FIFTY8 has created a home and forum

for future humanitarian projects and philanthropists.

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By joining the community

You will have access to post your project and share your media and plan so others can learn about your project and participate.  

We have our own mission of changing consciousness in media/entertainment to a more empowering message.

We also understand the need to create an organized and well thought out community/forum to build from the bottom up.  

We intend to use this forum to create a collective of humanitarians and philanthropists in a focused way to seek the help/guidance and support needed to end poverty and suffering on this planet.  


If you have a project with all the necessary business plans and are looking for support and energy, post your project and we will help to promote and share on a weekly basis via our e-blasts and website.  All projects must be aligned with the highest good for humanity and presented professionally in order to be taken seriously and energetically.  Thank you for your support and joining our mission to use our energy to be of service to others!