The Science of Ascension


Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had these thoughts…

Why do people die?

Do we have to die?

I don’t think I need to die.

Aliens are future humans.

The bible is a text book.

What are emotions?

Why do we have such dark thoughts?

Why am I adopted?

Why am I here?

What do I want to do while I’m here?

Ever since I started this project/ FIFTY8 in 2017, I’ve had a conflict inside of me.

To share information and knowledge I’m learning OR to live it and be an example. So for these past few years I’ve decided to do both. Starting off is this blog. I want to share all the knowledge I’ve been accumulating on a more frequent basis as I’m feeling a need to document and describe the changes happening within me and my reality.

FIFTY8 has always been an extension of myself, my consciousness, my soul and my dream.

My dream is to change consciousness in media and to transform content into empowering/inspiring, highly vibrational knowledge to empower your life. I’ve learned in order to do this, I must become it. I’m not developing or growing a business, I’m developing myself. I have to be conscious of everything I share and post and make sure I can back it up by living it and experiencing it, or else I’m just like every copycat out there. I need to be the change I want to see in the world.

I’ve always thought films were messages for me and hidden in the entertainment is a clairvoyant intelligence speaking to me. The reason why I believe this to be: movies and stories are reflections of mass consciousness. Mass consciousness can be considered to be all of us on auto pilot, without awareness or focus. Most of the time mass consciousness is what most of us live in, unfortunately. Believing in only the physical. Movies are also memories from other lives, some prior to Earth. A great example is the Star Wars films and the memories of George Lucas from the stories of Orion and Lyra. You can read more about that here - ISBE

Ever since my “awakening” in 2012, I’ve been on a search for answers. My main focus is to find out the potential of human beings and to understand this reality. I’ve been resonating and conscious of my overall frequency to guide me and attract to me only the purest, most empowering and honest knowledge out there.

Ever since 2012, I’ve met “Masters,” seen aliens and 3 UFO’s, had many QHHT Sessions, Akashic Readings, Soul Readings, meditated daily for a year, became aware of my abductions and have seen my future.

I believe I’m discovering Christ Consciousness.

To see beyond time.

To create beyond time.

So what does that exactly mean?

Christ Consciousness to me is knowing you are the creator of your reality.

Spirituality is knowing that we will never see/meet our creator, because WE ARE THE CREATOR, WE ARE GOD. Now that might sound out there to a lot of people living in mass consciousness as it’s difficult to perceive that you are responsible for the entirety of your own life. Every person, place, and event you have experienced is based on your consciousness. Your reality is yourself pushed out. Your consciousness.

I find this an important topic as it’s very important to my life in order to understand and learn this concept. I want to live it. I desire the knowledge. I’ve been getting answers in my physical reality of where I’m at. I’ve been told that once you understand that your reality is yourself pushed out, that is the first step in Christ Consciousness. I was told this last year. Ever since then, I’ve become Lucid in my life or what you could call dreamtime.

The basic premise of Christ Consciousness in a way that I can explain simply is this:

Everyone/thing is an extension of you.

Every event is an extension of you.

This extension and the experience you have is based on your vibration.

Your thoughts are your vibration. Your emotions are your frequency. So I’ve begun to transform myself intensely the past 6 months to understand this. I’ve fallen hard and have had to realize that this is a quantum reality. We are quantum beings constantly generating energy to our reality by our thoughts, emotions and actions. I’ve had to discipline my 12 “disciples” or rather states of consciousness in order to reach a new awareness/consciousness.

I’ve generated a reality of lack for most of my life and when I first moved to NYC in 2012 I had less than $1000 in my pocket and lived in a studio apartment full of mice, bed bugs and all that NYC can offer with my girlfriend. I’m a photographer/filmmaker so I moved to NYC from Chicago due to the amount of opportunities. Within 1 year of thinking positive due to the contrast in my life, I manifested 2 HUGE jobs. I continued to think and feel what it would feel like to move into a new 2 bedroom apartment and buy all the new furniture necessary. Within that 1 year, I booked 2 jobs for $25,000. 2 months later I moved out and had even more money and jobs for everything I would need to move. It was one of those truly amazing moments in your life where you feel truly powerful and astonished at the universe.

But back then I was naive and unawakened. Now knowing my true power and going through another transformation in my life, I have created lack again but this time knowing I did, in order to overcome it. That is what we are, creators. Constantly creating contrast and accomplishment unconsciously or consciously. Now these past few months have been extremely emotional and confusing for me. Lots of contrast.

I decided to stop working as a photographer/filmmaker for 6 months and focus on what I really want to create.

What do I really want to experience in my life?

What do I want to shape my consciousness to?

My focus changed, thus creating lack and a debt of over $7000. Now most of the time I would’ve reacted in fear and utter scarcity. What do I do? But when your consciousness is at a state of it’s own awareness, I know that the lack is just an illusion. It’s a solution waiting to be solved, nothing else. I created this lack to prove how powerful I am. I know that I can accomplish $7000 and more. I know I can raise another $4000 to attend a mystery school in July. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

So now you know where I am at, I am using this blog to show you how we can create. To see that this power inside of us to manifest is real and I will be writing updates on this new journey of creating my desires and dreams with the help of contrast.

Meaning, I will transform my lack consciousness with abundant consciousness.

Now my awareness of my awareness is evolving and now understanding what this reality is all about. Life is about creating. But none of us really know how to create because we have allowed others to create our life for us. We are stuck in fear and not sure how to get out. These teachings are not easy but if you can follow with blind faith and believe in yourself, then there is nothing we can’t achieve.

This blog will be about coming into Christ Consciousness and all the knowledge I’ve attained on this search. I’m sharing my life experience because I do not think words teach. Only life experiences do. We must live these experiences before we talk about them, or it’s just philosophy. I’m not a philosopher but a JEDI (Jesus Disciple). I want to learn the ways of true Christ Consciousness and the potential we have as human beings. If we all can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and how to change our reality to what we desire, than this is worth it for me.

I appreciate your time in following my journey and hope these words and experiences can help you on your own spiritual or life journey. I will be transparent and honest about my journey as I am conscious of myself and the power of my words.

“Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?

The words that I speak to you I do not speak on my own. The Father who dwells in me is doing his works.”

I thank you in advance and am in service to all.