1950 Eisenhower signed a contract w/ ET’s to test on Humans.

There are humans that sometimes see these tests in their dreams in underground facilities.

Cloning has existed for a long time.

You cannot see ET’s unless they exist in your mind.

ET’s exist in Russia, North Canada and South America.  They drink animal blood ex: doves.

Human blood is only used for black magic.


There are satellites that can find people who resonate in desperation to feel “special” and send them holograms of ET’s or Abduction programs that make them feel “special.”

In history, they did the same thing when people thought they saw “saint’s or angels.”  

But it was just a hologram and psychologically created a reality for those humans in dreams or trance. the mind makes it real.

That exists today for many “disclosure” communities for humans that have a desire to feel/be “special,” but it is just another illusion to keep them here.

If it hasn’t happened in your physical waking life, you must ask yourself if it really happened or was it an implanted hologram?


Hypnosis and regression are ways to hypnotize yourself and allow holograms to be implanted.

They bring you back to a past experience to lower your frequency and control your resonance.

It’s a way to play out your “fantasies” in the mind, illusions and fabrications.


Sometimes it’s healing but most of the time it keeps you to a past experience that you keep re-living.

we are all actually telepathic.

when we use a cell phone we connect our consciousness.

when we talk to each other, there is an energetic exchange.

the cell phone is not real, it is another illusion.


There is an intergalactic war above us for control of this reality.

The controllers of this reality do not exist here or on this plane.

They need the energy of life.

That is why they challenge youth to have sex all the time, they collect their sexual energy.

Teenagers pattern their actions based on their first sexual experience.


Sex is poison for you, if there is no love.

People confuse sex with love, but it is the farthest from it.

master your body and do not be

manipulated by sex.

that is how they can control you.

Tibetans helped the worse person in the world, Hitler.

Hitler was the focal point of the cancer of the planet.

If they helped him, they knew there would only be 50 years of darkness instead of 1000 years.

The Vatican will expose many religions in 4-5 years.

Shortly the Vatican will make the information known to the public about Jesus Christ aka Joshua Ben Joseph

- Isha of Joseph who was born in Romania.



he was a combination of enlightened beings and 13 minds.

life and teachings were the result of the masters of the far east. he was trained in india and tibet.

he was a drunk, smoked tobacco, & went to jail. He was exactly like us. He had a family and loved his wife.

he was a married man and had 2 children (boy and girl).

he died to protect his beliefs.

He Became a God and fixed all his mis-understandings.

he cracked his shell completely & became a spirit/nagual completely.

when you have opposition in your life, you are doing something good.


It is a power plant - it can overtake you.

Only Nagual’s can grow it and make it.  A Nagual is a human who is more of their double/spirit.

A Nagual needs to plant it for you.  Another Nagual has to plant it first.  The feminine part of the plant is planted first.

It takes 1 year to grow.  Plant will call to you and tell them what to do.

Only can be used during a full moon.

It takes 3 Naguals to create it who are trained to plant it.

Plant knows what you are doing it for, which is for consumption and money.

Makes you think where your mind is.  

If you have an orgasm, it shows you where your mind is at.

There are consequences from plants & chemicals.



It does only what you think it does.

Body handles it differently, it’s not as healthy as it seems.

It only is becoming popular and legal because you can make money from it.

Creates laziness & lack of motivation in daily consumption, which is not how you should live.

You need to reach your double/spirit the purest way with knowledge and wisdom.  

Have the strength to find yourself through yourself.



Make you think they are doing something, when the truth of it is you are

They are in a very basic form, Shaman’s making money and getting famous for their “tricks.”

in less than 100 days (give or take),

the event will be coming

  • Tamarinda maassen on september 22, 2018