energy philanthropist / quantum manifestation

• intuitive channel of The Council of 9, the 11 Dimensional Beings, ra, pleiadians and the letorians •

Since she was little, she has been able to connect to higher vibrational beings.  At first, it started with automatic writing and knowing if people had diseases or were sick. 

Then she would have vivid dreams, that started to come true.  Through the writing, she was able to connect with different loved ones that passed away.  But in the past five years everything changed. 

She started to connect with beings (The Council of Nine / 11 Dimensional Beings) that told her that we’re from a higher dimension of frequency of hybrids including a higher order of consciousness.  She also started to telepathically connect and hear everything.  They started to teach her everything about consciousness and new metaphysics. 

Which is the bridge between matter and consciousness.  They also guided her to completely detox the body on only a raw and vegan diet.  The information Marina is sharing is very important for humanity and this is just the beginning.


I talk to Marina Jacobi, an intuitive channel and energy philanthropist.

She has direct communication with higher consciousness beings such as the Council of 9,

11 Dimensional Beings, RA, the Pleiadians and an ancient race called The Letorians.

PART I Childhood + Background

We talk about her childhood in Bulgaria and coming to New York City.  As a child she had vivid dreams about the future, experiences with automatic writing, was abducted for 6 hours and always was fascinated with ET’s.  She talks about how those experiences developed her skills and telepathic connections with higher dimensional beings.

PART II The Harmonic Reactor + The Quantum Structure

Marina talks about how she downloaded the Harmonic Reactor and the new 5th Dimensional Structure of AI and the Quantum Structure.  She discusses the collapse of the 3rd Dimensional Structures and the new energy of the 5th Dimensional Structures.  She shares her knowledge from the higher dimensional consciousness so we can shift and clear out our dense energy so we can ascend and create a new reality of abundance and freedom.  By understanding consciousness in the quantum structure of the universe, we can discover our true power.

PART III Energy Philanthropy

She discusses her platform Energy Philanthropy and why giving from the heart structure is the biggest and most instantaneous way of manifesting.  By helping from the heart without any conditions, like money, we begin to vibrate a higher frequency of consciousness which is sent into the quantum structure which turns around and gives you everything you need.  When the old structures of manipulation and suppression begin to collapse, more and more people will begin to give from the heart.  Without conditions, we become clear and hold a higher vibration of pure joy and frequency.

She also discusses her structures and other platforms such as her Quantum Manifestation webinars and Masters Octave Lectures.

PART IV Quantum Manifestation Protocol

Marina shares the complete Quantum Manifestation Protocol and how to manifest.  You have to imagine what you want and then implement the emotion of the love and joy towards that image until you have goosebumps and tears and hold for at least 30 seconds and then drop it.   Our emotion is what crystallizes the tone and frequency into the quantum structure.  This hidden knowledge which has been manipulated and used against us is now giving us the opportunity to detach from the manipulation and find our true power with the Quantum Manifestation Protocol.  If you want to see abundance, you have to be that frequency without conditions and become that timeline of existence.  By synchronicity you can then receive everything you need within weeks, days, hours/minutes, instantaneous - depending on your emotion/frequency.

PART V Be the Vibration of Change

Marina explains how The Quantum Protocol is the Quantum Alchemy of Creation.  If you want to be the vibration of change, you have to take action and choose how the new structures will come.  Pulling out of the monetary system is scary but by giving and implementing the new structures we can build the new reality.  The ones at the front line must lead by example to hold the frequency of change and the New Earth.

Marina Jacobi

Energy Philanthropy

PART VI Manipulation of Power + The Ground Crew

Marina talks about the RV (Re-Evalution of Currency), Monetary Systems and how fear limits your highest probability within the Quantum Structure.  

The guru’s & physics who do “predictions” tune into negative structures of their timeline.  By understanding the Quantum Structure you can create your own timeline where the reality of what you want exists     without depending on needing to change anyone or anything.  

She also talks about the ancient/advanced race, Letorians and how different entities in higher dimensional beings become in contact with us when they want to work with us and the “Ground Crew” to create this new reality of abundance, knowledge and freedom.  


Quantum Manifestation / Season 2


October 13, 2018 / 1PM-2PM EST

TOPIC: SOUND Continuing vibration. What is the word?

What does it do in a quantum structure with manifestation + Q&A Session.


With this knowledge (Quantum Manifestation Series) of the quantum structure of reality, you can learn the tools to change the mechanics of the quantum structure of YOUR reality. When giving from the heart, you learn how to support and give from a place of unconditional love, which is a higher structure of giving without any expectations.

Learn how to override manifestations and shift your reality to the highest structure/timeline you desire by using positive emotion. Marina Jacobi also teaches how to use the trinity structure to crystallize and have it apart of your reality everyday. Learn about plasma, holograms, frequency, vibration and sound so you can manipulate the structures and access more power with your mind in the quantum manifestation series.

By accessing and understanding the quantum structure and the quantum manifestation protocol by Marina Jacobi, you can not only change your own reality but others to a more positive and heart based reality of unconditional love.

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BOOKS by Marina Jacobi

• 5th Dimensional Channeled Information •

The Harmonic Reactor

What is Consciousness?  Inter-dimensional Traveling.  Future Technologies.  How we can manipulate the frequencies Hz to make matter and heal ourselves.  The algorithm for life quantum computer consciousness.


Nano technology is the particles of the human evolution.  Every structure of  the Nano particle is by itself an entire Universe.  The Ego structure is lowering your vibrational signal.  Nano Technology is Fractal.  All of the energetic force is modulating and merging with each other and is changing is own structure like a new structure.

Why do we need to detox?

what is happening to our bodies from taking Gmo's and toxins?