• The Depths of Illusion •

We currently live on a plane of

suffering and pain (of the mind).


On this Earth 3rd dimensional plane,

the first infrastructure

you have to learn is yourself.

The Matrix_Battery.gif

The human mind is only made for the Earth plane.

Our bodies are full of chemicals and radiation.

We are batteries

of quantum energy.


Cancer is a demon and goes through all people for an exchange.

This being is inside the mind and influences the personality.

As you grow up, your family, friends, school, affect and develop your personality as you grow up.

Your personality is from the mental area of the auric field.



Shape Your Reality

Your double houses your physical body in an energetic like shell.

Life is composed of 30,000 holograms in your life, look at how many you have left.

Yesterday doesn’t exist, it’s just your attachment to that hologram you experienced.  

Nothing you already experienced can ever happen again.

If you hold onto a past hologram,

you are wasting energy and taking energy that you could use for today.  

Don’t attach to anything in your life.  

Learn from the lesson and use your double/spirit.


Master yourself and your reality, which is 70cm in front of you in your hologram.  

The rest you can’t see ex: your back is all black.  A void.

You are just watching a movie you are creating.

No one can really see yourself completely in your hologram.  

Ex: you can’t see your back without a mirror.

You can exercise and train your double to exit this reality and take energy from another reality and come back to give it to your body, mind, etc.


When you look at yourself in a mirror, most of the time you don’t recognize yourself. 

Suffering impresses people the most.

Everyone has a string that ties them to their energetic body and their “home.”

Create what you want to experience NOW, not from the past.

When you get rid of the past holograms and work on a strong string, you can leave this reality.

Pyramid Khafre and Sphinx Giza Cairo Egypt.jpg

PYRAMIDS were built and conceived by others, but it is meant to be that way - a Mystery.

This reality is like a holiday and you picked this body for that holiday.

Learn how to live a life that doesn’t belong to you.

We are strangers in this reality.

earth is a school of freedom from control.


This reality is limited but has “updates.”

There are bubble’s of realities / “illusions”

Competition is natural here in this reality.

why do we take it so seriously?


You make your reality become real.

The body only exists in the mind.

When you close your eyes,

you are inside.

Feel it, your double is always with you.

Wisdom - flows and moves within itself.

The Mind is the action of the consciousness.

a Sharp Mind is the speed of thoughts within consciousness.

Use your mind to change your thoughts, to change your life!

If you do the same action (repetition),

it destroys the human cells.


Life here is a like a chess game.  We are the pawns.

the Queen is the most important part.

But there are ways to leave this game, but not to change it.

When you interfere with this reality, you have no idea who you are messing with.


this reality is like a video game.

They created videos games so they could train soldiers without training them.

Reality has a purpose and you can exit it by the mind.

which can be taught and learned.

you don’t need quantity, you need quality.

The human mind creates time in a hologram.

Feminine mind spirals to the left.

Masculine mind spirals to the right.

3 days of the week, there is no Moon.

You live on an illusion of the Earth.

There are roughly 7.5 billion people on Earth, 2.5 billion are real and 5 billion are projections

Projections are copies of someone right now, some are parents, siblings, friends etc…


Everybody see’s humanity from their point of view.

Humanity follows those who save themselves.

Family is an illusion and only exists in your hologram.

The lessons from parents...
Mothers teach inner strength & power to their daughters.
Fathers teach inner peace & spirit to their sons.
They are mirrors to the duality within us and the push we seek to evolve.


All presidents represent that nation.  

No matter who - they already knew they were going to be president.

Rulers are known before they are born.

They already know the next 3 presidents with an agenda.  It’s already done.

This reality doesn’t belong to us.

You cannot change it.  If you try to, you have no idea who you are messing with.


Obama is the Nephew of Churchill.

Trump’s roots are German.

Everything that you see with Trump is a show.  It isn’t real.  

What you think is real, is just a creation.

This is the law of the Universe / Action creates Reaction.

Judging of actions is only created on linear realities.

Stop competing and learn to be neutral.

do not judge or you will stay here and not ascend.

you are a man/woman in this lifetime because you judged men/women in your previous life.

We all look outside ourselves for change.

But it is within.

NOTHING belongs to you, so we must change our vibration and look within.

To help others we must have the strength to help yourself.

This reality

is the land of the dragons


There is an energy that comes from the gut.

“Dragon energy”

It changes the personality to be a victim or have ego.

Dragon in Romanian means “Dear One.”

It knows it won’t live long so it holds onto security, safety and urgency.

It’s a parasite in every human being in this reality.


Train the personality and clean it up.

Self importance and trying to grab peoples attention wastes your energy.

Your image destroys your energy.

If you are authentic and yourself, you have a supreme image.


The dragon can be changed with kindness, and forgiveness. 

Kundalini is the energy of life. 

This feeds the dragon/personality.

become a dragon warrior.

The modern thing now is to victimize yourself with the disease when you are sick, “look at me”

That is the biggest power the dragon uses - the victim.



Means you are far away from God


With our mind we can change and heal our bodies.

Your body reacts due to the lack of love in your body.  

It is very easy here to become sick.  

Pain is a low frequency. 

Everyone is so sick, in the mind, which effects their bodies.

Comfort destroys the body - Static Energy will kill you and become toxic

Cancer is an alive being,

it destroys the immune system.


Everyone has auto immune diseases - Pancreas, prostate (connected to right lung) liver, etc.

Mercury causes cancer, which is in everything.

one disease of the immune system weakens the connection to your guardian angel which is above you in the middle of the head.

Infection of bacteria is more dangerous than Cancer.

MonoNucleosis destroys the immune system.

A virus lives within parasites and there are no treatments.

Allergies are parasites that make you react, sneeze, cough etc.

They like acidic environments (parasites + viruses) and we are full of chemicals.


Emotions are the chemical reaction based on our own chemicals.

Parasites change the way you walk and talk.

They are so strong they can influence how you think and cause agitation, paleness, anger, and say mean things.

They love humidity, it lives in walls etc.

Onions and Garlic kill the parasites and you can be diagnosed.

Dogs & cats carry a lot of these parasites.

Pets give us parasites and diseases, as they need parasites to live.

when dogs greet each other, the first thing they do is sniff their butts.

their mouths are always licking the ground and themselves. would you lick the ground?

If you love them you would let them go and live in nature. where they belong.

The right mind can pull out what the body doesn’t need.

These beings that created parasites raised their frequency to destroy the body within.

When you look up at the sky and see a worm like shape,

that’s the being.  

It’s capable of dropping 100,000 eggs a minute.

You can eliminate parasites with high frequencies which causes some pain, because they are angry and dying.



Dr. Strecker showed scientifically exactly how the U.N. did it.  

They took a virus from a sheep and a virus from a cow and blended them together in a certain way to make the AIDS virus.

But before they ever distributed it, they also made a cure for it.


Down syndrome happens when a person transitions from this second level of consciousness, which we are on, into the third level but didn’t quite make it.  

a Down’s syndrome person has 45 + 2 chromosomes — they got one of them but not the other.

He or she got the emotional one — the heart one — all right.

It is only at the lowest point (disease, death) we look for God.


GOD is female and male at the same time.  

God is everywhere, in the air and all around you.

Prayer is the structural connection to who you really are = spirit.

Standing and praying to God, you open yourself to knowledge.



The concept of killing comes from experience.

We have all been prostitutes, murderers, emperors…etc.  The Good and Bad.

When you think someone is an asshole, it’s because you’ve been an asshole.

What you think politicians do and their corruption is because you have also been a corrupt politician.

What you think is cruelty to animals is because you have been cruel to animals.

“Takes one to know one.” - All the bad you already know.


When you have a strong desire to help others ex: humanity, it is because you are the one who actually needs help. 

All the bad you already know, because you have lived it. That is why you want to do good.

If you want to become a healer, it’s because you need healing.

No one can heal nobody, you send to others what you are and all your problems.

Your touch impregnates you with their background - be careful who you touch.

You have to live spirituality in your life, so you can be strong for more than just 1 person.

See the strength in everyone.

but do not interfere unless they ask.