It is believed that the first car was born in 1886. Since then, a industry held the long way , the engine power increased from a few horsepower to several hundred, and even appeared environmentally friendly cars, electric cars. Promising fuel cell technology, so far no one has figured out how to make them safe . And what ‘s next? Next – the nuclear energy . The company Laser Power Systems ( USA) reported on the work on nuclear technology for conventional motor vehicles. In this car instead of the usual fuel will used the nuclear reactor  . Its weight – 227 pounds.  The basis of  technology lay ninetieth element of the periodic table – thorium . The technique involves the creation the thorium laser element. The principle is very simple , the laser heats the water and turns it into steam, which turns a turbine, wheels are running and the car rides . It is estimated that one gram of thorium allocates as much heat as 28,000 liters of gasoline. The company’s specialists believe that the eight – ten grams of thorium enough to machine,under the hood which set a reactor, without refueling will serve for nearly 100 years.

While not expired lifetime of the car , did not need a refuel . Is that the top up some water into the reactor, that not over par. Would like to believe that scientists Laser Power Systems create fairly the reliable defensive unit, that not will give the radiation leak and will not allow the reactor to arrange a little Chernobyl.