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Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

The book that changed my life and began my path to spirituality and enlightenment.

In his debut novel, Chuck Palahniuk showed himself to be his generation's most visionary satirist. Fight Club's estranged narrator leaves his lackluster job when he comes under the thrall of Tyler Durden, an enigmatic young man who holds secret boxing matches in the basement of bars. There two men fight "as long as they have to." A gloriously original work that exposes what is at the core of our modern world.

1984 by George Orwell

Written in 1948, 1984 was George Orwell’s chilling prophecy about the future. And while 1984 has come and gone, his dystopian vision of a government that will do anything to control the narrative is timelier than ever...

•Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read•

The Inner Door: Channeled Discourses from the Ascended Masters on Self-Mastery and Ascension: 001 by eric klein

In these volumes, intended as a sequel to The Crystal Stare, the Ascended Masters continue to refine our awareness and assist us in our ascension process.

People on a spiritual path will find these transmissions in valuable, both as practical training and as much needed inspiration.

With deep love, wisdom, and humor, the Masters walk us through our challenges and enlightenment, toward realms of indescribable beauty.

The Inner Door: Channeled Discourses from the Ascended Masters on Self-Mastery and Ascension (V II) by eric klein

In these volumes, intended as a sequel to The Crystal Stare, the Ascended Masters continue to refine our awareness and assist us in our ascension process.

People on a spiritual path will find these transmissions in valuable, both as practical training and as much needed inspiration.

With deep love, wisdom, and humor, the Masters walk us through our challenges and enlightenment, toward realms of indescribable beauty.

The Illustrated Mahabharata: The Definitive Guide to India s Greatest Epic

An illustrated guide to India's greatest epic, which has shaped Indian thought for over 3,000 years, with stories from all 18 chapters, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Harivamsa.

The Illustrated Mahabharata brings the world's longest epic to life. With more than 500 stunning images showcasing India's varied art forms, the book encapsulates the complete stories in a uniquely accessible way. Providing details of the principal cities and kingdoms from the epic, a seamless weaving of Sanskrit text with its regional variations, and more, The Illustrated Mahabharata also includes detailed family trees to help unfamiliar readers understand the relationships of the Mahabharata's various characters.

This coffee table–worthy book is wrapped in a textured jacket with gold foil, making it a great gift for mythology enthusiasts, history buffs, and readers interested in Indian culture.

Ramtha + JZ Knight

Judy Zebra "J. Z.Knight (born Judith Darlene Hampton; March 16, 1946) is an American New Age teacher and author known for her purported channelling of a spiritual entity named Ramtha.

"Ramtha" (the name is claimed to be derived from Ram and to mean "the God" in Ramtha's language) is the name of a reputed entity whom Knight says she channels. According to Knight, Ramtha was a Lemurian warrior who fought the Atlanteans over 35,000 years ago.[18] Knight claims that Ramtha speaks of leading an army over 2.5 million strong (more than twice the estimated world population at about 30,000 BC) for 63 years, and conquering three fourths of the known world (which was allegedly going through cataclysmic geological changes). According to Knight, Ramtha led the army for 10 years until he was betrayed and almost killed.[19]

Knight maintains that Ramtha spent the next seven years in isolation recovering and observing nature, the seasons, his army making homes and families, and many other things. She says that he later mastered many skills, including foresight and out-of-body experiences, until he led his army to the Indus River while in his late fifties (after having led his army for 63 years). According to Knight, Ramtha taught his soldiers everything he knew for 120 days, he bid them farewell, rose into the air and in a bright flash of light he ascended before them. Knight says that he made a promise to his army that he would come back to teach them everything he had learned. JZ Knight says that in 1977 Ramtha appeared before her and told her that he had come to help her over the ditch. JZ Knight claims to have become his first student of what she calls the great work.

Ramtha: An Introduction

An informative, easy-to-read, and entertaining collection of edited transcripts from the earliest Ramtha Dialogues(R). Twenty-five teachings on a diverse range of topics that all blossom from Ramtha's most basic teaching - Behold God.

At Ramtha's School, you will learn grand knowledge and then experience it so that the truth is awakened in you. Truth is not words written in a book. Truth is when the words in simple human application produce a wonder, a profound result.

The training at Ramtha's School starts with a Class 101 Remarkable Mind event. Students can participate online via streaming, or at the Yelm campus and select international venues. The second step is Class 201 Genetics of the Future. The two courses can be taken individually or as a Combo event. You will learn Ramtha's model of reality, his vocabulary, and techniques that initiate each student into a direct experience of personal truth to Become a Remarkable Life®.

Ramtha: The White Book

The classic introduction to Ramtha and his teachings now revised and expanded with a Foreword by JZ Knight, a glossary of terms and concepts used by Ramtha, a detailed index and a commentary essay by Jaime Leal-Anaya showing the significance of Ramtha s teachings.

It addresses questions on the Source of all existence, our forgotten divinity, life after death, evolution, love, the power of consciousness and the mind, lessons from nature, and Ramtha’s ascension.

That Elixir Called Love: The Truth about Sexual Attraction, Secret Fantasies, and the Magic of True Love

In this book Ramtha questions, what is love really about? Is it real? What makes us fall in love? What can we expect from our relationships? What is there to learn about who we really are? After almost two decades since the publication of Love Yourself into Life, Ramtha reintroduces us with unmatched simplicity and genius to that mysterious subject at the heart of all human longing, that elixir called love.

Love Yourself Into Life - The Magic Book

Love brings you closer to the greatest mystery of all - you. When you love another, you love yourself, you embrace yourself, you become passionate with self. When you are in joy with yourself, you are embracing God within your being, the principle, and you are becoming a knowing force that is awesome in its power. Every feeling you experience - every feeling - brings you closer to the identity of the enigma called self.

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality, Third Edition

Account of important events in Ramtha’s lifetime, from birth to his ascension, as well as Ramtha’s basic teachings on: Consciousness and energy; The nature of reality; The self and the personality; The Observer in quantum mechanics; The auric field surrounding the body; The kundalini energy; and the seven seals in the body.

This teaching covers the introduction given to students commencing their study and training at Ramtha s School of Enlightenment. 

Special Content: Foreword by JZ Knight, Introductory Essay to Ramtha s Teachings by Jaime Leal-Anaya, Diagrams, Workbook, Glossary and detailed Index.

The Brain - The Creator of Reality and a Lofty Life: Opening the Door to the Subconscious Mind and the Hidden Potential Locked within Us (North Star Ram) (Volume 2)

“The brain clearly is the most necessary element to a God because without it there is no dream. Without the brain holding the dream, taking a bit of consciousness and then constructing it, we do not evolve.” “The more you contemplate a lofty thought — a philosophical, lofty thought, no matter how mundane or outrageous it may be — your brain is constructing a model, an idea, and sets it right in the frontal lobe. Whatever makes it to this precious place becomes law.” — Ramtha. This is the knowledge legendary Masters and historical people of renown discovered and came to know in their life. Ramtha masterfully evolves the concept of conquering one’s self and slaying the dragon in this second book that was first introduced in our first book, The Mind Gladiators of the Future. The conquest of the initiate now becomes the raising to the head of the fabled kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine — the dormant raw energy of the dragon — in order to open that hidden door of the subconscious mind and activate those latent regions of the brain designed for extraordinary potential and enlightenment.

The Mind Gladiators of the Future: The Unusual Story of How to Master Time, Conquer One's Self, and Reach Immortality (North Star Ram) (Volume 1)

This book gathers Ramtha’s teachings that illustrate the journey one must take to understand the nature of time and how to create our timelines and destiny consciously and intentionally.Significantly, and what often passes by before us unnoticed, is what we must do to conquer our humanity, riddled with limitations and doomed to the grave. What does it take to become legendary beings, worthy of being remembered beyond time? Ramtha explains that focus is the master key to accomplish the task and offers us various practical ways in which to put it into practice. The Master’s teaching delves into the concept of the river of time, a mind frequency specific with the future, how we can reprogram our brain with an immortal dream of metamorphosis, and how to create and mold the wave of reality, from the point of view of a master. “These are very simple little notes, but within them hold the secrets to a seventh-level master, a multidimensional entity, an impressive master who has the magic to make things happen.”— Ramtha.

The Mystery of Birth and Death: Redefining the Self 

In this book, we prepared for you Ramtha’s classic teachings where he delves deeply into the arcane mysteries of life and death, the afterlife and the life review, reincarnation, how we get to choose our parents and our future incarnation, weighed in by the unfinished business recorded by our soul. What is perhaps most important are the details Ramtha discloses of how masters do not have to wait to die to plan their next life or to own as wisdom what is still undone in their soul. These are truly great, arcane secrets laid bare in the open for all of us to learn and see. They are the master keys of wise masters who found the secret of life and conquered death. That is why we call these teachings “Ramtha’s Great Book of the Dead and of the Living.”

A Master's Reflection on the History of Humanity Part I: Human Civilization, Origins and Evolution

Human Civilization, Origins and Evolution, Part I of A Master’s Reflection on the History of Humanity, tells the story of the origins of humanity before the creation of the physical universe and how it evolved into the first man and woman. This part also describes the genetic manipulation of the human race by other advanced races and how the ancient wisdom of our true origins and nature got lost and buried in superstition and ignorance. The ancient schools preserved the sacred knowledge for a future generation that would be equipped to decipher it and embrace it.

A Master's Reflection on the History of Humanity Part 2: Rediscovering the Pearl of Ancient Wisdom

Rediscovering the Pearl of Ancient Wisdom, Part 2 of A Master’s Reflection on the History of Humanity, continues the story of the human saga starting with the fall of Atlantis, Ramtha’s war and destruction of the old kingdoms, the enslavement of women, and the emergence of religious superstition. He describes a hidden civilization within the Earth’s core and explains the sacred symbolism of the pyramids of Egypt, monuments built with the help of alien technology and alien races who love humanity as reminders of our forgotten divinity. A pivotal point in human history was the advent of Jehovah in the Middle East. Much of the corruption and editing of the ancient wisdom happened during this period, followed by Christianity’s interpretation of the teachings of Yeshua ben Joseph, and other religions where the link to each individual’s inner sanctum and divine nature was forgotten and lost. Ramtha describes the emergence of Christ consciousness in each person as enlightenment in modern times. The conclusion of this work, in two parts, is an inspiring vision of the next stage awaiting the evolution of humanity and the dawn of a new enlightenment.“When we live from that which is termed the Observer’s point of view, then we, according to the law of physics, choose to live from a higher echelon of thought. Then that thought becomes the law of our life and not our emotions.”

UFOs and the Nature of Reality: Preparing for Contact

The future that awaits humanity heralded and prophesied by the greatest enlightened teachers throughout time includes contact with other great, advanced civilizations and superminds that have left their mark and shared their DNA, knowledge, and wisdom with the human race throughout history. Nevertheless, our future destiny goes beyond that.

Ramtha states in this book that a new heaven and a new Earth are emerging now on the horizon. People from every culture and persuasion all over the globe are realizing the creative power of their thoughts and their interconnectedness with nature and all life. It is a truth which is worth fighting for and that can no longer be prevented or suppressed. Humanity is finally waking up to that one fine morn of its enlightenment.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (6 Volume Set)

ELEVEN MEN embarked upon a journey in 1894 with one objective: find the great spiritual teachers of the Far East and witness their uncommon abilities.

Since these Masters were scattered over a wide territory that covered a large portion of India, Tibet, China, and Persia, they knew it could take years of searching many secluded villages and hidden mountain communes. Planning each step of the journey became a challenge knowing that countless miles of rugged terrain separated the remote and isolate locations that were imperative to the exploration. Even though they could plot their route on a map and see where they were headed, the destination deep within the souls of eleven scientifically trained men remained uncertain. Baird T. Spalding and the others were practical in nature and the thought of spiritual masters performing miracles seemed impossible. Despite these suspect thoughts, something compelled them to move onward. So they did.

The Arcturian Anthology

This anthology is a collection of what eight Arcturians have to say, including Sanat Kumara, Yeshua ben Joseph, and Mary Magdalen. From the Science Officer, to their Akashic Librarian, to an Arcturian Warrior, a Medical Officer and a Meditation Master, they bring forward the issues they struggle with, their concerns, and their choice about how to further help humanity. It's an expanded view of reality, a higher dimensional view brought to Earth by Tom Kenyon's amazing ability to contact and communicate with beings from other dimensions. Arcturians are brilliant, fearless and highly evolved. They have been, and will continue to be, our guardians and protectors. Includes a companion CD of the Nakura, an Arcturian sound meditation for exploring other dimensions of consciousness and the "channeled" sounds from an Arcturian Re-Genesis Chamber-all of them using Tom Kenyon's almost four-octave voice.

The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis

This is Mary Magdalen’s personal story of her tantric relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, known today as Jesus Christ. A love so deep it has survived over 2000 years of lies, to be finally told now, in this, "the beginning of the ending of time." A High Initiate of the Temple of Isis, Mary Magdalen was the Holy Grail, the cup that carried the blood of Christ. And the long-prophesied "sun" that was born to her was a girl named Sarha.

In the Magdalen Manuscript, given by her and reprinted here, word-for-word as she gave it, she describes the alchemy that she and Yeshua practiced. This is the alchemy that prepared him to sustain life after death, so that he could meet his destiny and lay a trail of light through the death realms, a light path each of us can follow.

This is Her Story, revealing some of the deepest secrets of the Temples, as requested by Isis. To this remarkable test, Tom Kenyon has added a comparison of the major streams of internal alchemy, plus an in-depth look at Egyptian High Alchemy and a clarification of the Alchemies of Horus. Judi Sion, at the request of Mary Magdalen, has added One Woman’s Story, which is every woman’s story.

GREAT HUMAN POTENTIAL: Walking in One's Own Light

Earth represents a remarkable experiment where genetic material from thousands of worlds was deposited. Along with this genetic material, all of the emotional coding and experiences of these planets and species was left, laying the ground for "The Grand Experiment".

There are other timelines in which this experiment is not succeeding. But you, the version with which we are having this conversation, are successful and, hence, you are going through the ascension process.

Brain States

Tom Kenyon, a psychologist and musician, has spent years studying the effects of sound, music, and language on the human nervous system. Kenyon offers a technical excursion into how the brain works, noting the clear distinction between brain and mind. To do this he ascends to the heavens with Pegasus and drops by a shopping mall to visit an amoeba. Through Kenyon's book, the reader will learn to overcome test anxiety, increase intelligence, power athletic abilities, hone language skills, cure numerous psychological problems, tweak creativity, and jump into altered states of consciousness.

Mind Thieves

This visionary fantasy will electify you. Tom Kenyon's evocative style of writing and powerful storyline appeal to the most critical "meta-techies," action fans, and fantasy lovers alike. It will stir your soul and leave you breathless. Once you pick it up, you won't put it down. Combining the lastest in brain science with technology and a poetic and moving love story, Mind Thieves will steal your heart.


Dolores Cannon’s career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years and had taken her on an incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations. As the range of topics her work covers and sheer volume of original material she had produced places her in a category of her own, this section has been provided to give you insight into each stage of her career and how it has progressed over the years. Read about her early days in hypnotherapy when she first discovered reincarnation, learn how she developed and refined her own unique method of hypnosis known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), discover all the captivating areas of research she had explored on her path.

Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

In 1945 when the atomic bombs, our "protectors" and "watchers" in outer space saw that Earth was on a collision course with disaster. The prime directive of non-interference prevented them from taking any action, but then they came up with a brilliant plan to save Earth and assist her in her ascension. They couldn't interfere from the "outside," but maybe they could influence from the "inside." So the call went out for volunteers to come and help. "Earth is in trouble - who wants to volunteer?"

Dolores Cannon, through her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some have come direct from the "Source" and have never lived in any type of physical body before. Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions. Because all memory is erased upon entry to the Earth dimension, they do not remember their assignment. Thus these beautiful souls have a difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world. These souls have a vital role to play as they help all of the rest of us ascend to the New Earth.

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

Dolores Cannon's work in Hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction. Dolores traces the phenomenon from the simple to the complex. Exploring areas untouched by other investigators, she makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable!

Keepers of the Garden

A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions.

As this unique case is explored further, he finds out that his association with extraterrestrials did not cease with these other lives. The interaction with UFOs and aliens has continued during all his present life, although the information was protectively hidden by his subconscious.

This strang case reveals the motives behind present-day involvement between UFOs and humans, and the hopes and expectations of our creators for their garden.

We are the Garden --- The gardeners are extraterrestrials from other worlds.

1: The Convoluted Universe: Book One

This is the sequel to 'The Custodians'. The book contains some of the more complicated concepts in Metaphysics that Dolores Cannon discovered through twenty years of using deep hypnosis to explore the subconscious mind. Some of the topics explored in this book: The origin, knowledge and destruction of Atlantis; The explanations of Earth mysteries, including -- the Pyramids, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle, the Ark of the Covenant, Loch Ness Monster, Nazca Lines; Characteristics of other Planets, Parallel Universes, Parallel Lifetimes and Realities; Other Dimensions and much more. This book is intended for those readers who want their minds expanded by the more complicated Metaphysical ideas that border on 'Quantum Physics'.

2: The Convoluted Universe, Book 2

For those who have enjoyed the challenges of Book One of this series, we present Book Two. Buckle your seat belts and get ready for another roller coaster ride that will present new concepts and either threaten or expand your belief systems. Dolores Cannon continues to uncover complicated metaphysics, creating the need for sequels. Included in this book: * Hidden Underground Cities * Energy and Creator Beings * Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions * Life on Other Planets * The Universal Language of Symbols * Splinters and Facets of the Soul * Raising of Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth * Characteristics of the New Earth

3: The Convoluted Universe, Book 3

Join us on a voyage through time and space into the world of the strange and unusual and unfathomable, as hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon s Convoluted Universe series continues. Suspend belief as you explore worlds and dimensions where your dreams become reality and your reality is only a dream. Open your mind to a myriad of possibilities that have previously only dwelt in the imagination. More mind-bending concepts for those with open minds and eager curiosities. * Other lives as animals, plants and in strange, otherworldly bodies. * Everything is alive. Everything has consciousness. * Help from beings of faraway worlds. * The three waves of volunteers who are coming to help the world go through its transition. * What is God? The true nature of God or the Source, where all come from and all must go back to. * Lifetimes as Creators of universes, the Earth and everything on it. * Different laws of creation and physics where universes obey other rules. * The New Earth and the effects on our bodies as we move into it.. * Who will be left behind when the Earth moves into the next dimension. * A totally new alternative to a walk-in. * The Final Solution Energy that can destroy the world if it becomes necessary.

4: The Convoluted Universe Book IV

This is the fourth volume in the wildly successful Convoluted Universe series. Premier hypnotherapist and psychic researcher Dolores Cannon does it again. Using deep hypnosis and past life regression techniques, she presents mind-blowing theories and concepts originating from other dimensions.

In this new volume you'll find more information about the spirit side--where we go after we "die"--plus new information on life reviews and preparing contracts and your life plan of what you hope to accomplish on your return to Earth.

Cannon uncovers forgotten ancient knowledge widely used by secret mystery schools and ancient civilizations, including Atlantis, Lemuria, and the original Stonehenge. She even explores the creation of life on Earth and presents unknown information about DNA.

5: Convoluted Universe Book V (The Convoluted Universe)

"Are you an intrepid explorer of the unknown? Do you enjoy having your mind twisted in ways you never thought possible? Are you ready to leap down the rabbit hole and emerge in undiscovered territory? Well then . . . The Convoluted Universe [series] is your ticket!" --Abby Horowitz of Mind Body Spirit Odyssey

The fifth volume in the wildly successful Convoluted Universe series is, in the words of the author, "like a big box of mind candy." It is meant to be tasted, enjoyed, and pondered over.

Here are new concepts and theories about the true meaning of virtually everything of universal significance. Like Cannon's previous books, this volume covers a startling range of topics: explorations of alternate universes, time travel, pyramids, extraterrestrial assistance, Big Foot, mermaids, gold, reincarnation, and much more.

Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body

Discover the secret language of the body!  Every ache, pain and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language. This book is a translation manual that teaches you that language.

The basic premise here is that we are much greater than the sum of our physical parts. We are spiritual beings residing in physical bodies. Hence, what we feel physically can be a manifestation of what is going on in our spirit. It is critical for our spiritual growth that we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

In this book you will discover what the messages from the different body systems mean and how you can heal any situation by understanding the message that is being delivered and acting appropriately on that message. This is a secret language that is now being revealed. It is no longer a mystery. Discover for yourself what YOU are trying to say to YOURSELF.


Drunvalo wasn’t born as Drunvalo Melchizedek. He (as a spirit/idea) took the body of Bernard Perona on April 10, 1972. It was all done by agreement, and as Drunvalo says, the other guy was given “something very special” in return to the favor (though he didn’t specify what it was). These acts are better known as “walk-ins” (also as “aspect shifts” and “overlays“) when a higher consciousness level spirit “desperately” needs to incarnate into an adult body at a very specific moment.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1

Drunvalo Melchizedek presents in text and graphics the first half of the Flower of Life Workshop, illuminating the mysteries of how we came to be, why the world is the way it is and the subtle energies that allow our awarenesses to blossom into its true beauty.

Sacred Geometry is the form beneath our being and points to a divine order in our reality. We can follow that order from the invisible atom to the infinite stars, finding ourselves at each step. The information here is one path, but between the lines and drawings lie the feminine gems of intuitive understanding. You may see them sparkle around some of these provocative ideas:

  • Remembering Our Ancient Past

  • How the Fall of Atlantis Changed Our Reality

  • The Secret of the Flower Unfolds

  • Sacred Geometry, the Seed of Life, the Star Tetrahedron, the Waveform Universe, the Shifting of Earth's Poles

  • The Darker Side of Our Present and Past

  • Our Endangered Earth, Ice Age, the History of the World

  • When Evolution Crashed and the Christ Grid Arose

  • How the Lemurians Evolved Human Consciousness, the Martians' Fateful Decision, the Planetary Grid

  • Egypt's Role in the Evolution of Consciousness

  • Dying, Resurrection and Ascension, the Brilliance of Akhenaten, the Story of Genesis

  • The Significance of Shape and Structure

  • The Torus, the Labyrinth, the Egg of Life, the Platonic Solids, the Living Crystals

  • The Geometries of the Human Body

  • Leonardo da Vinci's Canon, the Mystery of the Mason's Drawing, the Golden Mean Spirals, the Fibonacci Sequence, the Divine Phi Ratio

Explore the miracle of our existence by meandering through the wonderland of geometry, science, ancient history and new discovery, seen through the widened vision of Drunvalo and the Flower of Life. Volume 2 will explore in great detail the Mer-Ka-Ba, the 55-foot-diameter energy field of the human lightbody. This knowledge leads to ascension and the next dimensional world.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 2

From the pyramids and mysteries of Egypt to the new race of Indigo children, Drunvalo presents the sacred geometries of the Reality and the subtle energies that shape our world. We are led through a divinely inspired labyrinth of science and stories, logic and coincidence, on a path of remembering where we come from and the wonder and magic of who we are.

Finally, for the first time in print, Drunvalo shares the instructions for the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, step-by-step techniques for the re-creation of the energy field of the evolved human, which is the key to ascension and the next dimensional world. If done from love, this ancient process of breathing prana opens up for us a world of tantalizing possibility in this dimension, from protective powers to the healing of oneself, of others and even of the planet. You may discover a memory or a fleeting reflection of yourself in the following topics:

  • The Unfolding of the Third Informational System

  • The Circles and Squares of Human Consciousness, Leonardo da Vinci's True Understanding of the Flower of Life, Exploring the Rooms of the Great Pyramid

  • Whispers from Our Ancient Heritage

  • The Initiations of Egypt, the Mysteries of Resurrection, Interdimensional Conception, Ancient Mystery Schools, Egyptian Tantra, Sexual Energy and the Orgasm

  • Unveiling the Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation

  • Chakras and the Human Energy System, Energy Fields around the Body, the Seventeen Breaths of the Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation, the Sacred Geometry of the Human Lightbody

  • Using Your Mer-Ka-Ba

  • The Siddhis or Psychic Powers, Programming Your Mer-Ka-Ba, Healing from the Prana Sphere, Coincidence, Thought and Manifestation, Creaing a Surrogate Mer-Ka-Ba

  • Connecting to the Levels of Self

  • Mother Earth and Your Inner Child, Life with Your Higher Self, How to Communicate with Everything, the Lessons of the Seven Angels

  • Two Cosmic Experiments

  • The Lucifer Experiment and the Creation of Duality, the 1972 Sirian Experiment and the Rebuilding of the Christ Consciousness Grid

  • What We May Expect in the Forthcoming Dimensional Shift

  • How to Prepare, Survival in the Fourth Dimension, the New Children

Embrace the expanded vision and understanding that Drunvalo offers to the world. Coincidences abound, miracles flourish and amazing stories of mysteries unveiled arise as the author probes the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life.

Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart

Long ago we humans used a form of communication and sensing that did not involve the brain in any way; rather, it came from a sacred place within our hearts. What good would it do to find this place again?

This is a book of remembering. You have always had this place within your heart, and it is still there now. It existed before creation, and it will exist even after the last star shines its brilliant light. At night when you enter your dreams, you leave your mind and enter the sacred space of your heart. But do you remember? Or do you only remember the dream?

Why am I telling you about this "something" that is fading from our memories? What good would it do to find this place again in a world where the greatest religion is science and the logic of the mind? Don't I know where emotions and feelings are second-class citizens?

Yes, I do. But my teachers have asked me to remind you who you really are. You are more than just a human being, much more. For within your heart is a place, a sacred place, where the world can literally be remade through conscious cocreation. If you really want peace of spirit and if you want to return home, I invite you into the beauty of your own heart. With your permission, I will show you what has been shown to me. I will give you the exact instructions to the pathway into your heart where you and God are intimately one.

It is your choice. But I must warn you: Within this experience resides great responsibility. Life knows when a spirit is born to the higher worlds, and life will use you as all the great masters who have ever lived have been used. If you read this book and do the meditation and then expect nothing to change in your life, you may get caught spiritually napping. Once you have entered the light of the great darkness, your life will change -- eventually, you will remember who you really are; eventually your life will become a life of service to humanity.

In the last two chapters reside a surprise and a glimpse of great hope. The human lightbody that surrounds the body for about fifty-five to sixty feet in diameter, the Mer-Ka-Ba (which I wrote about in my first two books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (Volumes I and II), has a secret inherently connected to this sacred space of the heart. If you are practicing the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation in your life, I believe you will find the information in this book to be paramount to your journey of ascension into the higher worlds of light. If you are only interested in the sacred space of the heart, may these words be a blessing in your life and help you remember your true nature.

One last comment. This book is written with the least amount of words possible to convey the meaning and to keep the integrity of the essence of this experience. The images are purposefully simple. It is written from the heart, not the mind.

Barbara Marciniak.jpg

Barbara Marciniak

Is an internationally known trance channel living in North Carolina. She is the author of "Bringers of the Dawn", editor of "The Pleiadian Times", a quarterly information journal, and travels throughout the United States and to sacred sites around the world giving lectures and workshops.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words "should" and "try" from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our "gods" are. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious--and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become "bringers of the dawn," consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak

Embraced worldwide as key spiritual teachers of our times, the Pleiadians are back, with another bold and controversial look at our highest purpose on Earth. Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library is their handbook to inspired living, calling on us to restore and return value to the human being, and to recognize the Goddess energies and the power of blood as connections to our DNA and our heritage. 

Using wit, wisdom, and deep compassion, they entice us to explore the corridors of time through the concept of the Game Masters; to awaken the crucial codes for multidimensional perspective; and to redream the Living Library of Earth. Their teachings are significantly arranged in twelve chapters to trigger a deeper understanding of our ancestral lineage. Earth probes the memories hidden deep within us to reveal our crucial roles in the transformational process unfolding in our times.

Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living by Barbara Marciniak

With compassion and compelling insight, the Pleiadians, those system-busting time-travelers from the future, take us on a journey through the unchartered lands of The Book of Earth, which comprises all human experience. While “our world goes belly-up in these most absurd of times,” they offer us “tools for survival.” During the crucial period between 1987 and 2012--a nanosecond in the annals of existence where secrets and solutions are stored--we have the unique opportunity to move from the deepest of density to the highest of frequencies--where we shift from linear to multi-dimensional living. To make this transition, we must face not only the limitations of our 3-D world with its electronic manipulation and mind control, we must embrace our own wounds, and those of our ancestors and our leaders. To heal ourselves, to raise our frequency from one of despair and fear to one of great inspiration and love, the Pleiadians urge us to rethink and reevaluate our lives: “You shall change, you will change, you must change, because this is the season of change.”

The Book of knowledge: the Keys of Enoch®

Contain spiritual-scientific teaching from two higher Teachers of universal intelligence called "Enoch" and "Metatron." Enoch identified himself as the same Enoch mentioned in the ancient biblical texts. However, this book is not channeled information but comes from a direct experience.

The purpose of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® is to open the mind of humanity to new ideas, inviting you to share in the experience of the education of the soul. The Keys are a blueprint of the many levels of spiritual consciousness and are designed to bring you in touch with the meaning of Divine Intelligence.

The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim: (With Extensive Commentary on the Three Books of Enoch, the Fallen Angels, the Calendar of Enoch, and Daniel's Prophecy)

The history of the Fallen Angels is sewn tightly together using such books as Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, The Book of Giants, The War Scrolls, and many others. The story will astonish you. - - - New information on the First Book of Enoch is greatly expanded. Lumpkin describes the Calendar of Enoch and its pivotal place in the prophecy of Daniel. He takes First Enoch apart, section-by-section to describe its history, the time frame of authorship, and its contents. Copious notes are included throughout. - - - This volume, containing The First Book of Enoch (The Ethiopic Book of Enoch), The Second Book of Enoch (The Slavonic Secrets of Enoch), The Third Book of Enoch (The Hebrew Book of Enoch), and The Book of Fallen Angels, The Watchers, and the Origins of Evil. Expanded Commentary is included for the three books of Enoch, as well as the sections on Angels, Prophecies and the Enochian Calendar. These sources are found here, all in a single source.

Eric Pepin: Meditation within Eternity: The Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy, Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth

Meditation within Eternity is a journey into the heart of being spiritual in the modern world. Practical yet provocative, it pushes the limits of what spirituality is conceived to be, more than just relaxation and bits of Zen wisdom, it is the extraordinary yet invisible aspect of the universe we have forgotten how to touch, hear and see.

This guide offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy, a forgotten resource and why many fail to truly grow spiritually. It also solves the missing link to accessing higher consciousness. It is the natural magnetic sense, or sixth sense, each of us possesses. The universe, reality, is molded by magnetism. We have an organic body, and an electric one. This electric, energy body, is capable of tapping the electromagnetic nature of reality. Following simple techniques and practical advice you will learn how it is possible to tap into the source code of reality.

Meditation within Eternity provides practical, short meditation techniques for real spiritual growth. It serves a humble purpose – to give you the ability to experience spiritual awakening for yourself.

The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality

"Awake-up call to wonder, an adventure in ideas." —Larry Dossey,M.D., author of Space, Time & Medicine

Author Talbot writes that ". . . there is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it. . . are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time." Hence, the title of his book. Beginning with the work of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, both of whom independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe, Talbot explains in clear terms the theory and physics of holography and its application, both in science and in explanation of the paranormal and psychic. His theory of reality accommodates this latest thinking in physics as well as many unresolved mind-body questions. This well-written and fascinating study is recommended for science collections.

Carlos Casteneda: Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan 

In Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda introduces readers to this new approach for the first time and explores, as he comes to experience it himself, his own final voyage into the teachings of don Juan, sharing with us what it is like to truly “stop the world” and perceive reality on his own terms.

Originally drawn to Yaqui Indian spiritual leader don Juan Matus for his knowledge of mind-altering plants, bestselling author Carlos Castaneda immersed himself in the sorcerer’s magical world entirely. Ten years after his first encounter with the shaman, Castaneda examines his field notes and comes to understand what don Juan knew all along—that these plants are merely a means to understanding the alternative realities that one cannot fully embrace on one’s own.

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto  

Masaru Emoto is an internationally renowned Japanese researcher who has gained worldwide acclaim. Emoto is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's department of humanities and sciences with a focus on International Relations, and he receive certification as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine from the Open International University. Emoto's research has visually captured the structure of water at the moment of freezing, and through high-speed photography he has shown the direct consequences of destructive thoughts and the thoughts of love and appreciation of the formation of water crystals. The revelation that our thoughts can influence water has profound implications for our health and the well-being of the planet. Masaru Emoto has written many books, including the New York Times bestselling The Hidden Messages in Water, and his books have been published in twenty-four languages.

Alien Interview: Deluxe Study Edition by Lawrence Spencer

This is Deluxe Study edition of the internationally best selling book, Alien Interview. Includes the original letters, notes and interview transcripts provided by US Army Air Force Nurse Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy with editing and extensive footnotes and detailed index provided by the editor, Lawrence R. Spencer. The content of the book is a series of personal interview conducted between Nurse MacElroy and the alien pilot of a UFO which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947

The Galactic Council Book 1 by R Mackenzie 

We are a group of beings who preside over the Council that has many members from all over the Universe.  We are here to give you the opportunity to have first contact. We are excited to meet you in person. We have ships that we wish to gift you.  As a species you are ready and this next stage is the most exciting time your World has ever seen.  It is only now as the Worldwide quarantine on your Planet is lifted that we are able to contact you on a more obvious level. You have only reached this point very recently and we are pleased that this can now be a two-way communication. 
You are ready to travel the Galaxy.  These books will show you how - Welcome to your future.

The Galactic Council Book 2 by R Mackenzie 

This book is the key to the Kingdom of God within you and all that read it will be changed forever.  The time has come for you to finally realize how powerful you are.  This is the most important evolutionary leap that you have made since you learned to talk.  This is the book you have been waiting for.

Metatron This Is The Clarion Call

This book, if approached with humility, will take you on a rollercoaster ride of your consciousness. It will make your life more interesting and your relationships better. Your romantic life will be much more relevant and loving and your sexual relationships much more fulfilling and exciting. It will transform your finances in a positive way and teach you how to manifest all the abundance you could ever want and give you the tools to be the best that you can possibly be in all areas and approach life with passion, joy, laughter and fun.... This is the Clarion call for all lightworkers.

METATRON This is the Healing book

This book if approached with humility will bring you fully into your healing mastery. In conjunction with Metatron, this is the Clarion Call. This book will bring you into complete fulfillment. You will feel this joy emanating from your heart. We are with you every step of the way and we ARE you. We are your higher self. Have confidence dear ones. For the more you expand your light the easier it becomes.

This is the rapture of mankind that has been spoken of. The divine fire is here; it is upon you now and all that are ready for this will synchronize with you. The majority of extra terrestrial civilizations wish to embrace you now as a species as your quarantine is over and you are being embraced with open arms by the many different cultures and civilizations that look upon you very fondly from all over the Universe. Your lights are shining dear ones.

Twin Flame Code Breaker: 11:11 KEY CODES The Secret to Unlocking Unconditional Love & Finding Your Way Home

A “twin flame” refers to a twin soul that is seeking self-transformation along its personal path. This self-transformation—the understanding of “Key” life lessons—is essential to the joint mission of twin souls, for the twin flames are bound together in an agreement to help mature each other’s karmic evolution.

Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciousness

Extraterrestrial contact is happening now. We may not remember it clearly. We may think it is only a dream. We may ignore the signs of contact because we do not understand them. And most of all, we may simply be too frightened to fully acknowledge its presence. The contact experience is intricately tied to the nature of human consciousness. When we as a species evolve, so will the nature of our contact experiences.

Part 1 was first published in 1994. This new edition includes part 2, and is a groundbreaking book with all new information that explores Lyssa's contact research around the world from 1994 to present day. It is a combination of narrative, channeled material from renown channel Lyssa Royal, and personal accounts from teams of contact pioneers -- those who research ET contact in real time and reach out to initiate contact through their work with specially trained contact teams. An inside look at the ET contact experience is given, including what the human consciousness experiences during contact and how our perceptions of reality change as we meet with beings from other worlds. The authors present a breathtaking look at the contact phenomenon and its connection to the evolution of the human species.

Visitors From Within, 2e: Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution

This is the newest edition of a classic work with added material. This book combines narrative, precisely-focused channeled material and firsthand accounts exploring the ET contact and abduction scenario. Not a fear-producing or gloom-and-doom book, Visitors from Within challenges the reader to use these contact experiences as a tool for personal and planetary evolution. The newest material focuses on the abilities of children to transcend the barrier that seems to lie between humans and extraterrestrials. This book will move you, and encourage you to expand your beliefs about extraterrestrial contact forever!

The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

The Prism of Lyra is a book that examines the idea of creation in a different light. In contrast to the notion that humans are the result of creation, it explores the idea that the collective humanoid consciousness (or soul) created our universe for specific purposes.

What are those purposes? Who is involved? These questions and many more are addressed, resulting in startling possibilities.

The Prism of Lyra then traces various off-planet races (Lyra, Vega, the Pleiades, Orion, Zeta Reticuli, and more) through their own evolution and ties them into the developing Earth. Highlighted is the realization of our galactic interconnectedness . . . and our shared desire to return home.

EL AN RA: The Healing of Orion

A wild and often hilarious love story between a fallen angel and a star commander which takes place during the devastating Intergalactic Wars in Orion and beyond. An unforgettable cast of characters leads you through some amazing adventures as the secret key that holds this dimensional universe into the template of duality is revealed and transformed!

A Starseed Guide Andromeda, Pleiades, and Sirius Volume 1

The Pleiadian star nation is one of the most discussed star nations that we know of. Their closest soul brothers and sisters are Andromedans and Sirians. Often, they all join in beautiful ceremonies and work in unity with other star nations to ensure peace across the Universe.
Pleiadians are Soul Healers. Sirians are Knowledge Keepers. Andromedans are Healers and Scientists. Together they create a beautiful trinity of energies that synchronize with the energies of our mind (Sirius), body (Andromeda) and spirit (Pleiades).
In this book you will embark on a journey to learn more about these star nations, their home world, special places, and their unique abilities. You will also learn about the characteristics of starseeds that have incarnated on Earth from these star nations. Are you one of them? Do you carry their ancestral DNA? 
While you read about these star nations you will automatically connect with them. You may consciously ask to be DNA attuned to their energy. If they are your original ancestors, you may experience sudden memories while reading, and your spiritual DNA will be activated. If they are just your galactic neighbors, then you can receive their energy imprint. You will be attuned to the energy that will assist you in the highest possible way in your current life here on Earth. 

A Starseed Guide Centaurus, Epsilone Erinadi and Lyra Volume 2: Piece Of A Puzzle To Atlantis

Lyrans are the oldest beings who contributed to the Earth’s population and growth. They are grandfathers of the science of DNA and creators of hybrids (merging the DNA of beings from various star nations). They have strong and determined personalities like elders who have experienced everything. Centaurians are younger compared to Lyrans. When Lyrans migrated to Centaurus they assisted in their development. They are bright, with sweet, comforting, and compassionate personalities like young warriors, optimistic that they can fix any problems. Epsilonians are like the glue between those two. They are a pod that holds two peas together. They are master mediators and are also currently closer to our Earth and can easily function in the fifth dimension like Arcturians, which is challenging for Lyrans and Centaurians. Since Lyrans and Centaurians have the most experience in merging DNA and genetic experiments they want us to understand fully what had happened. Naturally, there have been nasty setbacks and not everything went as planned. But instead of leaving us alone they keep reincarnating on Earth to assist in healing of the past so we can move forward in our future. Epsilonians bring logic of the heart, and similar to Pleiadians healing to the soul. Similar to Andromedians, Centaurians work with healing energies of the physical body. Lyrans have access to ancient records and knowledge of forgotten times similar to Sirians. 
In this book you will embark on a journey to learn more about these star nations, their home world, special places, and their unique abilities. You will also learn about the characteristics of starseeds that have incarnated on Earth from these star nations. Are you one of them? Do you carry their ancestral DNA? 

Soul Cleansing and Energetic Protection : Removing Negative Energies and Entities, Earthbound and Extraterrestrial

Throughout my healing practice, I have encountered plenty of people that have suffered from various sorts of blockages caused by negative energies. This Healer's Guide is a product of three years of learning from my Guides—the Lights of the Universe about all kinds of negative energies. With their help and guidance I was able to learn and fine-tune the techniques of how to free the soul, remove blockages and take the power back in order to live a happy life, and now I am excited to share this with you. In this Healer's Guide you will not only find the information about negative energies, but also detailed, step by step instructions on how to remove these energies and how to restore your original energy.

Pleiadian Code: The Great Soul Rescue

The Pleiadian Code is a tool that starseeds may use to sift through both personal and global history for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding. This tool may guide your path toward remembering who you truly are. Additionally, it will help guide you in turning your inner compass toward the goal of starting your soul healing journey. Ultimately, the final objective of the Pleiadian Code is to help you return back to the Universe when you are ready to do so.

Connecting with the Arcturians 

"Only on rare occasions does a book come along that contains the potential to change the consciousness of our entire planetary culture. Many have talked about the ascension process, but very few really understand what it means. Who is really out there? Where are we going? What are our choices? What has to be done to prepare for this event? Is everyone ascending to the same place? What happened to the fourth dimension? How can we understand the fifth dimension? What are fifth-dimensional beings like? 
This book explains all of these questions in a way that we can easily understand. It explains what our relationships are to known extraterrestrial groups and what they are doing to help the Earth and her people in this crucial galactic moment in time. It helps us to understand how we can raise our vibration now and begin the process of integrating higher-dimensional energies into our third-dimensional world. 
The Arcturians have given us a crucial focus for the acceleration of world consciousness. They have presented the concept of group ascension through the creation of groups of forty, and their concept of the Sacred Triangle reveals a powerful method for the integration and unification of spiritual and religious thought on the planet Earth. 
As you read this book, you will feel the presence of fifth-dimensional energy within your being, allowing you to be able to truly experience a view of fifth-dimensional awareness. This will profoundly affect your ability to expand your own perception of reality and help you to actively participate in the personal and planetary ascension that has already begun."

Connecting with the Arcturians 2: Planetary Transformation from a Galactic Perspective

This follow-up to Connecting with the Arcturians contains the latest channeled teachings from Juliano, the Arcturians, and two Andromedan spirit guides, Heylang and Gurhan. It covers topics such as embracing galactic spirituality and planetary evolution, Arcturian thoughts from a fifth-dimensional perspective, the aura-enhancing technique known as shimmering, unity consciousness, and much more.

Juliano’s teachings focus on personal and planetary healing and ascension, and this volume presents the most up-to-date information on ascension that is available, including new spiritual technologies to aid the process. Gain full understanding of the planetary healing spiritual technology known as Biorelativity, and begin working with new quantum and global healing techniques and cosmic consciousness.

Connecting with the Arcturians 3: Energy Fields, Higher Vibrations, and the Evolution of Humanity

The themes of this book focus on the evolution of humanity, the next stage of our planetary development, the planetary crisis in general, and how we, as spiritual lightworkers and starseeds, can prepare for our future and for the ascension. We look at the relationships between such complex subjects as quantum physics and spirituality and New Age physics to learn how that relates to the higher dimensions and healing techniques that use new terminology such as “quantum healing” and “omega light.”
The Arcturians gladly integrate physics with spirituality. Ascension is the transmutation of the physical body into the fifth dimension, completing Earth’s incarnational cycles. They report that the ascension is open to all seekers of higher spiritual truth, especially those who are open to cosmic spirituality. There is also an extensive glossary to help the reader.
Overall, their messages are hopeful, helpful, and healing. The healings provided through their thinking are relevant personally and planetarily.

The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective

In July 1996, during an extraordinary out-of-body journey through the Milky Way and other galaxies, Patricia Cori was reconnected and attuned to a group of interdimensional light beings that she and her many readers came to know, through the first Sirian Revelations transmissions, as The Sirian High Council. During her remarkable mission as their Scribe, she has shared the insights of six-dimensional Sirian Light Emissaries through the books and teachings that have transformed readers over the past decades. Now, twenty years from the date of the first transmission, Cori shares new revelations that affirm the veracity of past prophecies and transmit new visions for the human race as we ascend through the outer reaches of the fourth dimension into new levels of conscious awareness and parallel realities as we prepare for our imminent emergence.

Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Series; Vol 1)

This book is a record of the author's experiences beginning on the side of Mount Shasta with the Ascended Master Saint Germain, in the order in which the events occurred, stated as clearly as possible, in words that convery to the reader the feeling of the experiences.

The Magic Presence (Saint Germain Series Vol 2)

This book contains the author's second group of experiences with Beloved Saint Germain. These experiences were the result of his applying the Knowledge he had previously learned, as described in Unveiled Mysteries.

The I Am Discourses, Volume 3

These original thirty-three Discourses were dictated over the Visible Light and Sound Ray, in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Ballard. the sound of His Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room and at times His Tangible Presence was visible.

Feeling is the Secret

Your thoughts shape your life, create your reality, and ultimately limit or expand your true potential. Everything from relationships and love, to health and well-being, to wealth and prosperity are directly connected to how you think and what you think about most of the time. For better or for worse. A quick and easy read, Feeling is the Secret describes how our thoughts and feelings affect who we become and what we achieve. When we have the power to change them, we gain the power to change our circumstances, our health, and our life's purpose.

The Power of Awareness

With the words, "Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change," Goddard invites us to resist the temptation toward judgment and to look at ourselves for the change we want to see in the world an in others. "God's promise is unconditional; God's law is conditional, and comes in its own good time. If you do not experience it in this life," he said, "You pass through a door, that's all that death is, and you are restored to life instantly in a world like this, and you go on there with the same problems you had here with no loss of identity."

Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader

Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader, Includes all 10 of Neville Goddard's Spiritual Classics: At Your Command, Awakened Imagination & The Search, Feeling is the Secret, Freedom For All, Out of This World, Prayer, The Art of Believing,Seedtime and Harvest,The Law and The Promise,The Power of Awareness and Your Faith is Your Fortune. Includes 2 pages of note space after each chapter for notes and highlights.If you are familiar with this great American mystic, this will be a goldmine of spiritual wisdom in one book. If you are new to his writings, you are in for a spiritual journey that will last a life-time. Audio Enlightenment.Com has done an incredible service to truth seekers worldwide with the publication of this compilation, for this generation and generations to come. Read this book not once or twice, but devour it with the fervor of a search for the Holy Grail. For if your desires are noble, and your quest is true, you will find what you seek within these pages.

Awakened Imagination: With linked Table of Contents

“I want this book to be the simplest, clearest, frankest work I have the power to make it, that I may encourage you to function imaginatively, that you may open your "Immortal Eyes inwards into the Worlds of Thought," where you behold every desire of your heart as ripe grain "white already to harvest." Truth depends upon the intensity of the imagination, not upon external facts. Facts are the fruit bearing witness of the use or misuse of the imagination. Man becomes what he imagines. He has a self-determined history. Imagination is the way, the truth, the life revealed.” —Neville Goddard

Illuminati Unmasked: Everything you need to know about the “New World Order” and how we will beat it by Johnny Cirucci

* Barack Obama’s shocking ties to this Mystery Religion—and it’s not Islam.
* How American politics have been rigged and who has the power to control every level of your government.
* All of America’s external threats—illegal immigration, pandemics, terrorism—orchestrated by the same people.
* Who was really behind 9/11 and how they have far worse planned.
* America’s top leaders from both Parties bow to this secret power.
* The worst days in America can all be traced back to them.
* American Patriots have been framed and murdered by them.
* Assassination is their specialty.
* Hidden history uncovered! The Communists and Nazis owe them their origins.
* “Another lone gunman” lie with a twist you’ve never heard: the real story behind Abraham Lincoln’s death.
* The chilling reality of “mind control”: LSD, satanism and the CIA...and who is behind it all.
* The death of the dollar and destruction of the Middle Class: all carefully planned.
* The “Alien Agenda”: a coming world deception completely controlled by them...—with help from another realm.
* Signs that a nation you never would suspect is secretly fighting the New World Order and proof that Resistance is Rising!

Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed

The ultimate “conspiracy” is also the most horrible: a Satanic Elite controls all access to power. If you wish to join them, you must be like them—willing to do the worst things imaginable to the most innocent lives possible.
They have been operating since the dawn of civilization. The “Christian Era” forced them underground but secretly these druids of depravity rule it all...and this book exposes them for you!
•Sex messages hidden in Disney cartoons; Moloch worship in the Redwoods of California; only this book explains it all!
•Did you know the “North American Man-Boy Love Association” was co-founded by a pedophile Roman Catholic priest?
•The real reason why wars are started and why the Elite fabricate them needlessly out of whole cloth.
•Read about the head of MI6 who was a lifelong “paedophile” and traitor. He also helped found NATO and seeded the “Global War on Terror” 30 years prior.
•The most infamous serial killers are trained and enabled to do what they did.
•Every famous person you’ve ever looked up to has been exposed to this dark secret and either kept it, been a victim of it and / or participated in it.