The Dark Agenda


• They fear the human race and our true place in the universe •


They want us to feel fear

and have a "lack of" mentality. 


They want us to always be angry and miserable. 

That is why they keep winning.


If you take a civilization and you enslave them,

and they don't know that they are enslaved,

it is the biggest trick and illusion.

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Have you ever heard the saying,

"Work for a living. Earn a living."

We can't live free and happy without

working for somebody to earn a living?

that is a slave mentality.

Think about that.


by the time we retire, most people pass within 7-10 years.

They don't take care of themselves because their body is physically drained from working their entire life.  

Some of us want to help others and have a desire and passion for it. 

But the twisted plan is to make you feel guilty or bad that you are helping others.  

That you aren't earning a living or supporting their financial system that they have created. 


2 Billion people are starving on this planet

Due to this mentality. 


That's why there's a handful of people that control all of society and steal all the money, rape and pillage everyone. 

without anyone noticing it. 

It's called gradualization. 

They don't speak up, they don't challenge it, they comply. 

Like a slave.


Knowledge is power. 

Ignorance is evil.

There have been civilizations on this planet that have come and gone that have been covered up. 

So we wouldn’t have any history.


So they gave us the neanderthal evolving to the modern day human. 

For us to believe we invented the wheel and made fire.

If you take a civilization and take away their memory, where they came from, and who they really are...

they can do anything they want.


You can create any existence for that civilization so they don’t remember where they came from.


Several years ago all the countries got together and put together a new financial system. 

they Created a free and fair system for the human race.

because they were tired of being broke, economies breaking, and the military bullying us.

So In 1963

these White Hats tried the first monetary shift.

But it failed.  They killed JFK.

JFK wanted a sovereign nation, debt forgiven, asset backed currency, the end of the federal reserve and the cia. 

and they assassinated him for it.


The famous wink to LBJ after the Assassination

"we weren’t successful.

we weren’t ready.

So we have to be careful."


On september 11, 2001

the Dark Agenda attacked the computer system for this new monetary system.


They attacked the newest wing of the Pentagon, and 2 Data processing centers in

Pennsylvania and New York City.  They had inside people who sold out everybody. 

It put back this plan 16 years.



30,000 people died during 9-11.

Another 40,000 from the nuclear fallout.

Not 1500 like they said.


In 1993

the dark agenda tested the WTC building's foundation.

they set off charges to weaken the foundation.  not a tower bomber like they said.  All of this to maintain control. 

they use our military to bully other countries into submission.

all wars are created on a lie.

ALL so they can have an excuse to make more money and fulfill their desire for power. 

they Infiltrate every nook and cranny of society.  Everything they touch they corrupt.


When you realize the damage the Dark Agenda has done, now is the time to end it.

they want to control us, enslave us and run everything.

We have to service them.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

but not anymore.

this time we are two steps ahead. 

If You look at our reality with this perspective, it becomes clearer.

Queen Elizabeth talking about Poverty

Queen Elizabeth talking about Poverty

They have incest relations, Because of their bloodlines. 

they don’t interact with society, they seclude themselves and atrophy. 

There is a silent all out war with them (WW3) and their financial RV of the crypto currency is just to confuse and distract us.  You have to know your enemy and  strategize to defeat them.

They even have people claiming that they have time travelled from the future and stated about cryptocurrency…and said “whether you like it or not.”  that’s a slave mentality.  

Their Fiat currency is nothing.  In our history it has always failed.  


The American Fiat dollar is dead.

Dying all across the planet, which the media is controlling by the dark agenda. 

the vibrational frequency from the TV is a wave with brainwashing signals.

An American tech given to the Japanese.


We have a situation where there are 2 opposing forces. 

one that is benevolent and is putting together a new system that will free humanity from their system. 

THe other, has been trying to turn us into a Socialist state.

London is the administrative wing,


DC is the military wing and

the Vatican is the boss.

67% of all our tax payer money pays the British Crown.


None of the money paid by our tax payers stays in America.

We all have a 100 million debt addendum that is traded on the markets for the dark agenda and all of this stuff is happening without the people’s knowledge.

When each person dies they get paid due to insurance.

The medical, banking, insurance industry is corrupted.

insurance companies force you to pay the right to drive your car.

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The New Financial System

They take the same loan they sold you and sell it another 9 times.

That’s why Basel 3 is enforced to get the banks to go belly up because it’s forcing them to do that.

The new republic will be for the people, by the people.




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PT 2 - our real existence