Seven are within the physical body

while two are outside the body

9 chakra system

7 major centers

we also have 10 spheres/centers

there are 2 centers above the physical body.

0 - place we were born in the physical body

1 - Root / Muladhara

2 - POLARITY / Svadhishthana

3- solar plexus / manipura

4- HEART / anahata

5- THROAT / vishuddha

6- OM / Ajna - center of the brain

7- CROWN / sahasrara - soft spot on the top of the head

8- Universal, Cosmic Energy State - wheel of time

9- Almighty consciousness state - root center and entrance into another dimension, here we touch what we don’t understand and do not know.

We have 7 layers of chakras and 50cm away another 7 layers of consciousness

Once you are born the Chakra

system is placed into the Earth.

There are 7 Chakra holes and 5 Black holes

We are born through a black hole.

God exists inside the woman.



humanity is at the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

When you see your child for the first time, many reach the Heart Chakra.

But then WE fall back down and stay at the 3rd chakra and have physical ailments from the chest down.

The energy pattern of each chakra is associated with a color and a certain number of lotus petals.  

Each petal bears one of the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, and one letter forms the central sound, or mantra.

Prana (Love Energy) is another important part of the energy body.  

Prana is often defined as the life force or

the life energy within us.

Knowledge of the energy centers provide us with deep comprehensive insight into the effects the subtle powers have on the human organism.


Babies have rose like Chakra’s.

Their brain creates and grows the hands, eyes etc.

When you are a teenager the roses/chakra’s open.

the Brain has hormones & functions from predominate hormones and patterns that behavior.

More hormones open as each chakra opens and influences the brain.


When the third Chakra opens it activates personality, power, family, job etc.

The Heart Chakra opens when you have a Child/Grandchildren.

A woman usually cannot understand her mother until she has a child of her own.

After 45-50 years you have pure love - you overcome ego, power and sex & have REAL love.

Then you reach your destiny path which turns to wisdom.

ASHNA - Chakra opens and then you are only left with God.



We live life inside our egg / auric field like a chicken.

You must break it within to be eternal.

We die in the egg because we don’t break it open within.

You become free of the shell.

When you break free, your entire reality changes.

If you are not ready - you cannot process or remember this information.


You appeared from somewhere, you are a ray of light.

You lowered your frequency to learn WHO AM I?

You are in your own adventure.

When you become Source here, you can go home.

The spiritual path is never easy - but that’s how you learn.



Egregor is a thought form and collective group mind of consciousness.

ex: family, personal and work life.

It breaks when you get married and you create a new one.

You create an energetic construction of your home.

Learn how to sustain Egregor for development, NOT destruction.

It can be sustained by the broom, move and clean the energy.

The brooms sweeps energetically.

In Romania they beat w/ a broom and it heals.


INTENTION is a tool to take you to another universe.

sacred geometry is intention.

thought, action of the thought takes it to an end, but it needs intention.

intention manifests.

intention is an essence of life and brings your thoughts to life.

focus and learn.

know what you want and master your intention. create your reality.

speak your own words and invent your own intention simply and truthfully.

it takes 108 steps which will create a push and make an obstacle which you will then have to penetrate within to break free.

knowledge/wisdom needs to be given to younger generations.

master 1 thing until you master it, clean up your past.

the mind commands the body.

the mind can give life and death, immortality.

master the mind first.

change the mind = change the body.

you have the energy of the sun within you.

it takes 15-20 years

to just clear and cleanse yourself to become honorable.

If you judge someone you stay here forever and have 50,000 lives until you learn.

Detach to see the bigger picture.

Without change, you will die so do something.

Learn not to fight with others,

but fight the duality within and become a warrior.