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understand yourself

More people are becoming aware of their true soul origins

and their purpose for being alive at the present time.

This is the time for it all to be revealed it is time

to be consciously aware.


who you are

The soul and spirit are identical.

The subconscious, in your definition, is simply the intelligence or awareness of that soul.

In your definition, the awareness of your soul is defined as the subconscious.

The fact is that your soul is your awareness.

That is one of the stumbling blocks in learning the realities of the universe.

Is that your awareness is your reality.

It is not that you perceive the universe through your awareness, the reality is your awareness.

You are what you think. That is your true reality.

The existence of your awareness validates the fact that you are.

You think, therefore you are. And yet you are, and yet not know it.

Therefore you think, therefore you are not.



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Art by Brandon Allen Bolmer

“I see all this potential and I see squandering.

God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars...

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.  

We're the middle children of the history of man, no purpose or place. We have no Great war, no Great depression...





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Creation Story

Fall and Redemption of Sophia & the Archons

The majority of the planet has no idea

There is a dense Energetic Field around our Planet

THe Lineage of love

Straight from Source Energy

The Solar Flash

The Event & Prime Creator




Our culture places such emphasis on physical beauty, having objects, owning property, and

acquiring money that we're willing to beat ourselves into the ground to obtain these things.

We're willing to learn equations, systematic approaches, and structuralization,

but we've forgotten the essence and beauty of who we really are.

This is the pain that we often feel.


The Sopranos

The Sopranos

We have assumed mastery of the external world

and neglected the internal.

Our thoughts,the things we experience in our lives, are what make our frequency.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

If we experience and reflect upon and do negative things,

our tonal is never rich or high enough because all of

these things are converted into our frequencies.

Our energy vibration.

Elevator to the Gallows

Elevator to the Gallows

As we become more anxious and react in a flustered manner, we have to keep in mind the organs in our bodies are having the same reaction.

So are all of the biochemical-producing glands in our bodies, creating an abundance beyond what they should.

It creates a chain reaction within us, which leads to imbalance, whether it is psychological, physical, depression, health ailments, or telling ourselves to create cancer, tumors, or high blood pressure.


With proper meditation, it serves to increase your own vibration.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

The idea is to escape it so we can achieve it.

Remember, escape it to achieve it.

This is a very powerful statement to reflect upon.

In order to do something, we have to understand its meaning; otherwise, it is pointless to do what we don't understand.


The planet is a living organism

and the human race

is the central nervous system of the planet.

All species of life serve as some greater or lower protozoan organism of life.  

Meaning, we have red and white cells, and other living organisms in our bodies.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange


We are energy beings coexisting in a physical body.


Every cell of our bodies is a unique, living creature, operating and functioning without our involvement. In fact, there is no physical you.

What we perceive to be ourselves is actually millions and trillions of living organisms, working with us in a shared relationship.



When we touch or smell something, our physical bodies convert the experience into energy and our brains experience it for us.


The brain and mind are two separate, distinct places of consciousness.


One aspect, and certainly not completely the only truth, is the shimmering and reflective property of water causes us to reflect. This was the first mirror. When primitive man looked into water, it was the first time they actually saw themselves.

We had to have asked: Is this all I am? Is this reflection who I am?

Is it from this being I see this place my sight comes from—is this who I am?

It began what I refer to as the first reflection of creating a soul.

Inner-reflection facilitates the awakening of our souls.

It's energy takes on a shape or body within us.

-Eric Pepin

We must sit and simply listen,

internalize and remove all thoughts, calm our minds and then

allow God to approach us in such a way that we're ready to listen.

when we meditate, the first thing we learn to do is

control the part of our minds that has unknowingly controlled us.

We always thought we were in control; these are our thoughts.

However, they're not our thoughts.

Yoda from Star Wars

Yoda from Star Wars

Prana needs us to be calm.

The Force doesn't want us to feel negativity.

We need to stop and clear our minds to remain calm.

We need to recognize meditation is a choice; we choose to meditate.

The more we meditate,

the more we maintain a higher consciousness. 

It allows us to keep one foot in the realm of possibilities where we feel complete, wholesome.

It is a place where we find a balance between this reality and dealing with life, serving and helping the world and mankind, but in another place.

We find the solitude, peacefulness, and completeness of what we're looking for, so the balance is Higher Balance; being in two different places at once, being a third, and being in the middle.

When we talk about all these other personalities inside us, the organic brain starts telling us, "You need to do this; you need to do that."

We always thought it was us.

Eric Pepin (Author) Meditation within Eternity:

The Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy,

Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth

Meditation - Eric Pepin put together this powerful guided meditation. Watch Any time you may be feeling stressed, out of alignment, or simply to build your tonal on the journey to Self-Realization.

Remember one thing: we're always gaining ground, gaining Prana.

There's no such thing as a bad meditation.

Art by Dyan Jong

Art by Dyan Jong

We are energy, a consciousness of energy that must be observed, studied, and contemplated.

We must understand our inner-dimensions, inner-vibrations, and inner- consciousness.

We can vibrate our consciousness to approach a vibration where God exists.

The sixth sense is the window to finding God.

The sixth sense is still there but we separated ourselves from it.

It is only through developing this sense when we may connect with what we are seeking.

So, when we meditate or do spiritual work, what we're really doing is trying to develop that sixth sense, which has been ignored, not been dealt with, and not been trained or developed.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

What happens when we start to use our sixth sense?

Our dimensional world comes forward, we begin to see more of reality than others.

We see more spirits, entities, dimensional things, and energy.

This is what makes us angelic in the end and refines us into enlightenment.

That's what makes us compassionate, beautiful, and understanding.

Once we have a greater palette of understanding, we realize how trite things like ego and things related to it really were when we had a limited understanding of them.


Enlightenment, Ananda, Self-Realization, Oneness with God, a state of Grace, all these attempts to name or describe the goal of meditation fall far short, inevitably, because the goal of meditation is to transcend the mind and experience directly the Oneness of the Universe – something beyond thought or imagination, and certainly beyond words.

In meditation we learn to identify with our core of self awareness (the Atman), rather than with our thoughts. If you do this successfully, something very interesting might happen. Meditation is a practice of of shifting your perspective and identifying with the witnessing aspect of consciousness rather than the thoughts themselves.

The mind is designed to think, so rather than just letting it run on aimlessly along all kinds of crazy trails, mostly worrying about stuff you have no control over, in meditation you train yourself to focus on a single idea, instead of many.

A very effective way to do this is through the use of a Mantra.

A mantra is a word or phrase, usually in Sanskrit, which is repeated mentally, and gives the mind a point of focus.

It is a simple but very powerful technique for training the mind that has been used in meditation for millennia.

This is often termed, Self-Realization.

Here the capitalized ‘Self’ signifies that we are talking about something other than the regular everyday ‘self’ as we experience it.

It refers to what is variously called the Higher Self, the Supreme Consciousness, God, Allah etc.

What Albert Einstein referred to as ‘the Supreme Intelligence’.

the goal of meditation is to realize that you are God.



Now I know that sounds kind of hard.

Or perhaps even unlikely or impossible,

or perhaps you are not sure whether or not God exists.

Nevertheless, the yogis who first developed meditation in ancient India more than 7000 years ago (to get a little perspective on this, Buddha lived about 2500 years ago) were very clear that this is the ultimate purpose of spiritual meditation.

They called this Dhyana, which is one of the eight limbs of Astaunga Yoga.


So what should we focus on in meditation?

Your brain is the vibrational center of your body.

there is a focus of these vibrations, called the solar plexus.

IT's like a lens focusing light.

The solar plexus focuses these vibrations and then sends them out again to all parts of the body, and out into your aura to keep things balanced.

That is why when you meditate and open yourself up to absorb vibrations to replenish your vibrations, you should picture them entering through the top of your head and then going down to your solar plexus.

So that the solar plexus can spread these vibrations out to your body where they are needed so that all will be in balance.



charge the solar plexus.

Revitalizes the body & Aura


When you're going through each chakra, make sure you also charge the solar plexus.

That way it revitalizes your body, but you also need to be sure that you revitalize your aura as well, which extends way beyond your body.

And so, make sure you send an extra jolt of energy to the solar plexus, to make sure that your aura is being revitalized to its very limits to help protect you from any harm that may come in your direction.

And then, any excess energy, yes, should be sent out through the soles of your feet into the Earth mother.

It's recharging your aura, and helps protect you when your defenses are down, like when you're asleep.


It is wise to do extra things to protect yourself during the day.

Either by picturing your aura as being brilliantly white or golden, or by picturing a pyramid of energy around you.

By whatever method you are comfortable with, because when you are interacting with other people you need extra protection.

But at night, in the privacy of your home when you're going to sleep, the protection of your aura should be sufficient.

You may want to picture a pyramid of energy around you just before going to sleep, but you won't need to worry about it.


You'll be protected during the night while you're asleep, because the subconscious does a very good job of it.






We are all energy, we are all love, and there is nothing that anyone can do to destroy that purity. I am love, I am worthy and once that flame is ignited it will never extinguish,

that is the power of love.

Remembering is an amazing gift we all possess, especially when love is concerned.  When one connects with those that transform our lives, in the name of unconditional love, we tend to have a permanent imprint embedded in our psyche, and our soul. Almost like a date stamp – and one, no matter how much we try to avoid it, that essence keeps appearing.


Many run from this love essence because their ego recognizes that a transformation is about to take place.

A transformation to our birthright, to our very existence on this planet.

Millenia of conditioning and programming is not going to interfere with a being that truly believes in that essence which they are.

Pure love will always transcend, fear, greed, and hatred – as well as any lower vibration that has been implanted in our psyche. 


Each of us possesses pure love inside; only a few will begin to explore that essence, mainly because the mind is at odds with the heart. The love flows through our veins and becomes a way of life…love transforms and transmutes all lower vibrations. Love heals and soothes all the experiences we have ever endured in this and many other lifetimes. If you open your heart and soul to the vibration of love and enter into the realms of serenity and the unknown, this is when life changes and becomes magical.

As many struggles with the transformation, and continue to battle their very existence on this planet…we, as the holders of the light will guide you to your inner sanctuary, to your inner calling. We will guide you home, and help you on your journey to the unknown, for that is our duty and responsibility to help humanity to transform to a new vibration. 


Earth is first planet of evolving human beings with love emotion as a primordial evolutionary factor concurrent with mental faculties development. This combination is key to raising a person to higher consciousness, to 5d and beyond. Our spiritual heart and minds should be connected as a start to reconnect us to a higher vibrational frequency.  This unity is preparation to our conversion to crystalline form aligned to a higher vibration frequency done thru group energies, the sacred triangle. They addressed the message to awakened humans.

We live in a very dense consciousness at 3D where people are filled with fear, hatred, anger, worst bring death and violence to others in the guise of serving ‘God’ for their ulterior purpose. In this plane, unity is as hard as the word impossible on 7B people but for awakened ones, nothing is impossible. Active channels, likes of Edgar Cayce, Susanne Lie and David Miller and Sananda tell us unity thru groups of two and forty and they are operating around the world spreading this message.


THE AWAKENED ONES – To repeat, we are tasked to assist unify all these three groups to make their efforts more effective as unity consciousness is the key to all acts of beings, those from the earth and those from the higher beings.

It is a unification of efforts, energies and light of those above and those below. Everything is energy or an energy exchange. Below are the earth people led by the Indigenous Ones who live with nature and us the awakened earth people tasked to assist connect earth together with the Astral group residents led by Ascended Master Sananda, still with us.

Unify starseeds - ‘volunteers’ to this mission of several lifetimes. Notice an insignia of unification workers, a sacred triangle with earth around the triangle. This means that the three sides are represented by Sananda, American Indians-Indigenous people, US and Arcturian-Pleiadian Stargates raising Earth.

Ultimately we will master this integration of energies.

Ascension follows “qualified” people who have mastered love, light and meditation-concentration techniques to connect with your higher self, guides and Source Energy.


Spread these unification values, unified love deeds, light of the awakened, and connect the unity

generated by the sacred triangle group with us volunteers for the job, Earth born, walk in or starseed.

- Source in5d.com

Enlightenment means that you realize that you can create, with your consciousness, whatever it is you so desire, because you have the greatest force with you - LOVE