of male twins.


The eldest of these, Atlas, was made rightful king of the entire island and the ocean (called the Atlantic Ocean in his honor), and was given the mountain of his birth and the surrounding area as his fiefdom.

Atlas's twin Gadeirus, or Eumelus in Greek, was given the extremity of the island toward the pillars of Hercules. 

The other four pairs of twins—Ampheres and Evaemon, Mneseus and Autochthon, Elasippus and Mestor, and Azaes and Diaprepes—were also given "rule over many men, and a large territory."

Poseidon apportioned his continent among these ten, and Atlas, the eldest, he made overlord of the other nine.

Poseidon further called the country Atlantis and the surrounding sea the Atlantic in honor of Atlas.

The European Pillar of Hercules: the Rock of Gibraltar (foreground), with the North African shore in the background.

The natural resources of Atlantis were apparently limitless.

Precious metals were mined, wild animals domesticated, and perfumes distilled from its fragrant flowers.

While enjoying the abundance natural to their semitropic location, the Atlantean's employed themselves also in the erection of palaces, temples, and docks.

They bridged the zones of sea and later dug a deep canal to connect the outer ocean with the central island, where stood the palaces and temple of Poseidon, which excelled all other structures in magnificence. 

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, from the East.

According to Critias, 9,000 years before his lifetime a war took place between those outside the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar and those who dwelt within them.

The Atlantean's had conquered the parts of Libya within the Pillars of Hercules, as far as Egypt, and the European continent as far as Tyrrhenia, and had subjected its people to slavery.  The Athenians led an alliance of resistors against the Atlantean empire, and as the alliance disintegrated, prevailed alone against the empire, liberating the occupied lands.

The Empire of Atlantis

Over the long existence of Atlantis the people developed their minds to a much higher degree. 

This accompanied with scientific curiosity to discover what was possible took the intermingling of species even further.

They used a frequency machine that used light to regulate frequencies to bring the body into harmony for healing.

It was operated by the person's mind and was pure energy. It was real, and it was effective.

They preferred to use crystal machines which were powerful, yet they distorted the energy.

The Isle of Poseida 

The Isle of Poseida was the planet's most potent vortex portal complex at the time of Atlantis.

The Poseida grouping and Isle housed the Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound, the Temple of One, the Temple of Regeneration and the Temple of Knowledge.

Poseida housed most of the major centers for higher learning.

These were placed on Poseida because of its advantageous location within the geodesic grids and its proximity to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiraled upward from the Earth's core.

An incredibly potent healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing, and its lore spawned the myths of the 'Fountain of Youth' passed down by the indigenous peoples of Florida.

It flows yet into the oceans near Bimini.

Bimini Road, Bahamas

Bimini Road, Bahamas

The tall ones, the Golden Race of Atlantis, of Pleiadean seed were centered in Poseida, these ones averaging 10 to 12 feet in stature.

These were a gentle race of giants, involved in the cultural, artistic and educational pursuits in the heart of Atlantis. 

Poseida was also the headquarters and nucleus of the crystalline power grid and interdimensional tunnel system.

The most advanced, complex and beautiful of the crystals were here.

They were of Arcturian and Sirian-Pleiadean construct, a living amalgam of many crystalline forms imbued with an alloy of platinum and gold.

Emerald City

Emerald City

The City of Poseida was the capital city of the Island, and was called the Emerald City. (Its bio plasmic field was projected into a shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles ).

The Atlanteans had perfected, with Arcturian technology, the ability to grow crystals of every structure and essence in an accelerated growth within the underground crystal beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil, all being Atlantean Colonies, accessed through the “Interdimensional Tunnel System”.


The 'Law of One'

Contingency of Poseida were devoutly spiritual people and sought equality among the people and a unification of Oneness.

Their society was feminine Matriarchal in the sense of nurturing.

They were not seekers of power, rather of harmony.

They were a tall race, their skin appeared toned as a golden hue, but was very translucent.

It was in fact their auric projection that glowed golden.


In their wisdom and nature, they were quite detached from the 3D density aspect of the Earth.

They existed above the polarity, yet were in a form of Light physicality.

That detachment above polarity is in part, the reason they did not karmically oppose the Aryan decline into physical density, as the Aryan 'Sons of Belial' became engrossed in what may be termed military-corporate power lust.

Poseidon in the Triumph of Neptune Mosaïque d'Hadrumète (Sousse) 

Poseidon in the Triumph of Neptune Mosaïque d'Hadrumète (Sousse) 

Although much technology and quality of life had been lost in the prior two breakups of Atlantis (the first in 58,000 BC, the second being in 17,500 BC) technology still remained at an advanced level.

Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiraled downward after the break up into islands in 17,500 BC as the islands grew into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break up.

Poseidon remained within the contingency of the Spiritual Law of One, while the people of Aryan became gradually engrossed in power and materialism.

Isle of Aryan.  Vue de Metz et descente de croix, Monsù Desiderio, c. 1620

The Isle of Aryan was the largest of the Atlantean Islands and the most populated. From Aryan grew a corrupt power-minded aristocracy who sought to block the 'Law of One' and utilize Atlantis's technology for control of the world, this through the utilization of crystalline energy for weaponry, and use of genetic science for development & retention of an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers.

The genetic engineering was based in Meruvia, on Aryan.

It had originally been used for benevolent purposes, for seeking improved physical vehicles for those that had incarnated into physical bodies that mutated into half man half beast abominations.

The genetic work had been processed and developed on Aryan and was used to remove appendages, claws, feathers and reptilian skins & scales.

This was done in the Temple of Purification, somewhat of a specialized medical centre.

During the previous Golden Age of Atlantis, its utility had been quite benevolent. Tremendous genetic advances were made and a great understanding of cloning and adjusting physical limitations for betterment came in responsible, ethical utility.

In the chaos of the reconstruction period, genetic engineering came under the control of the “Belial” group, and then denigrated into corrupt uses of greed and power. The genetic engineering began being used for dark ends, in creating a race of worker-slaves and hybrid man animals.  Just as in Nazi Germany it was conveyed to the masses as development of a 'Pure Race'.   - Source

In fact many of the genetic scientist were initially kept unaware of what their research and

development work was being used for until it was essentially too late for them to stop it.

Some of you carry great guilt to this

day as a result of this work.

Souls became trapped in cloned bodies termed 'Things' and 'Others' with genetic lobotomies and nullified, sexuality and emotional abilities.

Many who were trapped in monstrous or sub intelligent androgynous Human bodies, still carry that horrendous pain of being imprisoned in physical embodiments that allowed for no advanced learning, spiritual growth or emotional expression.

The Beings you refer to as Sasquatch, are remnants of Human-gorilla genetic engineered mutants, created for heavy labor, by the Aryans.


These scientifically advanced people seemed to be trying to decipher the secrets of

creation itself, which sounds ominously similar to our present day.

However, it was found that during those days of Atlantis, before the breakup, that many were using this talent and ability to cause much destruction and harm.

Maybe the twisted experiments were caused by boredom when they reached the pinnacle of discovering what the mind could do.

Then instead of using it for creative and beneficial purposes they misused these powers in non-beneficial ways.  

Filled with false ambition, the rulers of Atlantis determined to conquer the entire world. 

Zeus, perceiving the wickedness of the Atlanteans, gathered the

 gods into his holy habitation and addressed them.

Fall of Atlantis

Here Plato's narrative comes to an abrupt end, for the Critias was never finished. 

In the Timæus is a further description of Atlantis, supposedly given to Solon by an Egyptian priest and which concludes as follows:

"But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of rain all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared, and was sunk beneath the sea.

That is the reason why the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is such a quantity of shallow mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island."

Fall of Atlantis.jpg

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