Human Energy Field



In parapsychology and spiritual practice, an aura is an apparent field of subtle, luminous radiation that some people say surrounds a person or object. Halos or aureola are often depicted in religious art to connote a person of particular power or holiness.




It all started when...

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Whirling Dervishes

A form of Sama or physically active meditation


whirling dervish

The dance of the whirling dervishes, also known as the sema, originated in the 13th century near Turkey. It is performed by semazens (whirlers) that belong to the Mevlevi sect of the Sufi. Sufism is theIslamic practice of attempting to achieve divine knowledge and love though a personal relationship with God. It is said that the classification of Sufi comes from the wool cloaks they wore since in Arabic sufmeanswool. Others think that the title comes from the Greek work sophos, which means wisdom (Friedlander 15). Muslim priests in order to free their souls and connect with Allah perform the sema. The dance is sometimes interpreted as everything spinning around the sun but most commonly is thought of as a re-enactment of death and resurrection.