The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The first thing that was created

was the Land of God’s and Demon’s.  

7 Higher (Gods) and 7 Lower (Demons) dimensions.


7 Planes of Existence

EARTH is on the 3rd Dimensional Plane


King of the Demon’s wanted to experience marriage to a woman.

God took the shape of a woman to marry this Demon.

The Demon’s lined up waiting to celebrate and to drink the liquor of immortality.

As God began the dance of the Shiva (bride) to distract the Demons

The gods (as guests) appeared at the wedding next to the demons.

God as the woman, served the liquor of immortality to the Gods first. 

One of the Demon’s tricked God and almost drank the liquor of immortality. 

His name Drako and he now lives on the Black Moon praying to become immortal. 



We have 24 genes but only use 22 – Hence the falling of Gods

23 and 24 genes are love, friendship, altruism

P40 is the highest form of DNA - It is the defense of your body (the citadel)

Scientists created P24 DNA - HIV/AIDS

It is the total destruction of your immune system

Dr. Strecker showed scientifically exactly how the U.N. did it.  

They took a virus from a sheep and a virus from a cow and blended them together in a certain way to make the AIDS virus.

But before they ever distributed it, they also made a cure for it.




Down syndrome happens when a person transitions from this second level of consciousness,

which we are on, into the third level but didn’t quite make it.  

Down syndrome person has 45 + 2 chromosomes — he got one of them but not the other.

He or she got the emotional one — the heart one — all right.

ROBERT EK Fear.gif

It is only at the lowest point (disease, death) we look for God.



In this reality, it is a dream, a hologram.  


But the truth is that we are particles of God.