Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

We currently live on a plane of

suffering and pain (of the mind).

On this Earth 3rd dimensional plane, the first infrastructure you have to learn is yourself

 The Matrix

The Matrix

The human mind is only made for the Earth plane.

Our bodies are full of chemicals and radiation.

We are batteries of quantum energy.

Cancer is a demon and goes through all the people for an exchange.

This being is inside the mind

and influences the personality.


As you grow up, your family, friends, school, affect

and develop your personality as you grow up.


Your personality is from the

mental area of the auric field.


 Cancer Cell

Cancer Cell

human auric field.jpg


Each layer represents a Chakra system

We all look outside ourselves for change.  But it is within.

NOTHING belongs to you so we must change our vibration and look within.

To help others we must have the strength to help yourself.


There is an energy that comes from the gut.  “Dragon energy.” 

It changes the personality to be a victim or have ego.

Dragon in Romanian means “Dear One”

It knows it won’t live long so it holds onto security, safety and urgency.

It’s a parasite in every human being in this reality.

Train the personality and clean it up.

Self importance and trying to grab peoples attention wastes your energy.


Your image destroys your energy.

If you are authentic and yourself you have a supreme image.

 How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

 How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon


The dragon can be changed with kindness, and forgiveness. 


Kundalini is the energy of life. 


This feeds the dragon/personality.

Every thought we have changes the cells every 20 minutes.  

When you are angry the cells multiply in that anger.

Stop the negative thoughts that stop you from living.  

Stop and listen to yourself.




Means you are far away from God

Your body reacts due to the lack of love in your body.  

It is very easy here to become sick.  

Pain is a low frequency. 

Everyone is so sick, in the mind, which effects their bodies.  


With our mind we can change and heal our bodies.