• the alpha and the omega •

The whole evolution of human history

can be seen as the struggle to find better and more adequate answers that define our true identity.


We live in a simulated reality that only exists in your mind.

Being fearless to evolve beyond the common acceptance of the status quo or family traditions is key. We are here to make known the unknown. You are Gods, consciousness and energy creating the nature of reality.
— Ramtha


We are Playing a cosmic Video game…


This is How the Game is played…

To All Men and Women:

Ten thousands threats to happiness and inner peace.

Fire and flood, epidemic and earthquake, disease and disaster, war and the menace of annihilation.

- these are some of the outer threats.

And within the inner, psychic world of man, there are a throng of weaknesses and imperfections-selfishness, stupidity,

envy, malevolence, and greed-that are the source of pain both to himself and to those with whom he lives.

Infinite distractions from playing the single most important game of life…

you are playing the game of creating yoU.


the human body

The Prototype of Integration


Your Human Body

is your individual and personal “prototype” of organic technology.

It is infused with organs, blood, consciousness, energy, artificial intelligence (EGO), DNA and your frequency specific karma. Your body, family, and limitations is your karma.

Inside your “shell,” exists the divine spirit, the REAL YOU, which is your consciousness and energy.

What you are hides behind your eyes, your hair, and your skin deep within your body and is seen by no one. Your body is the illusionary instrument to play the game of illusions of life, a vehicle to ride within to experience this totality of creation that the soul may learn emotion.


Your Soul lives next to your heart and records everything you

experience in your human body/shell. Your spirit/double holds your body together within your

energetic egg/aura which transmits your reality 70 CM in front of you.


This reality is limited but has “Software Updates.”

software updates

These “Updates” have been experienced by the rise and fall of the civilizations on Earth.


this reality, is a hologram.

Which is created by your thoughts, emotions and actions through your DNA, which transmits your reality to your brain.


Whatever exists in your consciousness, you will create in order to experience it in physicality.


symbolically the human body is a representation of polarity.

Two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, and male/female aspects. These are extensions of your mind.

The body you wear, the family you have, your limitations, is your karma, which is your past unconscious behaviors and judgements.

All of it is recorded in your dna and soul.

You are a quantum generator of energy that attracts frequencies. Your body can hold the spectrum of frequencies/emotion in order for you to create.

The purpose of your body is to integrate polarity consciousness.

You choose your life by how you think. You are precisely what you are thinking. The thought comes in, is fulfilled in your body as a feeling recorded in your soul, and sets a precedent for the actions in your life.

now, how do we accomplish integration?

By being conscious of our Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies.

We must embrace our shadow Self/subconscious beliefs of ego/fear and release the doctrine of spirituality and honor everyone’s truth as a manifestation of the ONE TRUTH.

This is how we can transcend the mind’s ego games and acknowledge

and accept ourselves as part of our galactic family. 

The process of integration includes,

Letting go of judgement and to see past the illusions of dark/light and good/evil.

You have to unify your light and dark sides to be complete and in a divine state in order to graduate.  

Earth is a learning place.

You return to this world in different bodies, having different races, colors, or sexual preferences. You may speak different languages, have different spiritual, or religious beliefs. You are learning to put your differences aside, preserve this place for others, while being one of them, then return back home. One may know more or be more skilled than another, however, any one can learn if they have the will to do so. Ultimately, WE ARE ALL ONE! 

The rule of Earth is that what happens on Earth

has to be healed on Earth.

If the trauma has happened in the physical vessel (body) it has to be healed in/through the physical body. 

Knowledge is power and your power is stored within the soul, guarded by your higher self. Your power will be released to you when your soul is healed. This power has both polarities, creative and destructive and you are learning to be master of both of them. 

Never give up on your dreams. Never. In order to be fully empowered - one must be free of one’s past. One must be free of the rider, the necromancer that is inside of you that causes you such distress and anguish and unhappiness.
— Ramtha

Every cell in our body was created to live forever.  It has the ability to rejuvenate itself to it’s youngest, most flowering aspect and to be able to hold the boundaries of that constitution into infinity.  

When a person who suffers, personal suffering, anguish and sorrow, they are living in fear that someone will know your lie, and always having to live every day as a hypocrite ages the body.  

We have forgotten we are spiritual creatures.  Everything is spiritual.  We have become drunk with the enchantment of our humanity than anyplace else.  

This date of December 21st got you all activated because it was an important coding in your genetic material and a key memory that gave you, once again, access to higher wisdom. 

You have to remember that you ARE your Higher Self. It is not something that you have to become or something that you have to reconnect with. For you to experience the third dimensional range, you, as Higher Self, incarnated and projected into form and then overlayed illusions of separation, creating an ego or personality. You created filters to color the perceived reality. All the emotions, feelings and thoughts that say that you are separate, that you are not good enough, that you can’t connect, that you are not lovable, are simply an exploration in duality. It is so important to see it that way — an exploration that you decided to undertake. Some of you get very upset because you feel that you cannot connect, but in reality you are exploring and practicing duality and are NEVER EVER separate from self or source. 

You have to accept where you are to change where you are.  Anytime you are thinking about the future or the past, you are siphoning off energy.  In fact, you are not allowing yourself to run at full power.  Also, it is an indication that you are in the victim/perpetrator mindset.  Your desire to look down those other timelines means that you are no longer engaged in the present. There is something that is driving you from a state of fear to go back to the past or toward the future. What is it? 

If you want to change your reality, you have to change your energetic field. We will just end this subject by saying that when you are heart centered and in alignment, fully opened and connected, it is as if you are standing in a giant data stream that is about six feet wide. This data stream is your connection to your higher awareness, source, your guides, celestial friends, and the Akashic records. But when you are misaligned, especially when you are in deep fear, the data stream shrinks down to about an inch wide. Consequently, it takes longer to download or access higher information and you are limited in your connection to the infinite, restorative power of source. 

What we find rather amusing is that when you are on Earth, you like to say, “Ah, I’m from Sirius, Arcturus or the Pleiades, etc.” No one wants to be from Earth. But as you begin interacting with the galactic community, you will all be proud to say, “Ah, I’m a Golden One and come from Earth. I am an expert in integration and ascension.” In the meantime, we share this information with you as a way to ease you into your remembrances of other systems. Many of you will feel drawn to a particular system but not know exactly why. As you enter into the 5-D realm, you will have access to all of this information. 

Prior to incarnating, you all created two life blueprints for yourselves. These we call your pre-shift and post-shift blueprints. The pre-shift contained paths and contracts for you as you lived your life from the 3-D perspective. 

As you moved beyond December 21, 2012, you activated your post-shift blueprint. This blueprint includes paths and contracts based on the 5-D perspective. As the game has changed somewhat, the strategy for playing the game has also shifted to compensate for the many new levels of opportunity, awareness and perspective. In short, your blueprint is far more complex. Note we said complex, not difficult! Think of it as playing a video game. You have completed level one and are now moving on to level two, which is more challenging but also has the potential to be far more exciting and rewarding. With the post-shift blueprint, some of you will begin working with the galactic community in a more direct way. Prior to incarnating, you established contracts to interact with other beings and share information and knowledge with them. Let us say one thing regarding contracts. They are not as you envision contracts on this planet. They are simply agreements and alignments that are rather malleable. If you find that you are not willing or able to meet the terms of a contract, it can be rewritten. 


We are also completing a 26,000 year cycle where we are all integrating everything you have learned in that time frame.  This period is denoted in the galaxy by a band of extremely high-frequency light called the photonic band.  These high frequency bands of light are helping all to elevate your frequency.  We experience this as life feels faster and more hectic as all of our issues are more intensely reflected so we can clearly see where our judgements need to be released.    

This 26,000 year cycle is also the end of an universal cycle.  The new knowledge and wisdom from our experiences will change the universal game dramatically that this “game” will be considered complete.  

If you make a change to any one of the individual pieces, all other pieces, as well as the whole itself, are also altered to mirror the change. So as you learn how to release judgment, you send out this information, the “how to go about it”, to other aspects of yourselves, your genetic line, and all other beings in the Universe holographically. 

By doing that, you are changing the universal game because these other aspects now have access to new information that was previously unavailable until you experience it. Those lifetimes have the ability, if they so choose, to download and run the knowledge and wisdom you have shared through your life experience. It is quite exciting and powerful. This is one of the reasons that this is called “The Grand Experiment”. 

Never before has a planet gone through the ascension process with conscious beings on it and with the emotional range that you have. That’s why there is so much stellar and angelic support. We all understand how unique and transformative this experience is and will be. 

But since you are processing reality through the mind, you think that you are only on one timeline. You still don’t catch the fact that you have shifted. Occasionally, you will experience déjà vu, and that is an indication that you have shifted timelines. Your shift in perception, in beliefs and in frequency is usually pretty subtle since your version of reality doesn’t change in a very dramatic way. Even though you are not aware of your different timelines, your higher self always is. It is able to witness and participate in multiple versions of reality all at once. But the ego, this part of you that is having this limited existence, can’t see it. That is a construct of the game. It is part of the beauty of this third dimension, feeling separate from the whole. It is at the same time unique and challenging, and it is what you came for. As you go through this process of ascension, don’t be in such a rush to get to the other side. You already know what that multidimensional experience is like! What you don’t know, and what we are all learning from you, is how to go through this process of releasing judgment and by doing so mastering compassion for self and others. You are still in the midst of it. The bits and pieces that make you uncomfortable or depressed, the times that you feel overwhelmed, etc., this is what you came for. This is what you are learning to work through. Eventually, you are going to teach others in your galaxy about compassion and the integration process. If you can have appreciation for all the moments that you experience these lower frequencies — one, it will help you reframe them to see the service in them and, two, it will help you move beyond them. Each and every one of you leaves your body at night to give those of us in the higher realms a report. You are all very, very busy. You are going from council to council, meeting after meeting. Remember, all beings from the higher realms are part of a collective. We do not always understand your sense of separation, the choices you make, or why you choose fear over love. This is a large part of your nightly debriefs. You are giving us information regarding current events because, unless you are born into a physical body in the third dimension, you cannot have that precise vibrational experience. 

As you start to bring that expanded version of yourself into your vehicle, it will change the game and how you operate. Many of you have coded yourselves, like putting markers in your energy field, so that you awaken and remember at precise moments. These markers are saying to you, “It is time. Wake up!” That is what you are experiencing. The year 2012 was given to you as such a marker. It was always about a window of opportunity for enormous growth and expansion. 

The body is doomed to it’s kingdom as long as the Spirit is unawakened, but when the Spirit is awakened and has clear, emerging power, it is the kingdom of heaven being brought from the Spirit into the physical.  

Spirit is incorruptible.  It is that of true love, powerful and magnificent and all-encompassing.  The human is fickle.  God is not.  Spirit must be developed, and we develop it by choosing to be it.  It too needs its food.  It needs you to be it and to work it.  

This is the training.  When you have received the full initiation of the spiritual discipline and you can accomplish it - you can manifest that coin in your hand and can manifest bread in your hand - then you are being the Spirit utterly and totally.  Then you are entered into Heaven because then there is nothing you cannot do.  You have been culled forever from mediocrity and the ways of the man and the woman.  You will never be a human again.  You will always be a divine being because only a spiritual being can enter into the kingdom of Heaven, not a human and eat at the table of God.  Once you do that, you will never go back to being a regular human again.  Te ways of the world will never call to you.

It is a new heaven and a new Earth coming.  You choose which side you want to be on.  You must focus your energy and be consistent with it.  You must ask yourself, “what do I want from my life?  I want this more than anything” and be willing then to be that.  Even as lofty, unimpeachable, magnificent.  You must have the ability to dream beyond the boundaries and limitations of the common man and know you can accomplish it.  That is a spiritual being.  Heal your body, your eyesight, your brain, your loins, your heart.  It can all be done the same way.  If you don’t do it, then you have not defined that power.  

Becoming is an alone process.  Becoming a Christ is an alone process, for who do you relate to?  Who knows?  We have to have an explanation for why you are the way you are.  Tell them to cram it, cram all of their limited thoughts about you the other door and just be.  That is Divine.

In this alone process of superconsciousness, you are also moving towards what is the original consciousness that is called thought.  Thought is the Is from which all things issue forth in profusion.  The thought that superconsciousness is moving into is to be linked up with that knowingness.  It is the Is that is forever unfolding and going somewhere.  And on that, you begin to get connected with it.  So while your drama is coming to a close, the Aquarian Age is upon you, which is the “Is Age.”  It is the Christ, the return of the Christ, the awakening, the superconsciousness.  It is the new time.

The sun is going through a metamorphosis.  The Earth is going through a metamorphoses.  The Galaxies are going through a metamorphoses.  Soon we will find a new planet in our solar system that is going through a metamorphoses.  Everything is moving, evolving.  As soon as this opens up through love, through holding onto what you are, you become in the flow of that knowingness, and in that knowingness you are in the flow of life.  Then you are called forever and ever and ever and ever.  Then it is absolute.  

Know you why transcendental meditation doesn’t work?  Because you can’t still the mind of God.  How can you still foreverness?  You have to go at its pace in order to think it is standing still.  Then you are in supermen.  Then there is no time when you are in equal pace.  There is no distance.  There wis no measure.  There is only IS, and that is the forever heaven, the forever, even heaven that is eternal.  It is alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.