The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo / GOD represents the mind/brain

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo / GOD represents the mind/brain

The first thing that was created

was the Land of God’s and Demon’s.  

7 Higher (Gods) and 7 Lower (Dragons) dimensions.


7 Planes of Existence

EARTH is on the 3rd Dimensional Plane

Home=Agartha is 6 levels above Earth.

Jesus came down to wake humans up.

In this reality, suffering exists. 

It is Hell.

In the stomach is the mental area of the Dragon inside of all of us.

We live in the land of the dragons.

story of the land of the dragons


the King of the Dragon’s wanted to experience marriage to a woman.

so God took the shape of a woman to marry this Dragon.

The Dragon’s lined up waiting to celebrate and to drink the liquor of immortality.

As God began the dance of the Shiva (bride) to distract the Dragons,

The gods (as guests) appeared at the wedding as dragons, next to them.

God as the woman (Lillith), served the liquor of immortality to the Gods first. 

One of the Dragon’s tricked God and drank a drop of the liquor of immortality. 

that dragon’s name is Drako and he now lives on the dark side of the Moon, praying to become immortal. 

This is why dragons hate women - patriarchy



We have 24 genes but only use 22

– Hence the falling of Gods

23 and 24 genes are love, friendship, altruism.

P40 is the highest form of DNA - It is the defense of your body (the citadel) Scientists created P24 DNA - HIV/AIDS.

It is the total destruction of your immune system.


as a baby you scream and inhale your entire life/reality when you are born.

when you die you exhale your entire life/reality.

you reach 0 when you die and countdown from 3000 when you are born.


When you are born, you have an energetic potential.

the first word/sound when you were born effects your entire life.

When you die, whatever is left over comes with you in your next life.

You get energy from your ancestors. 

Inside of you exists their consequence of their life.

Where your ancestor’s lived is where you have much power/energy.


When you go to where your ancestor’s lived, breathe like it’s your first time.

If you don’t live there, that is why you feel “homesick.”

The minerals there, shape the appearance of the human body.

Those locations, carries the energy of life, your energetic fingerprint.

out of 365 days of the year, you have 3 major and important days in your life.

the day before, the day of, and the day after your birthday.

you receive the same energy when you were created.

this is when you can access great power.



Kids know about the power of their voice. Babies know, they have a big mind just small body.

Children are born with Christ-like Consciousness.

They know what physical symptoms to produce to get what they want.

but They really want that connection and love in their life,

so they will act like Tyrants and manifest anything to get it.


Women are God, they can create, In the womb.  

Women have a direct connection to Source.


Women in this reality like to be a victim instead of creating action.

They escape reality and the human mind and always cry.

When you sigh or make a sound, that is your double/spirit.

Some women talk to themselves and calm down after.

They are talking to their double.

When you put the attention on the physical = tragedy.

When you put the attention on spirit = happiness.



Money is a form of energy, an illusion.

When you don’t receive the correct exchange back, it causes disease, EX: CEO’s make more money than what they give back to their employees.

You must ask yourself if you buy things to be “seen.”

Because your needs are actually very small and simple.

When you live in no fear, you find a better job and sovereignty.

You create, you are free.

The connection happens down and up - Harmony comes from hormones.

There are no such thing as mistakes only happenings.

You are living your own adventure of life.


In this reality, it is a dream, a hologram.


But the truth is that we are particles of God.


teodor maassen taught us the power of a sigilius and the method into creating and building one.

he also taught us how to charge a sigilius and how initiates used symbols to send complex information.

symbols, sigus, seals have always been used by magicians, alchemists and ascended masters.

these seals help initiate focus to one point, thought, idea, & manifestation.

the point is the seal.

can be an ornament, sewn on clothing, burned on wood, engraved in clay and parchment.

to charge the seal you make it’s purpose known with intention and the magical power of the word.

inhale and allow the energy within you to circulate, to gather its essence in the seal, electrifying and overflowing it in the light of that energy that is coming from you.

completion is to exhale on the seal = life.

a seal must be charged and done only when emotions are not present.

it becomes a magic seal, an accumulation of energy and intention. where intention goes, energy follows.

all symbols existed before you existed and is charged with the power of intention.

a question is action. the answer is the reaction = radiation.

each person is make out of the substance you have inside.



are charged with high frequency words in color and geometry.

if you say high frequency words every morning for 49 days, your life will change.

we also learned the power of primordial sounds and words.

On top of your head, lotus petals open one by one until 1001 = enlightenment.

how many petals/lessons have you learned?

these understandings become wisdom & knowledge.

teodor maassen then taught us about the teachings and initiations of ascended masters/llamas + shamans/naguals

In the end

this life here on Earth is like 2.3 seconds compared to Universal time.