Source "Soul" Beings

by Contributor Geraldine Orozco

We are here to assist and raise the

manipulation of consciousness

This cycle of time is called

The Evolution of Matter

earth time lapse.gif

Planet Earth

is as if she is infected with a virus.  that virus is fear.

which is a loss of consciousness to its Source, to it's home.

But Earth is working hard to wake up.

In the same way, the duality/opposition is working even harder.

This loss of Source connection

has become very easy for everyone. 

But unfortunately, it is necessary to connect to Source in order

to leave the Matrix and the reincarnation cycle.

The duality of this Matrix and this Dimension is mirroring that force of fear energy.

Consciousness has to be pure (unconditional LOVE) and unscathed by this lower fear based energy. 



It is time to Understand this matrix of illusion

and the power of the human being as a fractal of source and creator of realities.

in this 6 part series, we discuss

DNA, Hybrids, Black Goo, NanoTechnology, Dna manipulation, dimensions,

the structures of reality, the existential crisis, religion, healing, the power of neutrality,

the 5D matrix, the search for truth, the higher self and the power of the human imagination.

by understanding who we are as human beings

we can end this cycle of suffering and pain and create a new reality of unconditional love.

We are waking up, but not as fast as we should be.

We need to leave this Matrix reality on a deep level so we can merge our lives through Source fully.

We hear a lot of information about an EVENT coming in.


All the information that anyone ever needs is the connection to Source.

do not run away from the darkness within you. 

That deep seed of fear that resides in us, is being manipulated.

so focus, strengthening the inner connection and the divine integration of the

3 aspects to the multi dimensional body.

Waking up now is a whole different story.

trust the information and truth that comes through each person of Source.

They receive that information so they can embody and share it fully and LIVE it in order to assist.

Tap into the vibration of unconditional love - or that fear will be magnified by technology around us.

What we think, feel, do, & eat

feeds this fear and lower vibration.

It is necessary to connect to Source in every moment and transcend the illusions all around you.

THE First Level

is the illusion of your life and story.

the Second Level

is that everything around you is pulling you from yourself.

Focus on the inner connection to yourself.  the wholeness, the light inside. 

the Third Level

is Fear.  Everyone is afraid.  It is the lowest vibration of spirituality.

The only thing that matters is your connection to Source and nothing else.


What is occurring,

is humans come into the planet to experience life as a choice of existence. 

when they come here, they are being trapped into reincarnation cycles because they are providing life force for this duality. 

It is necessary to move out of this matrix so we can move out of it freely.

Vibrationally, when we shift within, we evolve.


Each human is a particle of a grand existence

and our natural ascension is required in order to experience that other side.

We all have the ability to evolve freely through these 2 dualities as we wish.

144 original souls that are here trapped on this earth being cycled on this earth. 

The rest is a combination of artificial intelligence and other races. 

They are cloaked based on the perception of each human. 

While we are living here as humans,

there are others living as Arcturians, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Red Races and more. 

FIFTY8_Geraldine PT3.00_04_33_23.Still009.jpg

What we think is negative is actually stagnant and belongs here.

Reptilians have decided to stay here to experience this black matrix duality of negativity.

They are solid manifestations of that reality, that energy.  Reptilians thrive off of lower energy, they feed off of everything in this duality.

Reptilians they have a clear agenda

and need to feed off life force as they never experience the other duality, which is their choice.


The entire creation holds all shapes of light.

Each fractal of light holds a certain vibration that creates a shape.

in this dimension it’s square.

On earth the geometry is square.  This works as a mirror of each other on this planet. 

So it mirrors within a square form.  Everything is square, buildings, streets, blocks, cities, etc. 

the square is meant to hold energy in a specific way. 

The square mirrors on 4 different levels of existence.

We once had a triangular shaped existence during Egypt.

Pyramids are here because of other species that came here and left them. 

This triangle vibration comes from a green goo planet. 

Originally from that planet they had green goo and triangular shapes.  that planet is Sirius. 

On other planets, based on their existence & goo, there are different levels of existence.

Other planets have circles, triangles etc. - which is different information.

Language that is more spherical is a red shaped language. 

Square language comes from another one, blue goo. 


In the universal language code, the word planet is a symbol.

The word planet means, in the symbolic sense, home.

It refers to a place of one’s consciousness and a state of vibration that is literally transferred into reality for those Beings who reside in that space and time.

It is the highest of places in consciousness for each individual Being to journey to move to the place of safety and security.  It is the situation that supports the learning that one must master on the path to the Great Central Sun.


Each shape holds different information based on it’s origin. 

The shapes show the origin of information from different races/planets.

Some of those languages are being mixed so they have different forms of shapes.

There’s an inter galactic language that’s becoming more prominent which is an expansive language of information that’s all inclusive and holds the entire universe within itself - Light language.

Planets are existing and have life but we just can’t see them. 

Life always exists. 

We are apart of life inside life.  we are all alive.

Each planet has a different color and vibration with a different shape it connects to. 

All the information is there within our sacred geometry.

Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset. Reported 16th June.gif

For human's, our natural state is joy, creation, and fun

Now in this time it is an artificial state that you are in through the designs and manipulation of those

whose plans upon the planet would be hindered by our being in our natural state of magnificence.

These beings have no power when we recognize

how powerful we truly are.

And when we create in joy and believe in the power of your Imagination and actively open our merkaba's,

our creations will be truly inspirational.

the laughter and fun that we will have whilst creating them will be greatly infectious and

will inspire others towards their creativity and magnificence.

The Origins of Humans and the Nephelim


The origin of the human race

were birthed from the Nephelim. 

The Matrix was created/expanded by a red blood line and cleared out old bloodlines of the power that they needed. 

They mixed with Pleiadians and Reptilians to manipulate the bloodlines. 

When they mix the blood they have a connection to that race. 


They manipulate the information/blood in DNA. 

Which creates a service to self within those races which feeds off of Christ/Soul energy.

Source humans do not feed, they self sustain and are creators of things.

No one is higher as Source/Humans.

Very few planets with the Source soul.

One of the planets is Earth.

Earth has a duality existence of lower vibration which is pertinent to this Galaxy and Universe.  

In this reality, survival, and ascension, is constantly being worked on to expand.

When we are on the other side we are focusing on experiencing. 

We are existing purely within the contrast of duality. 

We are made up of duality.  The dark and the light.


When we shift back and forth inter dimensionally and when we achieve a certain level of ascension

we die and go into the other side of duality/existence.

There is no set structure based on your experience and evolution of existence. 

We are apart of this constant movement that cycles to infinity.  With cycles of vibration.

Each being is apart of duality. 

It holds within it, the dark and the light and lives to decide what side of the spectrum to take/experience.


Humans are confused right now. The inherent belief in

ourselves must be strengthened. 

It has been weakened and weakened in many centuries.

The tools within the physical body is so important right now.  The body is the technology to free us from this Matrix of Illusion.  The core essence of the bodies technology can heal these artificial viruses.

It is a reprogramming of the subconscious mind that can originate in the child of a being to choose the experience. 


The body is a tool and integrates with information in this multi dimensional reality.

This nano-tech that’s been created through viruses learns to interact within each being and pulls information to the past and binds to the info and infests the body.

It must be reprogramed and everyone must find the root cause of these illness in order to inform and replace that information to reprogram the body.

This root cause is based in the fear of death which is played upon in many aspects of this reality

Our greatest weakness is fear and the idea of death.

Knowing who we are as humans, as infinite soul essence,

the body is a matrix illusion...a prison.

Everything that belongs to this 3D world parishes and dies. 

The physical mass is separate from your essence and soul,

Fractals of Source

DNA, Blood, Bloodlines, Goo & Hybrids



Blood type is about the thickness of information. 

RH Negative means more accessible blood which can be mixed.

Blood is divine information that can be manipulated at all times.

The complete blood has all the history. 

It’s all within the blood, this information.

FIFTY8_Geraldine PT1.00_05_51_04.Still019.jpg

DNA hasn’t been understood here yet, beyond our comprehension. 

It holds so much information and other races can understand it.  

it holds not only our lineage,

but our souls lineage,

from the beginning of it's inception.



GOO is A manifestation of substance.

the Spectrum of the Rainbow has different colors - these substances have different colors

Red blood is for Earth which has a Matrix.

Everyone on this planet is created

with different blood and Goo.

FIFTY8_Geraldine PT1.00_09_17_11.Still004.jpg

The evolution of the human cycle within this dimension has been slowed down to such a slow rate that it was necessary to bring higher vibration essences to bring a certain balance within this creation. 

The hybrids that come in holding vibration are mainly created by the duality, by the virus, and matrix creation.

It is a mixture of soul essence. 

These hybrids are fractals of soul. 

They combine DNA that hold fractals of soul that create more fractals of souls.

This slows down the evolution and progression of consciousness and vibration within this dimension. 

That is the purpose of the hybrids.

FIFTY8_Geraldine PT1.00_08_50_20.Still020.jpg

Hybrids are artificially created to hold a higher vibration.

They are a particle of the duality in this matrix universe.

They can hold a higher vibration with white source duality light.

There source soul is a fragment with different aspects of the universe but hold larger fragments of source within them.

There vibration can manipulate and show different races/expressions of this duality.  They are inter-dimensional beings in different levels at one time.

They are communicating with duality of source and their own races.

an exact replica of existence on an expansive level.

They are here to help us with the larger

understanding of existence.

we are merging and transcending limitations of our perception.

The Matrix & Hybrid/Earth Programs



Making children is apart of this hybrid program whether you like it or not. 

They are partnered with bloodlines for a specific reason. 

procreation is apart of that.  It’s an active program. 

When you come here to not have children you do not participate in this program. 

We are slaves to systems in this dynamic/dimension.  


They use CERN to emit nanotechnology into people to eliminate people through illness and disease. 

It merges into the mass of humans and then goes into the blood which creates genetic alterations. 

There are forces to maintain this information in their blood so they are subjects to these races. 

There is a silent war against this Mother Reptilian line.  

The Reptilians manipulate the weather which affects our the DNA. 

CERN is a portal that helps bring in information of Nano Technology. 

When they open that portal we all shift in a vibration and they split the dimension into other dimensions. 

Ex 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 with CERN.

CERN Clouds.jpg

cern clouds

The government program is using CERN to change the vibration of the planet. 

IN combination with Mother Reptilians.  CERN changes vibrations and manipulates timelines that way. 

They can manipulate overall mass timelines. 

There are several races manipulating these timelines and desperately trying to do a mass elimination. 

They can take a soul and own them once they do this elimination/death.

When we die and are our soul embodiment, some of us are trapped and enslaved to certain races.  

We have a choice to get out of here or not. 

We think Earth is to sleep and wake up, but it is not.


The Dark Government is the Mother Reptilian races.


is A manifestation of the Matrix Universe.  

That who is managing the Governments of this world. 

The military is also apart of it but they are like Grey's for the Reptilians. 

They carry out whatever they need, due to lack of sight.

Reptilians are connected to Trump who is a Reptilian. 

He’s a false image of what we believe him to be.  Looks like he’s here to do good but it’s not the deep dark truth. 

The history/future of him, he’s manipulating timelines and the truth of his work will come out.  


is connected to other vibratory machines on this planet. 

They shift vibrationally together. 

Trump is included, Obama and the Government is included to the upper Government above that. 

Brainwashed and manipulated to serve as servants in preparing the grounds for War/Mother Races. 


These plates of black energy is called goo. 

A nano technology that reads and magnifies energy and resonance at any given time.

It reads the resonance and vibration of certain areas and picks up on the frequency/vibration and multiplies it by 50 blocks.

They put this in large areas, concerts, stadiums etc.

It creates a network and they place it in different parts of the world/events ex Palestine. 

the energy of fear/hopelessness is transferred to another area to another with these devices.

This tech is being places all around the planet and creates a network.

We are in a timeline overlapping several dimensional timelines which holds this tech and magnifies this vibrational resonance.

The emotion travels dimensionally because they are going in and out. 

The confusion is from the in and out of dimensions and timelines...feeling lost, etc.

Through fear this causes a stable life force for the race watching - this has been happening many years.

It magnifies energy like a crystal but at a very low vibration.

This is the event that everyone is talking about.

The only thing we can do at this time at this present moment is to forcefully pull yourself out of

any confusion and go within.  Connect to Source.

Horrible things might be happening on a primitive experience here but it only happens within this construct/matrix universe. 

We are under control and that's why leaving this Matrix/Reincarnation cycle is very important.

We have a choice

to be outside of the manipulated bloodlines of the Matrix Universe and work under the Christ like fractals of Source.  

In order for a human to elevate their own vibration, it is the destroying of the programming within each person that needs to occur.

The cleansing of the DNA is to replace patterns of old vibration with a higher vibration.

This is new information

coming into the planet, that is constantly evolving.

Each human who purifies this higher level of information, opens up space to receive higher levels of vibration

It’s important for each soul and expression of Source. 

There is no right or wrong…it’s an experience of duality to have a natural flow of life/existence.

For us to experience ourself within this creation.  There is no rush or fear of failure. 

It’s your birthright, expression of Source and you have the ability to experience both dualities.

You have the ability and choice to see greater things in this reality/existence.

Source existence

and the matrix universe, mirror each other. 


There are 2 possibilities, in and out.  

These infinity loops are spinning so fast that dimensions merge and start to create cells and planets.

This sphere and shape created by the infinity loop creates atoms and life.

When it spins we have different dualities happening at the same time.

We shift inter dimensionally from the good and the bad or duality of experience.

As it’s spinning it’s going through an ascension cycle as the entire movement is always progressing naturally

We need to give ourselves purpose.

There’s another Earth on Source side in White Light.

Leaving the Matrix/Reincarnation Program


When we pass, we immediate go back into the reincarnation cycle and choose our next illusion based on their past experience. 

The human has the opportunity to connect with their ancestral network and their higher dimension, projection of themselves if they so choose. 

That information has to be prepared for them.

As the human goes into the death cycle, they have the option to connect to their source essence and raise their vibration as they come into a new. 


The majority of essences in death cycle are almost entering a drunken phase where they are unable to connect immediate to that source essence.   

When the soul is missing many fractals of itself it is weakened in it's ability to connect to Source. 

That is why it is important for the soul to reintegrate the many fractals of itself within one lifetime as it possibly can.  

The human has a choice to connect to their higher self based on the strength of their soul on the wholeness of their soul, the integration of their soul. 

If a soul essence has not reintegrated fractals of it soul it does not have the ability to connect to source as cleanly and easily as others. 

It is important to clear the DNA and reintegrate them into wholeness before death. 

That way when you reach death your vibration is the highest possible reached within that life purpose. 

Then the soul enters the death cycle where it has an option to connect to Source based on their vibration.  

If your vibration is low and empty and distorted within many fractals of life, you cycle immediately through the reincarnation cycle. 


Fractals of that soul is left behind unfinished and confused in what we now know as ghosts and spirits. 

These fractals from that lifetime are left behind.  

Each time the soul has a trauma or something that breaks the soul into pieces, in this dimension or other dimensions, from abuse or viral agendas, the soul breaks into many pieces in order to slow down the evolution and consciousness/vibration. 

Each agenda like pain, suffering, fear, are caused to break the soul in as many fractals as possible.  

Each human that goes through the reincarnation cycle chooses an illusion based on their soul's strength. 

The strength of the soul depends on the spiritual evolution that was done throughout that life.

The Death Cycle is an amnesia in between dimensions where viruses manage this matrix illusion caused by that existence. 

Leaving the Matrix

means leaving this dimension and ALL hybridization programs. 


It’s not a matter of breaking contracts but ALL contracts from the Akashic Records. 

This kind of work has to be done in silence and dissolving all lives. 

This process is about digging inside of your memory and destroy all the contracts here and all the contracts/programs within the DNA and bloodline to the origin of the creation of self. 

In many life times. 

We are destroying the 7 basic manipulations of the 7 basic energy centers (chakras).

It holds organized information that has aspects of the human self. 

These contracts are based on these 7 selves, if you heal the contract within 1 chakra you are healing the majority of the contractual agreements within the chakra information. 


They are based within those same 7 selves, the 7 bodies of a human have the same histories, 7 banks of life. 

7 sections of life.

Each one of them has to be cleansed, purified and destroyed. 

Our memories have to be destroyed.  Destroy the past in the entangled programs. 

We must dissolve the identity because that all comes from perceptions which are limited to this reality. 

It’s an illusion because it’s a mirror of other Matrix’s. 

It represents an illusion which we are multi dimensionally living in other dimensions with the same experience. 

When you suffer here you take on a program.  When you heal that program, you heal the same thing in other dimensions at the same time.



We have to question emotions and heal them.  It transforms the programming which transforms the blood and DNA. 

Blood is like water of the Planet. 

It holds within it the intention you give it.  It holds the convoluted cycle of information which needs to be purified. 

Detoxing of the mind, soul, 3 bodies of your self.  Earth, Higher, Multi Dimensional bodies must be cleansing through meditation and transformed consciously. 

To leave open space to whatever you need to do in your other lives.

In order to return to source we need to undo all these attachments with all those bloodlines. 

This is very necessary. 

It’s being slowed down by the Matrix system and other distractions. 

In order to eliminate and control DNA,

they created death. 

DNA is like cyber currency to them. 

They create wars with our DNA to gain power over things. 

DNA is everything to them, which is sold on the black market etc…


This is a very important time because within this time we have to cycle out of this reincarnation cycle.  

Humans need to leave the cycle as fast as possible. 

Leave the reincarnation cycle, and break the contracts and purify this blood. 

All attachments, embodiments, idea of self…

This can be done with focus and intention.

Each person needs to work on disconnecting from the Matrix until it becomes a pattern and a new program.

It’s a very deep need and allowing to enhance this Matrix.

Each person struggles within their own survival.

Where can we break that cycle of survival, the fear of not being enough, not being able to feed our families, this false construct of government, need of money...must be eliminated.

We are going through an evolution and this Matrix illusion has to be destroyed slowly by pulling away our contribution to it’s growth.

Financially, emotionally, energetically contributing in every-way. 

We must figure out how we can disconnect.  


The first way to disconnect is through the emotional body.  It is a constant wave of chemicals, adrenaline that are manipulated through work, connections etc. 

Maintain these levels of energy that wave through the body in a neutral state. 

Stay neutral at all times. 

It’s the most powerful way of being.  


Within our bodies we have the ability to magnify stress, and fear. 

This nano tech and black goo can do the same with these chemical changes in the body.

This 3rd Dimension/Realm is a heavy vibration that has the ability to shift the surrounding objects to this fear energy.

Each being that emits this vibration needs to understand the chain reaction in all things around it.

These beings feed off of that heavy substantial vibration that exists on all planets.

TV, and movies carefully filter and project this energy. 

It is only going to get worse.

So many people are waking up and trying to spread a higher vibration,

but the opposition is carefully finding new ways to confuse the population with this fear.

As info is being put out it is taken and distorted and absorbed which is artificial.  

Anything that is not received from a Source connection is a distraction.

The power of your programming, for this is what words do, they program you And recognizing that you

have autonomy over which words you assimilate within your being will free you to create the life

that you wish to have instead of settling for the life that others have used words to create within you.

You are an autonomous being of God.

You are GOD incarnate.

You are all Christ seeds waiting to flower, in your imagination.

The more wisely you choose your reading materials the faster your transformation.

Choose your reading material wisely but also choose how you express yourself wisely.

This is a very powerful key to your transformation.

The word is the key to your transformation in its current state.

As we transcend the different levels of consciousness and ascend much higher in your evolution,

words will be of no importance, as we will communicate on much deeper levels.

However at this stage of our species development, recognize, appreciate and utilize your words

as effectively and succinctly as you possibly can.


When you are in regression

you are looking through dimensions. 


Utilizing the mind with a vibration of information from the Akashic Records and resonants with your organs.

The mind is locked in the illusion around it. 

In waking time when we are interacting with negative vibrations and triggers, our bodies react and every cell lives and believes that is the reality at the moment. 

We are like water. 

Any seed of vibration will transmute itself through the entire embodiment of this physical vessel. 


Constantly living in fear or anger are constantly programming the muscle mass and molecular level of the body. 

The entire body is resonating with that vibration all the way to your hair and toes.

When one becomes connected to the negative emotion and transforms it with a command,

it creates a powerful shift in vibration

that has to occur at the deepest level of the being with comprehension and understanding. 

The healing of regression can function as an active transformational being

to transform the negative emotions that do not serve them, consciously transforming themselves.


Seethings how they are.gif

Spirit guides are those who have demonstrated greater wisdom and a higher frequency.

They are assigned to souls who are working to attain their own freedom in the Light.

They are in the position of guiding.

The astral plane souls, who are mischievous or confused, often will interfere with an individual’s path to the Light.

Spirit guides have access to many dimensions.


The higher the frequency of a soul, the more dimensions it can access with ease. It is only souls who vibrate at a very low level who have difficulty accessing dimensions that are on a higher frequency.

Seekers have done work before and we need to continue this work.

Seekers are here to save other humans on this planet for our own ascension journey. 

To save them from darker places in their own ascension cycles.

The reptilians were mixing bloodlines with other early human races. 

So we came to Earth to assist and get them out of this Reptilian cycle by assisting others

and transforming their alignment. 

They don’t want to continue to mix blood for illusion and feeding off energy,

but to create an illusion of hybridization on this planet.

There are many seekers on this planet and we need to hurry.  Vibrations are changing quicker. 


One cannot exit the Earth without the full knowledge, understanding, and love of the curriculum the God force on Earth manifests. 

When this curriculum is learned, a soul is ready to transcend to another dimension, and learn higher agendas.

When one accepts this basic understanding, one finds no conflict anywhere, for in this acceptance of oneness, a soul sees perfection in all that there is. 

When a soul transcends this curriculum and can see the goodness of God in all, and the work of God, then that soul is ready for higher dimensions, for the Earth plane is no longer a challenge. 

When you become conscious of yourself you are connected to everything. 

Consciousness happens infinitely. 

When you get to the highest level you become conscious of the whole existence.

it is time to wake up!

and Imagine a reality of peace, love and freedom!


Geraldine is the founder of Bay Area Meditation in San Francisco CA. She is also an international conference speaker, radio Co-host, Pranic Energy Healer, Akashic Intuitive, Meditation Expert, Ascension Coach, Artist, Writer and Abductee. She has over 14 years experience in the holistic healing arts.

Her awakening and psychic abilities commenced in 2008 after her shamanic energy training but transformed in 2013 after a life-changing abduction experience, Which left her an ability to see the subtle energetic and multidimensional bodies. Her unique healing modality focuses on the integration of the multidimensional body and soul fractals.

By guiding direct connection to source and Breaking contractual agreements Ultimately Reprogramming the DNA in order to evolve out of the Reincarnation cycle. She Believes that mastering the complex physical instruments we call our Bodies is the key to reaching our greatest potential collectively and evolving as humans within the Matrix Universe. She has undergone Regressions with Alba Weinman, Miesha Jonhston and Barbara Lamb in which she brings fourth Information on DNA ORIGINS, the hybridization program, and key tools to transcend the ascension and reincarnation cycle.