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This post is a summarization oF THE EVENT WITH important knowledge that would be beneficial for everyone. 

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Shift from this matrix of illusion, to a reality of truth and ascendence

I attended the first event out of a 7 year disclosure plan for humanity from those from Inner Earth - the Kingdom of Agartha.  Tamarinda Maassen is an ambassador of Agartha in human form, born in Romania.  She has a school "for the mind" in Romania called the Ancient School of Wisdom.  She was accompanied with her son Teodor, an initiated Tibetan Monk who shared his experience and translated.

When Teodor and Tamarinda came in they greeted the entire room and played some music.  The music was meditative and very immersive/emotional.  I was later told this music was only used for special occasions and important events.  As the music played Tamarinda went around the room making eye contact with everyone.  As she walked over to me and looked into my eyes, she was very present and looking into my auric field and going beyond my physical appearance.  It was a short moment in time but something I will remember forever.    


There were a few guest speakers.  Peter Moon is an author and has covered government projects such as The Philadelphia Experiment, Brookhaven Labs, and the Montauk Project which led to experiments in time travel.  He has also been researching sacred sites in Romania and discussed how Hollywood has demonized Transylvania intentionally because of what’s there.  Romania seems to hold much mystery and wisdom within the sacred sites he visited and had experiences in.  It also has an entrance to Inner Earth.

The second guest speaker was Dr. David Anderson who presented about time travel, "Space Time Physics."  He discussed the idea that time travel is very possible and that scientists are now debating about the disclosure of that fact as well as the ethical questions.  What consequences could this technology hold and how could we use it to better humanity?  He also talked about free energy by using the rotation of the Earth with very little effect or consequence.

The last guest speaker was Duncan Cameron.  A researcher of The Montauk Project.  He has researched into the mind, psyche, consciousness, and zero time. He is also a born empath and seer whose abilities include scanning and interpreting the underlying reality matrix that coheres this and other dimensions. He was in the military and called himself a "programmatron." In his experience, his consciousness would be taken out of his body to experience other dimensions. He has "died" and been "rearranged" 35 times in his life. His research was not only physically demanding but emotionally and etherically disturbing.

Some of my favorite quotes from his experience...

Shock is a way to squeeze your spirit out of your body.

We all want something outside of ourselves, but going within feeds your soul.

1 out of 8 people disappear every day. It's a restart of the body.

We're batteries of energy.

Anyone, anywhere can be found in 15 min. Everyone has their own energetic signature.

You can control the computer with you mind energetically.

I've experienced 6 foot tall reptilians and most of them have a bad rap.

Since 2012 as a collective, we are co-creating this new timeline.

Off planet is simulating this new reality and right now we are at a 88% chance of a

cataclysmic event and 12% chance of progress around us.


The Earth is a living being that holds the energy of our species.

It reacts if our own vibration is low and full of fear.

But if we begin to change our thoughts & actions toward a loving

and more progressive experience we can change the future and how the Earth reacts.

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