The new Diesel "Tribute" Campaign created by Nick Knight and Nicola Formichetti for the reboot of the Diesel brand was shot entirely on the iPhone.  The first collection won't debut till March but the new capsule collection of both men's and womenswear launches next week.  The tribute is a homage to Diesel's design history and classic Diesel. "I think we’re going to piss off lots of people, because I feel like it’s a real shift in creating advertisement. From Nick’s shoot, we have thousands of thousands of pictures —with the iPhone he just kept shooting.  Now I feel like going back to the traditional way of shooting an ad would feel so old. So from now until mid-November [when the Tribute collection launches] we’re going to basically bomb the Internet, bomb social media with these photos, GIFs, and videos."

The capsule collection will debut in stores and online on November 4th.